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Wife And Girlfriend Having Sex

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For Sex LivesGQ speaks with someone about their entire sex life up to this point about how their sexuality has evolved. This week: Sam, 34, London, straight. I always had crushes Wife sexting pictures girls and a high sex drive, but it took me a while to put those things together.

Age I'm just over twenty
Nationality: I'm indonesian
Color of my iris: Misty brown
Hair color: Scraggly hair
Languages: Russian
I like: Hunting
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For : my wife and her girlfriend

My fiancee, dragged me to a jewelry store to pick out Night elf dragon dragon story wedding rings, she took off for her place later that night because she had to work brunch the next day. She lived a little over an hour away. I took the next day off of work and decided to surprise my fiancee by showing up at her place at about in the morning.

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I walked in on my With legs wide open song laying naked, spread eagle, on the bed. She was masturbating enthusiastically while a 56 year old dude was arched over her fucking her face. Evidently she had brought him home from the bar the night before, she was 26 at the time. When I said, "What the fuck's going on here? Long pause How long have you been standing there? It was a weeknight. I woke up a few hours early 4 AM-ish to play a few video games before work. My wife of 6 months is not in bed with me.


I call her phone, and hear it ringing in the guest Torture snuff stories. I peek inside, and saw her in the throws with one of her male friends that I had met the night. They did not see me, so I closed the door. I went out to the garage, and returned with a claw hammer. I sat against the door for almost an hour, deciding what to do with my life. After that, I kicked in the door, gave them both a stare that I can only hope froze their blood, then walked out and drove to work.

I Shirts vs skins girls her that night, and I kept her hammer.

My wife suggested i get a girlfriend—but there sure are a lot of rules

She begged me to stay with her. It was winter, and I did have to live in my car for almost a month, but it was still the best decision I ever made.

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You should've yelled 'It's Hammer Time! I was already paranoid today because I found another guys shirt in the laundry this morning. I found gym shorts and a hoody that didn't belong to Redhead half elf. If you share a communal washing machine, you really don't have to worry about this too much.


It's unlikely she fucked a dude who left without his shirt. More likely someone left a shirt Akka thambi kamakathai the machine and it got mixed up with yours. For a couple of weeks when I was 19, I was dating a girl who managed to hide the fact that she was engaged or seeing anyone else at all.

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One night we're back at her place and I noticed she'd been really weird Nudist lifestyle stories her phone, but didn't pay much attention. Realize now she was trying to hide a barrage of "where the fuck are you?

Am i being given a freedom i can never really take advantage of?

Anyway, we're quite a ways into gettin down when the front door of her apartment starts pulsing with the force of a foot beating it Swiming pool babes from the outside. She panics, jumps up and runs to the door.

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I'm frantically putting my pants on, realizing more or less what's going on, and hoping to at least be dressed for whatever physical encounter ensues. The door opens, she Devious bondage tumblr her fiance start screaming at each other, and I'm standing in the background with my personal effects bundled in may arms.

He sees me and everything goes silent. I muster up something along the lines of "I was just leaving. I'm Josh Lick my pussie John or Bob. I'm sure you're a cool guy, maybe we should hang out another time.

I am dumbfounded and offer no response to either of them as I slip between them, out the door and away into the parking lot.

My girlfriend doesn’t want to have sex: sexless relationship support

Within seconds they are screaming at each other again. Never saw her again. I had a sit-down chat with the guy that one of my exes cheated on me with. A mutual friend arranged the meet up in a very public place. I basically wanted to get pretty solid evidence before I dumped my worthless ex.

I met the guy and he was terrified of me, which I kind of found hilarious because I'm at best small and athletic, but not intimidating in the least. I think I used a Librarian sex stories similar line: Pig tf story micahi You and I have something in common, namely my girlfriend.

I'm sure you're a decent guy, but I suspect my girlfriend is lying to both of us and I need your help. He didn't even know about my existence until the night before I met him. I felt really bad for him because I think she may have taken his V-card. Ugh, I'll bite. I not so much walked in as caught them on camera.

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It is a long and sad story honestly. My "best friend" offered to come take our dog to the groomers on his day off since my "wife" and I couldn't get out of work the day of the appointment.

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I thought this was odd so I set up a camera to see if he was going through our stuff. I get home from work and find a video of him screwing my wife. To make matters worse we were Horse cock sheath to have a baby so she was not on BC and they weren't using protection. I felt like I lost everything.

Turns out it had been going on for at least a year.

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Wife just said "You took care of everything, I felt like I was 8" and my "friend" said, "You were a shitty friend" That was what both of their excuses were. Oooh I almost forgot "We were going to stop being whatever we were when she got pregnant", so he even considered her his girlfriend. All things considered I got really lucky to get out when My dad licked me did.

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I had to wait 2 weeks to find out if she was pregnant Beauty shop bondage not and if she was I wouldn't know if it was mine. Talk about hell. This was almost a year ago. Edit: I meant to use a throwaway Found the internet!

Have you ever walked in on your husband, wife, Topless office party, or girlfriend having sex with someone else? Posted by 10 years ago. Sort by: best. View discussions in 1 other community.

Wife and girlfriend porn videos

Continue this thread. You woke up at 4AM to play a video game? Hit the facebook, call a gym, delete the lawyer. Worst excuses Wheres your wife anal ever heard. I'm sorry :. Created Jan 25, Top posts december 5th Top posts of december, Top posts Back to Top.

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