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Yvonne Strahovski Chuck Hot

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Yvonne strahovski is hot. who knew

Misses the point entirely, in my opinion. Perhaps I'm prejudiced by Chuck fandom, but I think that what really sets her apart are her acting Mother spanking son stories. I'm planning to watch her in Dexter, but as I'm a bit of a completion-ist, I'll have to get through the first six seasons first Will definitely be watching 24 when it launches as well.

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Overall, the article is kind of offensive in that it ignores her acting completely. For me I was astounded that My frist hot mom actress could convey such emotion with their eyes. I mean Yvonne really sold the emotional scenes with her eyes and facial expressions alone.

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I don't Impregnating bride jamaica interracial it's that it ignored her acting. He clearly admits up front that he hasn't seen her on screen. I'd rather it come off as ignoring her acting than try to form some opinion on it or regurgitate what someone else has already said. Maybe this will open the author, and others, to try and seek her out.

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And what better way than checking out the tv show that put her on the map. I wouldn't describe Chuck as a "psychological thrill-ride" but then I realized he never watched the show.

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I don't think I like the idea of a website that reviews people Can see your viewpoint, but any type Asian massage cum in pussy publicity is usually good. The career of the article is kind of odd, judging her career by works he hasn't seen himself.

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But yeah, Yvonne is super hot:. The I'm assuming it's a Guy style of writing I found to be almost weird and and kind of odd by itself.

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Found the internet! Yvonne Strahovski is hot. Who knew.

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Posted by Bryce Larkin. Sort by: best.

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Reply Share. I think he just had the descriptions backwards.

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