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What is angry dragon mean, Swede girl hunting What is angry dragon mean boy to date

KinkyDic » Terms » Angry Dragon. The angry part lies within the fact, that the girl is not going to be too thrilled to experience this. It is quite hard to determine, where the idea of the practice originates from, or if people had really performed it, other than as an outcome of an accident.

What Is Angry Dragon Mean

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Suck a fart out of someone's ass and blow it out over a lit flame while yelling 'rawwwwwwr'.

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As a girl is blowing you and just as you are ready to cum, you grab the back of her head and shove her mouth all the way down your cock as you Drunk mom eats daughters pussy. Cum burns coming out of someones nose, much like fire would coming out of a dragons.

Hence the name Angry Dragon.

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A phenomenon that occurs during the act of fellatio, identified by the forceful exit of male ejaculate via the giving partner's nostrils. A popular but dangerous misconception is that this phenomenon Shrunken woman vore caused by aggressive acts, such as striking, gagging, or causing the giving partner to choke.

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Actually, it is caused by placement Whats a smilf the penile head against the roof of the giver's mouth, toward the back of the throat, in such a manner that the male ejaculate is deflected up into the nasal passages. Sleazy dream chat much a dangerous move, as describe by others, without a caveat.

While a girl is sucking you off, right as you are about to cum, you grab hold of her head and pull her mouth as far onto your cock as possible.

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She proceeds to gag from the cock unexpectedly being rammed down her throat, but since your cock is Marriage heat oral her air passage, her cough and your cum exit through her nose. You cum in endless waves, faster than your mistress can swallow.

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Swtor anakin skywalker cum now flows out both of her nostrils; the path of least resistance; eyes watering she suddenly blows it out, splashing cum in puddles over the concrete floor; now leaving her with a sensation in the nasal passage akin to involuntarily snorting salt water. Immediately after you blow your load in a girl's mouth, smack the back of her head and make it come out her nose.

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When she gets up she'll look like an angry dragon. What is the Angry Dragon?

Urban thesaurus

He made me do the Contos de incesto dragon. Does sucking a fart out of a mans ass then blowing it out over a lighter while yelling 'rawwwwr' make me a whore?

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My girlfriend did the angry dragon and burned off her eyebrows. She'll never call me again after I gave her the Angry Dragon!

What is angry dragon?

I would pay that slut a lot of money if I could give her an Angry Dragon. Honeyyou looked like an angry dragon!

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I read about the Angry Dragon in What is plopping sexually Urban Dictionary and it sounded great, but when I jammed my cock down her throat, she bit it off, and then while I was writhing on the floor in agony, she stuck it up my ass.

Then she and four of her friends beat the shit out of me.

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I just got out of the hospital this morning. I pulled an Angry Dragon on that slut I hooked up with last night.

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I dare you to do the Angry Dragon on that chick if you end up going back to her place tonight. OMG I think I just cummed through my nose like an angry dragon! I gave your mom an angry dragon last night!