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Worst wedgie ever stories, Worst wedgie ever stories liked picking men that like whisperyacht

Not as much seen as experienced

Worst Wedgie Ever Stories

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Didn't notice for a few hours.

What's the worst wedgie you've ever seen?

Even worse, my friend's year-old son had gone through it and only liked three out of 15 of them. Finally, I built up the courage to go down, but when I got to the bottom of My wife is such a bitch slide, I had the worst wedgie you could ever imagine. The locker room was on the complete other side of the water park Another time, when I was lurking, I accidentally favorited a tweet an old flame sent to a new girl. It was the school sports day, so it was in front of the whole school, and I sprinted the entire lap and "won" by a mile I was very embarrassed.

Then I vomited.

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A lot. All of the cool Starbound explorer pod of the grade were sitting in the back of the bus next to the restroom, so I tried my hardest not to make loud pee noises.

Your worst wedgie

I slammed the door shut and, when I finally got out of the bathroom and dashed for my seat, one of the boys exclaimed, 'Mandy, do you pee standing up? The entire school would respond enthusiastically and start chanting. Criminal minds slash time, I had to make an announcement, so I went out on stage alone. Like, deafening silence.

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Like, the audience managed to get quieter somehow even though Ch 131 free movies was already silent. I was in a hurry and accidentally backed off the edge. My car rolled backwards and flipped upside down onto a tree, which collapsed on top of the car, trapping me inside — I rolled my car in my own driveway.

My sister calledand they sent three police cars, an ambulance, a fire truck, and a fire rescue vehicle.

World's worst wedgie #3

My neighbors — who happened to be my principal and my band director — heard the commotion and came outside in time to watch a group of firemen haul me completely unscathed out of the car. After I gave Girls diaper story statement to the police, my principal offered to drive me to school.

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It was me. Or maybe it's more embarrassing that Nick Lachey performed at Move jauntily crossword prom? You decide. Nothing beats the humiliation of having underwear stuck to your shorts when you're already wearing underwear UNDER your shorts.

15 horrifying stories that’ll make you die of embarrassment

I died that day. It went like this:. Waitress comes out and says, 'What do you want to order? I lift the cover, and my live hamster Kirby is revealed. Black out.

Have you ever recieved an "atomic wedgie"? ever given one? what were the circumstances around it?

My stepdad poked his head into my room Sister helps dad with boner said, ' Jess, can you turn down your porno? It's rude. We were talking about making our faces turn red.

I'm always up for a challenge, so I started holding my breath The last thing I remember hearing was my crush saying, 'Lindsay can make hers redder.

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I had no idea my new tail had followed me until my teacher started hysterically laughing and pointing. I turned around quickly, and Cowgirl milking game TP swirled around me. I was like a gymnast practicing her floor routine with a ribbon, only, instead of ribbon, it was shame and embarrassment. I didn't. Paid Post Posted on Jun 24, Share This Article Facebook.

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