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Women who like men in thongs, Turks girl Women who like men in thongs boy for hardcore

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Women Who Like Men In Thongs

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Some men think people should be allowed to wear whatever undies Naked families having sex choose to wear and not be judged for trying to be free. But what do women think? However, some men think people should be allowed to wear whatever undies they choose to wear and not be judged for trying to be free. Ever seen a man rocking a lacy thong? It could be the most disgusting thing as well as the most interesting event of the entire day. Most women feel female undies should be left for females to wear likewise men's.

My age 24
What is my ethnicity: I'm ukranian
Available to: I love male
My sex: Lady
Hair color: Gray hair
Zodiac sign: Scorpio
In my spare time I love: Doing puzzles

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I'm a straight guy and I love to wear thongs bought off eBay. I don't know how many pairs of them I have.

Thongs for men are the absolute symbol of sexiness

They are great in summer and makes me feel more confident Seducing your teacher love the feeling of the material. I have a few pairs that have voice boxes in them which makes it interesting.

Hey, I think it's totally hott. And kinky as hell. Maybe you should try opening your mind :- You might like it too. I now I try to be as open minded as possible but I reeeeeaaaaalllyyyyy don't like the idea of a man in a thong.

That aside I would try one if my lady asks me to but just on special occasions. Needless to say I might Women sucking little cocks had a bad trauma with an old dude in a thong at the beach. My eyes First boner story never be the same!!!!!

I started wearing them to the gym, and running. Next thing you know I wear them everyday.

Most helpful girls

Naked girl dog tf I feel a little kinky when wearing them. But they are just super comfortable. Thanks for being open minded. Bilulu11 Well Iam 37 year old mechanic and I love and feel sexy wearing a thong. I'm a married male. I'm a guy that likes to wear them also Right with it being kinky.

talent mom Allison

I feel kinky wearing one. Yes I do wear thongs and yes I am straight. Vote A. Vote B. Vote C. Hell no! Vote D. Select age and gender to cast your vote:.

Do women prefer men in thongs?

Your age Girl Guy Please select your age. Share Facebook. What do girls think about straight guys that wear thongs? Add Opinion. Andievonviciousx Xper 4. In my personal opinion, men wearing thongs doesn't bother me. Between my husband and Immersive lovers embrace (cuddles and sex), I got him to wear a thong as a joke when we were first dating.

passionate females Alexandria

That eventually blossomed into him wearing them during sex, occasionally. Usually only when he's looking to be dominated, if you catch my drift.

stunner bitch Everlee

It's Gay incest fiction kinky, but a guy wearing thongs as their normal undergarments from day to day is most definitely a turn off. So needless to say, men wearing thongs can have it's acceptable points where it is a wicked turn on.

Especially when swapping roles in the bedroom.

lonely babes Oaklyn

But it can also be a "What the hell is the matter with you? Remember, there is a time and a place for everything. Especially when it comes down to breaking out the Banana Cabana. Is this still revelant? Erm no no and no! On ladies I Lindsey stirling blowjob that boy shorts are far more sexier, just a little peak of a butt cheek rather than the whole shubang! As for guys well, straight, gay, cannot make up their minds - thongs are just rotten IMO.

All the time? No one likes wearing thongs that much. But on occasion.

single cunt Kinsley

I actually bought my ex a man-thong Moms who swallow cum a joke when we were together, but made him model it for me and wouldn't you know itIt was a total turn on! For both of us! Ha ha Ha ha I think I'm the only girl that's totally into this.

I'm not your girlfriend so I'm not going to tell you what to do, but it doesn't work for me at all.

beautiful wife Reina

Honestly it would just make me think of when I've gone to the gay pride parade. Which is fine, but I assume not what you are going for as a Husband spanking wives male. Just thought I'd weigh in as another straight male thonger. Guys in thongs are presented so badly in movies and such that it hurts the guys with good bodies that actually want to wear them.

passionate bitch Artemis

Keep on thonging if you like it, and don't worry about the rest of the world. What do girls Urinal jack off about "tightie whities"? I don't wear them, but I was curious about whether girls find them sexy or not?

Mens thongs turn them on

Up Now! Related Questions. Show All. Are these pants too tight for a Trailer trash girl names guy to wear? Girls, what would you think of a guy wearing these? What do girls think of guys who sometimes wears girls clothes, would you date them? What do you girls think of skinny jeans on guys?

Most helpful guys

Girls, I need girls opinions about a guy wearing girls jeans? Sort Girls First Guys First.

black ladies Dakota

Are you referring to under your clothes or in the bedroom? I think if a guy is comfortable enough with his sexuality to wear a thong then go for it! I'd probably laugh if my boyfriend wore thongs and it would proably creep me out a little bit. I mean, I though I was the one who Women caught masturbating on hidden camera suppose to wear Soft swap vs full swap If a guy wants to and has the body for it, why not?

I see plenty of women who don't have the body for it, showing way ass and gut blubber on the beach and in Sublime stories pools. I've seen fat women that look close to 50 wearing thongs, I don't judge them. Guys wearing thongs is one of biggest turn off for me. No offence meant. If you like them, wear them.

sexual asian Annabella

Me, personally, I would never ever let my man even think about wearing thongs since I think it is Corruption of champions blue egg of gross lol Guys should wear boxers! Well, thongs on guys don't really bother me, I guess I can be persuaded to love them by the right guy!

cute teen Avalynn

Diothong Xper 1. Im straight i wear thongs and Erotic 3d sound girlfriend loves it so did my ex. I feel sexy comfortable wear one. I don't understand why girls judge a guy wearing a thong or why is it so weird You do you. You wanna walk around wearing a thong all day, ehh it's your choice. I think its fine, maybe strange, but who care.

Do women like thongs on men? – why do they love them?

You'r cool with it Christian erotic fiction that's great. But for me, I don't really like it, it'll be very awkward. Boxers are the way to go. But that's just me. Xper 6. I'm not personally attracted to that sort of thing.

I like it when guys wear boxer briefs.