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Whats a smilf, I am hunt for Whats a smilf that loves experiment

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Whats A Smilf

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You've probably heard of a "DILF. Contrary to what some might think, the "S" and "M" don't stand for "soccer mom.

Years old 21
Ethnic: Brazilian
Music: Country
What is my hobbies: In my spare time I love marital arts
I have tattoo: None

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Smilf: Any Float trip tits who is of an older age category who has no spouse or lover, whom one is sexually attracted to. SMILF, or Smurf MILF, is a word commonly used to describe an awesome, attractive collegiate woman that is short, like a Smurf, without kids that strives to be a mom, doing this by becoming the mother figure to friends that are a couple of years younger than her.

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Even though she wants to be the mother figure of her younger friends, or "kids," she also strives to be young again herself, attempting to live Satin panties sites through her "kids. Step-mother I'd like to fuck.

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Usually blonde with blue eyes and sometimes named Sierra. Smilfs range in age from 24 to around SMILF offspring often have last-name first-names i.

Smilf - video

Other common SMILF affiliations include, but are not limited to: Range Rover, Whole Foods, Nelly, things that are manicured nails, Public pussy tube, etcRice Krispy treats, Juicy Couture sweatsuits, visors worn non-ironically, waxes, bunkodry cleaning bills, college degrees, Oprah, Meredith Vierraelliptical trainers, pets, and patriotic decals. Examples of Smilfs vary based on opinion of attractive women.

Woman must be older. Woman does not necessarily have to be a mother. John got a raise in payI got nothing.

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I just got smilfed. Josh : DAMN!! Look over there, see her?

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John: Yeah holy shit, she's got 2 kids with her too. Josh: Man I'm out then.

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John: But dude, she's a total smilf! I'm about it.