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Witch tg story, Dancer lady seeking boy Witch tg story flirts

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Witch Tg Story

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Dan walked into the street leading up to his house. Another day of crummy school over. Now he was 16, he didn't actually have to go to school. Well, technically. Of course his parents wouldn't let him quit. He'd come too far to give up now.

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Clear Filters Set Filters. Bruiser the Boar by boaredman.

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Rated X. Published: Sep 15th, X rated novels Tags: pig 0 hog 0 boar 0 magical transformation 0 magic 0 swine 0 painful 0 witch 0. A man makes the mistake of making a foolish wish in front of a witch. Bristly Warm and Horny by kevinrooste. Rated R. Published: Aug 29th, Tags: potion 0 transformation 0 witch 0 bristals 0 tail 0 boar 0 m-f 0 genitals Dick n shorts pig 0 hooves 0 straight 0.

An incident gets Alan wet on a cold day, only Dat booty poem meet an elderly woman who cares in her different ways Fate in the forest Cow Tf by cowman Published: Jul 10th, Tags: mating 0 cow 0 animal transformation 0 breeding 0 breeding cow 0 impregnation 0 horny 0 witch 0 female into cow 0 forest 0 bull 0 unwilling to willing 0. When Jaz gets lost in the woods, she meets a Witch tg story friendly woman with evil intentions. Life's a Witch, then you Fly by gabrielmoon.

Published: Jul 6th, Tags: cockroach 0 fly 0 witch 0 bird 0 crow 0 punishment 0 mating 0 female 0 pigeon 0 Adult fanfiction incest 0. A cruel witch gets her due when trying to mess with a Goddess.

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Rabbit Rabbit by daisu1. Rated PG. Published: Gay sauna berkeley 17th, Tags: cursed 0 female to rabbit 0 rabbit 0 magical transformation 0 witch 0 my neighbor is a witch 0 transformation 0 hare 0 curse 0 woman to rabbit 0 bunny 0 bunnytf 0 magic 0 animal 0. A different take on a goosebump story. A girl angers a witch which curses her to the cowardly rabbit she is. Faux Fur by ohnoyote.

Published: May 16th, Last Updated: Jun 14th, Tags: coyote 0 mental changes 0 magic 0 couple 0 Ch 131 free movies 0 fur coat 0 tgtf 0 feral 0 woman to canine 0 witch 0. Carla goes to the mall to get something to spice up her coming anniversary with her girlfriend, but her fur coat earns Witch tg story ire of an eco-conscious witch.

I fully intend to write a post-TF followup piece to this, but it's been slow going so I figured I could put this here as Part One, like an appetizer.

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Published: May 14th, Last Updated: May 14th, Tags: curse 0 teats 0 pig 0 circe Judy hops ass witch 0. A woman obsessed with Circe discovers just what she is looking for. Based on a request.

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There will be multiple chapters to come :. Wait Your Turn by kayemarquet. Published: Mar 27th, Tags: Margot robbie blow job 1 man to squirrel 1 moose transformation 0 unwilling change 0 man to moose 0 gender transformation 0 mtf 0 pig 0 magical transformation 0 permanent 0 sow 0 first person 0.

A fun Patron request story involving a fellow who wakes in a most unsettling place.

Bound to a rune circle like the two other captured folk in the room, you find yourself at the whim of a witch who sees the captives before her as little more Witch tg story test subjects. Herded by boaredman. Indian car blowjob Feb 5th, Tags: sow 0 magic 0 magical transformation 0 pig 0 witch 0 boar 0. A group of women look to have revenge against an ex-boyfriend.

Pen Pals by boaredman. Published: Jan 28th, Tags: sow 0 boar 0 magical Tit loving lesbians 0 magic 0 swine 0 pig 0 messy 0 witch 0. A couple of old college buddies get trapped by a pair of devious witches looking to increase their livestock. The Leader of the Pack, Pussy under skirts. Published: Dec 22nd, Tags: estrus 0 man to female dog 0 mtf 0 sex 0 witch 0 slice-of-life 0 transgender 0 teats 0 magic 0 lactating 0 heat 0 dog 0 bitch 0.

pretty female Danielle

Mike, A criminal who has been transformed into a female dog, gets in trouble with another male dog. And slowly she starts to come to some realizations about her new reality as a stray bitch, and she may be I like to wear my wifes panties for the guy dog! Learning About Pigs by boaredman. Published: Dec 3rd, Tags: witch 0 farm animal 0 magic 0 swine 0 pig 0 messy 0 farm 0 magical transformation 0.

A woman s an agricultural school and ends up one of the subjects. Published: Oct 22nd, Last Updated: Jun 28th, Tags: witch 0 devious 0 livery-stable 0 breeding 0 fornication 0 stud 0 magic 0 m-f 0 managerial 0 vaginal 0 gypsy 0 jennet 0 potion 0 transformation 0 job 0 equine 0 mule Witch tg story animal-husbandry 0 straight 0 hope 0 jackass 0. Grand hope of finding a better workplace and job, a man applies, but his boss has more for the applicant to do, something different than what for him any a man might do as if natural Cheating Pigs by boaredman.

Published: Oct 5th, Tags: magical transformation 0 pig 0 witch 0 boar 0 unwilling 0 magic 0. Two Marital spanking stories get what they deserve. Daelan Chpt 1 by deeeveeeantr.

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Published: Oct 2nd, Tags: mind transfer 1 voyeurism Debra monk nude magic 0 sheep 0 massage 0 woman into sheep 0 witch 0. One woman's perversion gets her caught up in a power struggle between a classmate and a mysterious man.

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This is my first transformation story, my debut story here and the fourth erotic story I've put into words. The story itself has been in Pet names for subs head for years Grinch fucks cindy lou I was surprised at how many details I hadn't really filled in Strapon domination stories writing it.

It's given me a much deeper appreciation to the work of others here. The women in the story are all high school seniors and You Had This Coming by kayemarquet. Published: Oct 1st, Tags: bitch 2 transgender 2 birth 1 dog 1 breed 1 mtf 1 humiliation 0 gender change 0 golden retriever 0 breeding 0 mental changes 0 collar 0 unwilling change 0 mating 0 magical transformation 0 in heat 0 gender transformation 0 witch 0 second person 0. Another Patreon request story involving you're treatment by a rather vicious ex that le to a whole new life.

Literal Partycat by bunniemaster. Published: Aug 16th, Tags: magic 1 cat 1 cat transformation 1 witch Witch tg story magical transformation 0 fur growth 0 fur 0.

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Our beloved Witch "Bunny" strikes again. Woman into cat TF. The Gypsy Curse by boaredman. Published: Jun 14th, Tags: gypsy 0 curse 0 hog 0 pig 0 witch 0 messy 0 boar 0.

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A request, a man discovers the hard way not to cross a gypsy Greg Gets Boared by boaredman. Published: May Grandmas shaved pussy, Last Updated: May 8th, Tags: messy 0 pig 0 magical transformation 0 witch 0 unwilling 0 boar 0.