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What does video vixen mean, I What does video vixen mean somebody that loves church

The MeToo movement has helped spread the message of the frequency in which sexual assault occurs.

What Does Video Vixen Mean

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Thousands of music videos are being released in our music industry daily.

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Hundreds of girls are also ing up to appear in these videos too. Watching these girls in their roles is a thirst inducing experience. Video vixens can be Control oceanview motel clocks beautiful, enticing, sexy, charming, alluring, etc.

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Most video vixens sleep with artistes — all the time. They are basically groupies.

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If you think jealousy is beneath you, wait until you date one of these girls. You will keep on getting bombarded by Scary omegle stories of pain when you imagine her sleeping with a rapper you hate just because he promised her extra bucks and future roles.

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She might not even be cheating but you will think she is. If a girl is willing to take off her clothes and Scottish dad boyfriend her assets on camera for just 2K, imagine what she will do for 10k or 20k.

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Dating a video vixen is inviting travesty in your midst. Video vixens are in that category of girls that will do anything dirty to make it in life.

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Find one of those girls. Save yourself from a life of sharing your woman with every other dude who happens to have a shilling to spend. Never gonna happen.

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If you want a girl to settle Caught my cousin masterbating with, never go for a vixen. If you are thirsting for a vixen, the mathematics is simple, Smahs her and move on. Trust me when I tell you that deriving instances of sexual gratification from these women is the best and only good thing you can do with them.

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Philip Etemesi.