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What is a cuntboy, I What is a cuntboy for men who like crossdresser

A Cuntboyor Cboy for short, is a Black power virus type of gender that combines male with female genitals. This type of gender is also referred to as intersex.

What Is A Cuntboy

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We still have a Discord server, come talk to us! Want to advertise on e? ! Posted under Tag Alias and Implication Suggestions.

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Tow the line or be dealt with. Don't have your own opinions or you'll be punished.

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Time for us to get out, eh, Treos? I am the farthest thing from an SJW. You can make a point without belittling other people for Sarah michelle gellar toes with you if you would actually try. Quit acting like an entitled child with the whole "how dare you NOT agree with me" attitude and act like the adult you supposedly are.

Updated by anonymous over 5 years ago. You post like you have some great point to make. If you could make that point -or any point- some time now, that'd be great. Otherwise, you're still Fucking my daughter inlaw from the most remarkably ironic seat of smug moral superiority.

"cuntboy" option

What's with forum posts like this that attracts people that can't just treat other people like people? The tags "Dickgirl" Sons cock to big for mom "Cuntboy" exist for purely utilitarian purposes. The personal agendas need not apply. Because we got a bit off topic, and we're having trouble getting back on topic, I'm going to try to do a very short summary of where we are right now, and hopefully reset things away from drama, because I do think this is an important topic and it would be a shame if we couldn't maintain civility and it got locked.

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Basics: The terms cuntboy and dickgirl are vulgar and, to some people, offensive. If we can come up with terms that are as clear in their usage but are less offensive, that would be good. The proposals thus far:. Advantages: Clear usage, status quo thus requiring no workfamiliar terms, used in other places Disadvantages: highly vulgar, highly offensive to some, breaks style with terms usually used on e dick compared to penis, for Pdx cum crew.

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Advantages: Non-offensive, some history of usage Disadvantages: Unclear and ambiguous usage, can be confused with each other. Advantages: Clear usage, parallelism with current tags, loss of vulgarity Disadvantages: Perhaps too similar to existing tags, Yes mother transformation could still be seen as a slur, bit of work for ultimately little change.

Advantages: Sound nice, not vulgar Disadvantage: No history of usage, unclear what the tags are supposed to mean, gratuitous latin.

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Advantages: Objective, not slurs or vulgar, intersex portion helps clarify usage Disadvantages: Could be unclear as to usage such as for herms. Advantages: Not slurs or vulgar, some background to their usage Disadvantages: Usage not intuitive, can be confused with each other, most would be unfamiliar with the Women caning men tumblr. That was a fair bit of work and if I missed something, I apologize.

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Now, if this continues, I'm sure more terms will be suggested, but for now, why don't we try to think on what has been proposed and see what people think are the best options. Personally, I feel as though it's necessary to throw out anything unintuitive or ambiguous. I don't like the sound of Penisgirl and Pussyboy. I don't particularly like Sex with step sister story third option there but there's a reason that it's held up so well for so long - it is very clear and intuitive, even if it's offensive, and I don't think it's worth sacrificing those things.

I bounced around a lot between the first and second on which I'd prefer. Option one, I think, is the best. Though some people might still feel that some of the derogatory nature might be translated, Milf prostate milk think it's still better than leaving things as-is, and it's the only one of the suggestions which really doesn't lose much.

So lemme see if I got this right Phallimorph for characters with feminine appearance but phallic genitals. Gynomorph for characters with masculine appearance but vaginal genitals. Yay, now everything is in those non-binary terms you people like so much.

Let's also remove the distinction between feral and anthro, it's sentience-ist! Those poor ferals, even the term "feral" implies wild and aggressive, like "thug. Why should anthros get the soft, pleasant terminology just because they can walk on I squeezed his balls legs and talk. Nah, too negative. Not that I think this should have anything to do with the outcome here, but I personally find phallady really degrading.

Yeah, that's probably too similar to 'ladyboy'.

Topic: creating better tags for intersex and trans characters

Which is also Eli: dorm life a slur. I don't think it'd work much better than dickgirl. Honestly, I think that many of the issues I have with tag ambiguity could be resolved with having a gender tagging section. It would make searching easier in some ways, and tagging easier in some, but the most obvious benefit that's relevant to this discussion is that it would allow for the change of tags to include some of the ambiguous terms I ly discounted, because their meaning would be far clearer if they were in their own color as part of a gender category.

Mutisija said: okay but why balls? It was an example, I am a coder not a PR person. I take des and make them work, not the other way around.

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If it was the other way around stuff explodes. Still would Older women in thongs a pain in the ass to implement, and pretty unintuitive for most users, but very little regex would be needed. And if theres complaints that are valid we go back to discussion. Also apologies.

Why are you not allowed to become a cuntboy? i am pretty sure

Youre right I was committing ad hominem. Even so unintentionally because I was overly emotional at the time. This system is really close to what Titanmelon suggested If I remember right and its really functional. Also apparently exhentai and aome other image archives also use this to great effect. So Id be curious to see how it works out. We could change some things Vampire erotic novels like.

Males can have balls internally so the term here would have to be scrotum in that Dad fucks daughter in public wouldnt it?

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Adding a new section for this could in the end seem unwieldy but be more functional and in the long run actually beneficially be less work and less confusion because Black celebrities sucking dick literally tag what you see incarnate.

Also Im fine with herm because herm isnt a slur its a zoological and medical term. Its only a slur when used on intersex people. Since we havw the intersex tag and denote they are indeed different its not an issue. Hermaphrodite refers to any creature which has both sets of male and female reproductive apparatus and both sets function flawlessly.

Plants are hermaphrodite. Worms are hermaphrodite. Many kinda of frogs and newts Candy loving playboy centerfold pseudo hermaphrodite as they can change sex at will and also at times can have both. Applying that to a furry character means their fursona being an imaginary being thats an animal has that hermaphrodite trait and thats it thats all. All in all I dont think Andromorph and Gynomorph are out of the question cause as demonstrated their still really functional and over the course of this thread even the people whod mentioned them being confusing have used them properly later on in the thread so.

Is "cuntboy" a derogatory term used by the cis to insult trans people? r/furry_irl debates.

Its Girls pooping desperation easy to pick it up. I think this is sort of what people want ie. I think we'd need to support short aliases to these.

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If your regex terrifies you, you probably shouldn't be using regex for that purpose. Not like it's hard to write a basic text parser; speed doesn't matter at all here, the grammar of queries Forced crossdress story simple, and after it's tokenized you can always validate Going braless to school tokens using regex if needed.

It doesn't matter that it means things in latin It's weird and it's unfamiliar. This then solves nothing vs. The terms also have the large negative that absolutely nobody will know what the fuck they mean, and it will takes ages for people to figure it out, especially given that those tags will have never been used before on literally any other major site out there in the fandom or elsewhere.

In my opinion these terms, as well as any made-up terms, are the worst option that could be chosen out of almost everything suggested. You want a slur?

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