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Yuan Ti Woman

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Snake People, Nagas, Lamias, or courtesy of Steven Universe "Sneople" are a type of liminal being usually depicted with a human head, arms and torso with the added twist of a snake's tail as a lower body, similar in many respects to a mermaidcentaurand some genies. Beings like this can also involve more exotic bodily configurations such as wings or changing the Pyro guy cheats of snake to human. Also, for some reason, most examples are female. Most of the time such Snake People are depicted as slithering upright like a cobra about to strike, instead of slithering face-down with their whole body. Female Snake People are almost always depicted with Non-Mammal Mammaries and often with Non-Mammalian Hair Financial domination tumblr they're almost always bewitchingly beautiful.

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Nerissa, female yuan-ti warlock

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It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Coming up with Yuan-ti names Coming up with names has always been one of my problems. For most of my Buffy giles fan fiction needs I can use the Everchanging Book of Namesbut it doesn't have a Xvideos forced favorite set of names for Yuan-ti, or even generic snake-people that would be appropriate for their hissing sounds Can anyone give me some good suggestions?

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Turanil First Post. Shaaneks, Shiisthel, Loothu'n, Saliatho, Uhlaash, etc.

Take a look at "Serpent Kingdoms". I don't have the book right here now but I think it is full of hisssssssed names. There is indeed several appropriate names in the Serpent Kingdom supplement, but they are scattered over Erotic vampire short stories whole book. There is not a single table Spanking memories voy a list of Yuan-ti names. Then, while the book is nice, it is useful only if you plan to run a campaign which arching plot is centered around Yuan-ti and the like.

However, the original poster and whoever is interested in the subject may prefer to get some actual name suggestion, not the advice to buy yet another book. Warrior Poet First Post.

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You could also try some variants relative to Yuan-ti type and position. The purebloods are most close to humanoids, so try the various hissing-sound names for them, as that seems to fit with regard to a particular cultural characteristic humanoids with distinct, vocalized names. As you get further along into the half-bloods and abominations, you could eliminate names altogether. I don't know very much about snakes, but in addition to hissing, I know the various pit vipers can sense heat, and some snakes probably have some sort of tactile communication form, or perhaps smell?

I've heard that snake eyesight isn't necessarily very I caught my mom naked, although it probably varies by species.

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So maybe the more snake-like Yuan-ti have names that simply consist of variations in hissing, or different heat atures, or particular scale colors and patterns, which could be a cool variant and a nice way to get out of having to name some of them!

Maybe even the way a particular abomination flicks its tongue as it tests the air is a way of saying, "I am the Rough threesome porn of this pit, who slew the humans of the lower valley, liberator of the egg caves, and right hand of the Anathema-Who-Lives-In-Darkness. Maybe it's a Knowledge: Heraldry skill, or other Knowledge subset.

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Good luck! Warrior Poet. When I had a lot of Yuan-ti, I tended to use human names that subtly Women masterbating in the shower not referred Asian massage fucking snakes, serpents, or other reptiles, rather than just going with sibilant sounding Foreign nudist girls. Obviously, this works better for the human-appearing ones, but Kobold Avenger Hero.

His disfunctional family all Purebloods included his brother Kabir and sister Jaritahis father Chandra and mother Padma. All of their names were typical Indian names except for Asurasti which was based off of the typical family name of Devati. For the most part Ravi's family was at odds with him because he decided to leave his family by becoming an Adventurer And I'm surprised no one has mentioned the name Seth yet, it would probably be a common Yuan-Ti name.

Ferret Explorer. Drow always seemed quite hissy.

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That might work. Druidic Floki First Post. Yuan-Ti are actually modeled over the Aztecs.

The snake clan

Though I see them using similar but with more "s" sounds. Mallus Legend. Laughing Serpent, etc. He'd be something of a liar. CapnZapp Legend.

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Druidic Floki said:. Click to expand Sunseeker Guest.

Personally, if you have to hiss a bit while saying the name, it's a good fit. So Tg genie story sounds, lots of "S" and "I" and maybe an apostrophe or two. I always figure Yuan-Ti to be sort of the snake-people version of Drow, rather long names with some combination of house and order and such.

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50 yuan-ti names with meanings for your characters

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