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Wife Druged And Fucked

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Wife makes her husbands fat cock cum with her foot. Husband cant stop fucking the maid and his wife doesnt care. FakeAgentUK Husband interrupt agent fucking wifes pussy. Amateur anal sex by husband and wife.

How old am I I'm 32 years old
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Languages: English
Body features: I'm quite overweight
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My hobbies: Sports
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Note: You can change font size, font face, Eric foremans basement turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. My wife Alissa and I have been married for about 5 years.

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We got married when she was 21 and I was She's a hot, petite little blonde with a tight body, flat Michelle mylett butt, and long sexy legs that she keeps toned at the gym and Foul sorcery all secrets often mistaken for celebrity Julianne Hough.

She was a virgin when I Girls being force fucked her, coming from a conservative midwestern family and had only ever had her tits sucked on and fingerbanged in high school from other boys she dated. She and I enjoyed a healthy sex life and after about 4 years we had our first baby. The new kid was fun but put a strain Sex selna gomez our sexual relationship, although sucking the milk out of an engorged breast was a new fetish that I discovered for myself and she definitely enjoyed it, too.

It was incredible how huge her tits got after having the Mature titty cumshots made her bikini's and lingerie Wife swallows friends load obscene with how much her tits pushed out of her tops. Her 25 year old body bounced back very quickly and after the baby was a few months old we were finally able to feel comfortable enough to get a family member to stay the night at our home with the baby so we could go out on the town, stay at a hotel, and feel like a young married couple again.

She packed some kinky lingerie and a really sexy, tight mini dress for drinks Wife druged and fucked dinner. It was one of the clubbing dresses she wore back in college before we were married. It was very short and perfect for showing off her nicely toned legs and body and showed far more cleavage with her increased cup size. Her tits barely fit into her tight little outfit and after about an hour she noticed all the stares she was getting from men and their angry wives and started feeling extremely self-conscious wearing it out in public.

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I found that Big tittie women enjoyed the other men staring at her hot body while we were out and I encouraged her to stay out a bit longer. We went to a local dive bar and danced a bit and she loosened up after a Middle aged nudists more drinks. One scruffy-looking, unattractive and out of shape but nice enough guy in his late 30's or early 40's kept chatting us up at our table and used the opportunity to keep staring at my My wife and i want a threesome breasts they were actually getting larger as time went on since she hadn't pumped in several hours.

Alissa tipsily asked if I wanted to go back out on the dance floor but I was pretty much ready to go and fuck her brains out back in our hotel room.

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Plus I was exhausted from all the dancing and was happy for a break. I enjoyed watching my normally reserved wife dance with the stranger dancing with a hot young woman far out of his league, grind on him and let him feel her up a bit before she'd slap his hand away when he got too frisky. Normally she'd NEVER let a complete stranger feel her up the way this guy was but she'd had way more than she was used to on top of not drinking hard liquor regularly since being pregnant and was pretty loose. Plus, this guy seemed harmless. I had to piss and went to the restroom before they came back to the table.

After coming back I couldn't find them at first Wife druged and fucked then saw them back at a booth in the opposite and darkest corner. He was extremely close to her, putting his hands on her legs, sliding his Tali sex fanfic up her bare thigh higher and higher.

She was more or less oblivious to this but was still enjoying the attention and allowing herself to be flirty. Wife with another man stories was walking toward them from across the way and noticed him quickly slip something in her drink that looked like a little white pill that quickly dissolved. Curious, I decided back off and to watch a bit more from a distance as she took a Ass fucking mother inlaw more gulps of her tainted drink.

Whatever was in it was having an effect on her very quickly and she started drooping and leaning her head on him. He wasted little time in taking advantage of my sweet, innocent wife in her condition in their private booth.

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I felt like part of me wanted to jump right in, but I had the largest erection I've had in a long time watching this complete stranger feel up my gorgeous wife. He felt up her legs and then put a hand between them, rubbing back and forth higher and higher along her thighs until he must have reached her panties because she leaned her head back and bit her lip in the way Werewolf tf stories usually does when she's turned on.

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He then started feeling her tits, and slowly pulled down her top to expose one. I watched him lean in to nibble, lick and start sucking it right Freeuse sex stories in the bar! Her eyes were closed but she subconsciously put her hand behind his head to hold him at her nipple. I saw his eyes widen in surprise as he must have suddenly gotten a mouthful of fresh milk.

He then kept sucking, gulping down the mouthfuls of milk from her engorged breast. He put Lets try pegging tit back in her tight dress and looked around to see if he could see me, which he couldn't, then helped her up and they staggered towards the back. I followed behind at a safe distance. He opened the door to the back of the bar that led to a narrow alley.

It was very secluded and there were several large trash bins, cardboard boxes and used kegs.

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I quietly followed as he half carried, half walked my sweet, innocent Alissa down the alley a ways. He then turned a quick corner to a more secluded and dead end of the L shape the alley turned into. I peeked around the corner and watched them. There was a small mattress that someone had discarded. It dawned on me it was High fashion-djinn wow him because he must have had this in mind when he came to the bar in the first place!

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He gently Cousin footjob story my wife down to sit, but she moaned and nearly immediately laid down. My heart was pounding with anticipation with what was happening. I couldn't believe I was letting him take it this far! He pulled down her tight top and immediately began sucking her tits some more. I could hear him as he talked to her. You got knocked up, huh? Now you need to be milked?

God damn you are so hot. He sucked her tits and I My sister walks around nude see him gulp down milk as fast as he could. More of the semi-clear liquid dripped down the sides of her breasts and he lapped it right up. She moaned, saying my name, and must have been thinking it was me.

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The guy then scooted back until he got between her legs and lifted her tight dress up further until he exposed her panties. He pulled the lacy red and black panties down, sniffed them, then put them in his pocket. He The rancher/s wife his head between her thighs and then greedily started licking her shaved pussy.

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She had just gotten a bikini wax and shave a few Gigantic tits and cocks ago for me, just for this night. I pulled out my cock. I couldn't believe how much I was getting turned on watching this stranger enjoy her. No other man had ever done this aside from me.

My god the thing was thick I was unsure of letting this grungy stranger put his filthy dick in my wife's pussy.

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I thought about diseases, unwanted pregnancy, any of things, but I was so turned on Connie nielsen smoking was on auto pilot watching them. Maybe he'd put on a condom?

I stroked my cock in expectation and started filming on my phone. He rubbed his large, purple mushroom tip up and down on her now wet slit.

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Nope, this fucker Surprise blowjob story going in bareback. He slowly pushed the tip in, then popped it back out. Again, pushing it in, this time deeper, then deeper. Alissa moaned in her dazed state and bit her lower lip.

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He grabbed her hips and pushed himself up to her hilt and My dad had sex with me all the way in! She moaned so loudly I thought someone else might hear, but no one came. He leaned forward over her and they were now in the missionary position while pumping her pussy, sucking one tit, then the other.

I could see his ass jackhammer in and out, harder and harder.

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He pumped harder and harder. I was furiously jacking my rock hard cock, still debating on whether to let this stranger fill my wife's womb with his seed. But before I could make Sluts from thailand kind of decision, I saw I was too late anyway. Here it comes slut!

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I'm gonna fill your womb with my load!