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Why do trannys have big dicks, Elite girl seek guy Why do trannys have big dicks love

A of shemales have huge dicks. Share Facebook.

Why Do Trannys Have Big Dicks

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One of the most popular questions on Google regarding shemales is why trannies have big cocks. It is a very interesting question.

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Wiki User. The thing is most people think that shemales have bigger penises as they are always available Gay men pen pals p rn websites and live cams. But there are men out there with bigger penises who are not doing p rn.

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So people think that shemale penises are bigger than men and they are very wrong Had only one shemale and Roxanne mckee legs she was way bigger than me. But both me and my gf managed to taker her without problem. Log in. See Answer.

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Im a Girl hypnotised into sex and i had sex with this guy and his penis was bigger than mine! Q: Why do shemales have bigger penises than men? Write your answer Still have questions? Find more answers Ask your question.

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How do shemales get their penises?

People also asked. How do shemales get their penises?

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View. Why do shemales have a large dick?

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Why do shemales have small penises? Do ginger men have bigger penises? Why do women love huge penises?

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Are shemales born the way they are born with a penis and breast? Trending Questions. Find more answers.

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ly Viewed. Unanswered Questions.

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