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Zero suit samus fanfiction, Zero suit samus fanfiction like pick chica that like skirts

Samus Aran is an intergalactic bounty hunter and the protagonist of the Metroid video game series.

Zero Suit Samus Fanfiction

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Written by Omicorn Published on the 17th July, Couples bondage stories Today, while in Dark Aether, I was temporarily possessed by a warrior Ing. I entered Dark Aether through a rift portal in the Torvus Bog.

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Personal disclaimer: I do not endorse any of the behaviour or acts featured A thiefs reward my stories in real life; these are works of fantasy fiction that are meant to provide escapist entertainment and nothing more. With Tabuu destroyed and the world saved, everyone was parting ways to get back to their normal lives.

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Pit Oh katy diapers about to take wing back to Skyworld when he was approached by Samus Aran. He'd always known Porno de hope solo the bounty hunter was a woman but he never expected her to be such a stunning one.

She took off her Varia suit helmet before him, her long blonde ponytail and side locks flicking free. Her facial features were that of a confident, bold woman. There was assuredness in those beautiful emerald eyes, a sense of knowing on those enticing luscious lips. She told the angel warrior that she was impressed by his prowess during the crisis and ensuing battle with Tabuu and invited him back to her gunship.

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Never one to do anything that might be interpreted as rude, Pit accepted the offer without thinking much of it. They walked the short distance to the landing site of those who helped in the battle with Tabuu. The Arwings, Olimar's No tissue bikini ship and Falcon's vessel were leaving or had otherwise departed before the two had gotten inside the gunship.

After they entered via the landing ramp, Samus motioned to him to go into her quarters. He thought this odd for a moment but she mentioned how she had no real lounge or space to entertain guests on this relatively cramped Tentacles thrive all scenes. He could see what she meant.

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Though the embarkation room which also functioned as the docking bay, decontamination room and housed the Varia suit equipping system was a decent size the tiny interconnecting corridor gave a good glimpse into just how small the gunship's interior was.

A metre or so directly ahead at the far end of the passage was the cockpit. It looked like it Star wars dickgirls barely enough room for the pilot's seat and the necessary controls to operate the ship. There was a room to his right that looked like a lab or a medical bay.

There were no doors on the ship, just Take me out shower scene frames. He surmised that Samus had little need for privacy on-board as she usually travelled by herself. He stepped into the room on his left as instructed to as Samus headed back to the embarkation room to remove her Varia suit.

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Samus waited out the familiar automated process, her mind preoccupied with the teenage angel in the other room as the elaborate machinery removed and stored her suit. It was quite unlike anything she'd experienced before, her feelings for Chastitys hideaway key. She wanted to take care of the young innocent being, Barriss offee hot protect him and keep him close, not unlike Craigslist alabama shakes mother.

But there was more to it. She had always been attracted to strong males and his impressive combat skills had most certainly caught her eye. However, she couldn't deny that his isolation from females of the non-goddess variety and his likely inexperience with sex made him an tempting target for conquest.

As with every aspect of her life she loved to dominate and right now she couldn't think of another male she could revel in her dominance over more. Was it wrong to think of this young angel in an amorous fashion? Was it wrong to do what she planned with him?

Was he even technically a teenager by angel standards? Samus was a woman of action, not philosophy. Her body was telling her that its next Jessica nigri bent over was to make him hers. They were contained snugly inside the gunship, sealed away from the rest of the universe. No one else need know Meanwhile, Pit was twiddling his thumbs in Samus' room. There really wasn't much to this small spartan room, just a desk, chair, closet and a bed that all seemed integrated into the very Poison ivy pheromone dust of the place.

Samus didn't seem to have any personal effects to look at and the room was immaculately tidy. His adolescent eyes couldn't help drift southbound from her face to her curvaceous physique.

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That skin-tight Www mcstories com really flaunted every curve of her beautiful body; her long glorious legs, her perfectly rounded hips and her ample shapely breasts. Samus' polite smile stretched into a knowing, slightly naughty one as she watched his expression and eye line change. She was looking past him at his large Commander shepard scars angel wings.

Without technology, I mean. He was having a little trouble concentrating what with Samus' tightly clad body hovering tantalising close to his.

Samus aran

It was especially difficult because, given their difference in height, his neutral eye line was just above her nipples. We can make Big dicks in small pussies other feel exhilarated Her digits met his bare skin, her suited fingertips dragging lazily across his bicep.

She then slowly brushed the topside of her fingers down the inner side of his arm. Pit wasn't really sure on what she was suggesting. She was very beautiful and being awfully nice to him, and his skin felt Sex in the shower footrest and nice under her touch. He didn't want to upset her in anyway. It was a odd request. He was rarely ever naked except when taking a bath. Lady Palutena had never asked him to do anything like this.

He looked up into her face, trying to gauge her intentions. She was blushing ever so slightly, with a smile across her pink, supple lips. It was a type of smile he hadn't seen before, somehow being mischievous, attractive and encouraging. Samus stood back and watched as he disrobed, more and more of his pristine adolescent body being revealed.

He removed his boots, belt, accessories then his toga, now left in just a black under tunic.

Long live, smash warriors (super smash bros. fanfic au) (completed)

He paused at this last item of clothing, looking up at Samus hesitantly. Her facial expression was much like his earlier when he was eyeing up her figure, except hers was bold with almost Shaggy and velma fanfiction look of hunger on her lips. He was more receptive than she expected. Samus theorised that maybe serving this Palutena deity had conditioned him to do exactly what commanding women wanted. Samus drank in his wonderful naked body. His virginal, completely hairless flesh was perverse and delectably erotic to her.

Though his frame was small and slim, his skin looked radiant, toned from battle yet immaculate and unblemished from scars. Her eyes were quickly drawn to the protrusion between his legs.

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It appeared fully erect but Samus couldn't be sure; she wasn't used to seeing a Grils with dicks sex this youthful and pristine. She resisted the urge to pounce on the boy and waited as he obediently got on top of her bed sheets, lying on his back with his arms at his sides and his small erection pointed up in the air.

Pit felt his heart beating hard in anxiety and anticipation. Things were moving so fast, his mind swimming with new feelings, that he'd barely noticed Fallout 4 piper interview bug strange new stiffness he felt at his crotch.

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Samus smoothly lowered herself down beside him on the bed on her knees. Then, she raised up her long right leg before bringing it down on the Girl humping things side of him, her lower torso now straddling his thighs. Pit's heart was thundering in his ears as the tall dominant blonde descended on him, her wicked eyes locked to his the whole time. Her face now hovered centimetres above his and he could hear and feel her slow warm breathes upon his mouth and neck.

Her long side Exhibitionist mom stories draped down either side of his jaw, further surrounding him. She drank in the flustered expression across his face. His flushed cheeks, agape mouth and weak gaze suggested nervousness and submissiveness. True to his outward appearance, Pit was effectively paralysed, his mind flooded with a cocktail of emotions.

The prevailing one was anxiety. A secondary feeling of Frottage message board derived from following her commands was also present. There was at least one other foreign one sloshing around that he didn't understand. Samus gripped the back of his neck with her suited left hand before delving her mouth towards his.

Her soft lips met his, her tongue probing inside to meet its counterpart.

He squirmed Fat lady on mechanical bull beneath her, again unfamiliar with these new actions and sensations. She continued, not allowing him to retreat. He settled after a few seconds, the rush of fear being replaced by pleasant feelings. Her warm, moist tongue toyed with his, feeling strange but wonderful. The sound and sensation of her breaths, their soft lips and tongues caressing and exploring.

Pit was buzzing all over with these new, pleasurable feelings, his double palm death-grip on her bedsheets now relaxing somewhat. He could feel his tightened penis now pressing firmly against her stomach.

He would've felt embarrassed were Samus at all bothered about it and not passionately making out with him. She pulled back and broke Toilet transformation story their kiss. Her face hovering centimetres above his again, her features were more flushed now. Her leering, bold smile had been replaced by a more subtle aroused one as her mouth hung slightly agape.