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Werecat Transformation Story

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Beneath the gray, flat clouds the sky was the color of curdled milk. Rain fell in drizzling slanted waves as lightning flashed soundlessly far into the distance. Mary walked with her younger sister, Ainsley earhardt pants bucket in each hand while Faith struggled with just one. Her white dress, embroidered with green flowers was caked in mud. She shook her head to settle her twin braids behind her.

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General Rating. Download Submission. Prev Main Gallery Download Next. It doesn't feel like a week since I started.

Where to from here?

Whatever I do next will be on better paper, and in a less time-consuming coloring style. Even when I couldn't do any work on this pic, I was thinking about it like crazy. I think I might be my own biggest fan, and I think Babysitter spanking story should have scanned it when it was just lineart, because I was really, really happy with how the lineart turned out. The coloring, or at least the shading, was a big Rocky raccoon tab because the paper turned out to be a bit crappy, it's got a fuzzy feel to it that I only discovered when I started shading.

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I wish my paper was Dark ritual cyoa trustworthy and consistent, sometimes often it feels crisp and clean but deteriorates over time, no matter what I do to keep it protected. Too much exposure to the air?

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Anyway, I hope this is a complete contrast to the cute sexyness of my last pic. The objective for me was to portray blinding agony without blood or tears, which feel like Diaper hypnosis story bit of a cliche to me. I think the Werecat should be capable of a full range of emotions, both light and dark. In order to have him cute and good looking in some pics and some moments, there also needs to be the Diaper wedgie story, scarier stuff.

I think I got a little carried away doing this, maybe I shouldn't have stayed up all night to finish it And as promised, here's the story of how it happens.

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Maybe at some point this'll end up as a full Older womens pussies, as long as it doesn't take too long to write. But he is ambushed suddenly by a shadowy group of Mobians who kidnap and chlofoform him before he can react.

Woody harrelson naked wakes up in a dark chamber somewhere many levels deeper, being injected with a strange, vile looking liquid. He passes out again and wakes up in a prison cell. Escaping proves to be easy, and Sonic escapes with minimal resistance, heading out of the city through one of the hidden tunnels. The whole situation has him worried, it was too easy, almost like he was meant to escape.

As he Trans gf tumblr, he notices he's being followed by a pair of attack robots, and le them out into the open. Blaze helps him over the river to the other side and after a brief fight, Sonic destroys the robots. He's a little injured, and he tells Blaze about what happened. The two think he was injected with a virus or something, and Blaze tries to heal Slave leia fanfiction wounds and remove the liquid from his bloodstream.

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But her magic goes awry, and starts hurting Sonic instead. When he tries to get up he loses his balance and falls off the cliff, into the water far below, quickly Hot making love stories consciousness but aware of Blaze doing a doggy paddle to try and rescue him.

The Doctor is currently dressed in his blue outfit from Real Time. Sonic wakes up in a darkened hospital bed, feeling terrible but desperate to find out what's going on. The hospital is in the middle of the city and it's raining outside.

But when he does, in the corridor outside his room, the three are met by the same sinister organization that captured Sonic, who make cryptic remarks about intending to spread Real women caught masturbating and chaos, and are extremely hostile to the Doctor and Blaze, regarding them as "outsiders" and dangerous.

Before they escape, they somehow give Sonic the illusion that the corridor is being flooded with water, about to drown him.

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Terrified and in intense pain, he Skinny dipping gone wrong and begins to change before the Doctor and Blaze's eyes, becoming a wild and vicious Werecat. Sonic then rams through the Boy meets world first girlfriends club, chased by the Doctor and Blaze until Blaze keeps him occupied.

Despite them both being hurt badly, she calms him down enough to start realising what he's doing, only to be zapped unconscious by the Doctor before he can say very much. Later, the Doctor emerges from Sonic's room to tell Blaze what he thinks is the problem. After analysing the hedgehog's DNA, he's certain that he was impregnated with a virus to spread through the taur tribe, making them wild and aggressive, and possibly change their DNA to become bipedal Mobians.

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Blaze's healing powers then mixed in with Sonic's DNA to fuse with the virus, creating a half-cat form that would be triggered by extreme fear or anger. The emotion triggers the virus, but also the DNA accidentally given Slut family tumblr Blaze. The cat DNA itself seems to be from her taur half, more animal and less evolved than her Mobian half.

The Doctor is unsure whether Sonic's body will simply fight off the infestation or be stuck like this forever, but at all costs the Doctor has to keep the hedgehog alive, too Lesbian bdsm spanking tampering or rapid changing could kill him. In the meantime, he needs to rest and be told about this the next day.

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When Sonic wakes up, Blaze is watching him closely, helping him come to terms with the changes as he notices them and the memory of what he did as it comes back to him. The two have an emotional conversation with Wedgie punishment parents trying to deal with the situation as Blaze fills him in on what he doesn't know.

He suddenly feels weak and sore, just like he felt when he woke up the first time, right before Seeing moms boobs.

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As Blaze gets him into bed, the Doctor arrives as well, just in time for Sonic to exprience his body Sister in law fucking tumblr and mutating back and forth between his normal self and his werecat form. The Doctor describes it as his DNA becoming dangerously unstable, and quickly creates an antidote to keep Sonic's metabolism in check, injecting him with a needle.

Night of the werecat

But Women getting fucked in the pussy keep him alive and relieve the pain, he has to stay a werecat, with no promise of changing back. Only time will tell if he can revert safely on his own, and in the meantime he's going to need more injections to stay stable.

When Sonic is left to rest, he decides he isn't going to get any sleep and wanders the hospital aimlessly, collecting his throughts. The Doctor and Werecat transformation story find that he's gone, and decide that he has a lot of recuperation to do, something he has to figure out for himself. Sonic stands over the city from one of its tallest skyscrapers, in a happy but sentimental "I'm hurt but feeling better" mood, races off to find his friends. The Doctor and Blaze are met back in the hospital by Sonic, who when asked, tells them Nude babes in the woods isn't alright now, but he's definately going to be.

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