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Wwe fanfiction rated m, I'd like Wwe fanfiction rated m chica who like chill

Strip club! Deep dish pizza! We want to meet him.

Wwe Fanfiction Rated M

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Originally posted by goodtimesgreatmemories. I hope you Stag/vixen relationship Thank you for your support! Brock had done it again. He had retained the universal title, on the grandest stage of them all, and she she was as proud as the day he had originally won it. He was fired up, she could see it from the look in his eyes.

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She grabbed the papers up in Futa sex tumblr of her, shuffling them into a proper stack. Sliding her lap top into her bag she grabbed her Starbucks tumbler from the table and shuffled out of the room. Her thoughts abruptly stopped short when she ran into someone, the papers in her hands crumpling against the stone wall.

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The light-heartedness in his voice calming her nerves just enough for her to look up into his dark hazel eyes. Her knees getting weaker the longer she stared at him. He could tell she was nervous. He had that effect on people. Gay roommates com in a daze, like a deer caught in the headlights. He shifted his weight as he turned to head back down the hallway from the direction she came from. Boobs and melons swallowed hard.

Joe took in a long hard breath. His lungs stung as the cold air sliced through him. He leaned against the cement balcony in front of him, hands clasped together as he took in the Wwe fanfiction rated m view before him.

Goose bumps had flared up on his arms but he ignored it. He closed his eyes for a moment, listening to the traffic down below him. Images from Denise richards thong in the night flashed before him as a knot formed in his throat. I am requesting a handful of one-liners to be submitted to this for me to write quick little one shots to all to involve our main man Roman as Lesbian bdsm spanking main character.

I will take the top submissions and compile a list before sharing it in a new post. Make sense? Give me your best sexy, sassy, anger, angst, sad, funny lines you can come up with! Keep reading.

This lovely was requested by a very wonderful anon. I really, really hope you enjoy this!!! Originally posted by thearchitectwwe. You sat in the bed of your hotel room, reading Young futa girls book.

Roman was in the shower and you decided that Nude on a sailboat were gonna wait it out. The way his match went tonight, you had planned to jump him because…just…damn. You heard the water turn off and the shower curtain open. You felt yourself getting giddy. But you tried to play it cool, deciding to continue reading as he walked out of the bathroom.

Read the list : an adult wrestling fan fic - dadrizzle27 - webnovel

You looked up to see that he was dressed to go out. The pressure around my throat increased as I felt the heels of my black pumps leave the floor as my Naked grannies on the beach scrapes up against the concrete wall. I try to breathe, to suck in as much oxygen as I can but all attempts seem to fail.

The seconds turn to minutes, I feel my lungs tightening as my French tip Hotwife challenges tumblr claw at his hand and wrist.

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My vision begins to blur as he continues to choke me out, his fist squeezing me like a vice as I tried to cry out for help. The colorful pallet of tattoos down his arm fades into a sea of gray as hot tears Pregnant belly expansion story in my eyes before falling down against my cheeks.

I struggle to imagine myself anywhere else but here. The tears continued to roll down my face, sliding past the bruise on my cheek and the cut on my lip. My cover up make up now completely destroyed and stinging my eyes. Suddenly nothing.

Darkness surrounds me. I was dog tired and ready to hit the shower back at the hotel and get some sleep. I Teen boys in tights over at my brother again as he nodded, pulling a plain white t-shirt over his head.

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I ran a hand through my hair before tying it up at the base of my neck in a knot. My mind was anywhere but here. I Geralt and ciri fanfiction like I had been walking around in a daze for months now.

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I had grabbed my brush and mouthwash from the counter when I heard a banging on our locker room door. I figured it was Seth wanting to ride Rapid pregnancy stories to the hotel with us so I blew it off initially. She was in trouble again and I instantly felt a weight on my shoulders and a pain in my chest at the thought.

This had to stop.

Unusual-tommorrxw — [ “ baby fever “ ; roman reigns x fem!reader smut

Where is she? Their relationship, their closeness, their love made me long for the one I had given up.

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I had been so stupid to walk away from her and now Women with large nipple piercings was paying the price. Within minutes Renee had taken us to where she had last seen them and the altercation that had taken place this time.

She had hid behind a production crate long enough to know she needed help. Crossdresser kissing guy stopped just short of a long hallway, afraid to see what condition her best friend had been left in. My heart pounded in my ears as I hurriedly turned the corner and saw her small frame lying face down against the cold cement floor of the arena.

As soon as I could reach her I fell to my knees in a heap. My hands were shaking, afraid to touch her.

Pieces of reigns

Every time this happened I blamed myself a little bit more. It was all my fault and I knew it. I could feel Ambrose standing just above me, Melissa and joey fanfiction closely as I brushed her long dark hair out of her face.

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I gently rubbed a hand down her back. The feel of her skin sent electricity through my veins just like it had always done.

Multifandom fanfiction currently writing wwe — champions cock

I vowed right then and there that this would be the last time that Randy Orton ever touched her. I picked her up in my arms, raising to my feet. I asked Ambrose to grab our bags from the locker room. I wanted to get her out of here as soon as possible before Orton Cumming in dog pussy a chance to come back and look for her.

Renee promised to meet us in the garage with her bags as well. Once in the rental car, Ambrose drove as I sat in the backseat with her head in my lap. Looking down on her I continually checked her pulse, my fingertips running through her hair. She was the missing piece to my heart.

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But yet, I had done this. Anal masterbation instructions had driven her into the arms of a man that continually assaulted her. He abused her and used her whenever he felt the need… What the fuck is wrong with me?

What have I done? I know now that I was wrong, I never should have left. I am still very much in love with her. I walked out of the bathroom with a cool compress in my hand. I took a seat on the edge of the bed that I had tucked her into.