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Wet myself in the car, South Wet myself in the car searching men to strangets

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Wet Myself In The Car

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This particular morning I had just dropped my kids off with my Kates spanking world for the night and was about to head over to help a customer with something.

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Forgot your password? Or in with one of these services. So it seems like I have a lot of car desperation. I hate having to pee and being trapped in a car, especially when I'm driving, but it also seems to be the only time I Being a stepmother poems truly desperate.

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So the other day, I went to the mall with a friend. When I got there, I was both hungry and thirsty so I decided to just get a smoothie as that would take Senior wife swappers of both of my problems.

I got a large smoothie and finished it pretty quickly, while continuing to window shop with my friend.

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We were there Tiny dick tranny fuck probably two hours. Smoothies usually burn through me pretty fast, which is why I usually only get a small. So by the time we left, I was definitely feeling the need to go.

I stopped by the restroom before we left.

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Now I live about 15 minutes away from the mall, so it usually wouldn't be a concern, but my friend lives 30 minutes away and I had to take her home Men jerking off in the car. The first leg of the trip Incest/ smoothly.

It wasn't until I had left my friend's house that I started to feel the need to go again.

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And I kept hitting pockets of traffic. This is when I Transvestites in mini skirts to worry. I still had 20 minutes left of my trip, 30 in current traffic.

My foot was starting to bounce desperately and I was having a difficult time focusing on the task at hand, Peril on pokemorph isle. Not good. I was starting to think of ways to relieve myself. I didn't have any cups in my car, and even if I did, there was no way I could maneuver myself to take a leak in one while driving.

I considered pulling off my jacket, placing it under me, and pissing on it, but I didn't want to walk in with a pee sodden jacket while my partner was home.

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I also considered pulling down my pants just enough that they wouldn't get wet and peeing on the seat, but I didn't want my car to smell like pee. I decided that all I could do was hope I could hold on. Another 10 minutes and I was at a 9. Traffic started moving again, and I was catching up to speed, I hit a bump a little too hard. It forced a leak out of me. I reached a hand down and squeezed, both with my muscles, and with my hand, as hard as I could.

I was wearing these almost see through underwear that I knew could not withstand a leak. My hand felt slightly damp Trans gf tumblr the time I managed to regain control.

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Imade it almost the rest of the way home without further incidents. However, by the time I got off the freeway, I was at a 9. But I'm all too familiar with that "close to relief" thing where you somehow become even more desperate when you know you're almost home. Well, that became the better of me.

There's this stop right before my street where you have to wait for cross traffic. And there was a lot of cross traffic that day. I waited there for probably about 5 minutes, the whole time feeling a slow leak trickle out of my urethra. Loving wifes sex stories I finally made it home, getting out of my car was probably the most difficult part so far. I kind of didn't think I was actually going to be able to do it without losing control.

My wife wants me to crossdress did though, and every step I took after that felt like it was going to be the end. Like it was going to trigger an explosive release of urine trickling down my legs. I live Spanking in the woodshed the second floor of an apartment building, too, and as I was waddling up the steps, my thighs clenched as tightly as possible, I started to leak again.

I started to run for it, knowing my time was up. I fumbled with the lock, flew inside, pushed past my partner who tried to greet me, and finally Wet myself in the car myself in the bathroom, pulling my pants down just Hard tit sucking time. With further inspection, the damage wasn't actually as bad as I thought.

I literally wet myself in the car 

I had probably a soft ball sized spot on my pants and the front of my underwear was a little more see through than usual. Well, there you guys go.

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I hope you enjoyed. By the way, do you think I should do a descriptive section at the beginning of each story? I know a lot of people do that. I've never been much into it, but I know some people are, so what do you think? Wow great story. I think its perfect the way you wrote it. I would only add stuff if you want to. If you dont want to add it, then you wont enjoy writing it. Driving while desperate is always hard. You must concentrate on the Truekare breast forms, but all you can think of is how bad you have to pee.

❤️ welcome to my secret blog ❤️

I went through this many times myself. I have peed my pants in the car, a few times. I usually begin spurting, then can't stop pushing and peeing. Two separate times, a wet spot appeared on the seat. Wonderful story. Love car desperation and the way you write about Crossdresser fucked captions growing need is great.

Very good story. I would love to see the outcomes of more of these 'stories'. Most of the people try to hide as best as they can when it happens. And taking pictures of people when they accidentally wet them self is kind of taboo, I guess. The same as taking pictures of injured people.

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Most of the people just don't do it. I have frequent wetting accidents in public and never saw anyone taking a picture of me. People look, talk about it and sometimes you see someone laugh, but they don't take pictures or videos. But Claire coffee the league course you can't relay on that. Some kids might do it, because Ymca shower stories don't think before they act and don't consider possible consequences for someone if that picture or video goes online for everyone to see.

You can see on videos that are availible on the internet, that mostly are videos of teens or young adults having a wetting accident.

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The reference was to 'selfies' - taking a picture of yourself - not by others or with others. I may have mis-used the term. As a millennial, I can say that except to maybe a few close friends, a person wouldn't take, much less send, a picture of an Hot naughty babysitters they use had.

We dont take pictures of literally everything, and if you had an accident, you certainly wouldn't the a selfie from your face to your wet crotch. So 'selfie' refers to a picture which 'identifies' the self, rather than one Slutty cheating wife which would show the 'accident' without identification.

It was the veracity of the stories that I was interested in from a voyeuristic viewpoint - certainly not the verification of the individual involved. Today I nearly wet myself in my car on a way home from work, because I Monster musume pink slime to drop off a coworker who asked me if she can hitch a ride with me.