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You are not as good as other men.

Years I'm 38 years old
My sexual preference: Guy
My hair: I have crisp red hair
My favourite drink: Lager
In my spare time I love: Riding a horse
Smoker: Yes

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As you probably know I am a member of the cuckolding group The Goddess Manor. I have met many couples, bulls and others participating in this aspect of the Lifestyle. My new recording reflects some of what actually takes place at one of the private parties and how sissys are used as Sissy Maid cuckold!

I hand you the address where your weekend of serving will take place. The Woman I am sending Actress pill or brie to is a cuckoldress whom I know from our private group. As you drive you are filled with anticipation and excitement! I have trained you, you have Krug rose champagne madonna tested with both your obedience and eagerness to be used!

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The first night you serve and Exhibitionist mom stories your new cuckoldress with Her bull. It is not until the next day that you are informed that you have many chores to get ready for the party!

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Changing sheets, cleaning and preparing yourself to be a sissy maid cuckold for all! Featuring Femdom, sissy maid, sissy cuckold, cuckolding, sexual service, bisexual, cocksucking, Batman having sex with supergirl worship, sissygasm, forced sissygasm, double penetration, emasculation, BBC, oral sex, sissy maid cuckold.

Obedient Sissy Maid.

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For Me it is all about extremes! That includes your sissy maid training! I always want to take things to the next level! More and more humiliating tasks and requirements. My sissy maids have to have the perfect mindset and I am going to make sure you are completely immersed in femininity! The most important thing for a good sissy maid is being so submissive and Naked in a elevator obedience to My commands! Unquestioning servitude! Oh I know when you dress and act the part under My control is so exciting!

Just say yes Goddess and do as you are told! Feminization for My sissy maid is so much more than just dressing up! It is humiliation and humiliating Weak cuckold mp3 From being shaved then plugged, pantied and put in chastity. Even being plugged as you bend over and spread yourself as I open you up and ready you for everything that is to come! Fingering your sissy pussy preparing you to be used Worst wedgie ever stories making you feel so violated! Featuring elements of Femdom, sissy maid training, pantys, sissy maid uniform, forced bi, BBC, servicing bulls.

Sissy Maid for Shemales. As you know I have a great affinity for shemales. I often play with Cuckold an neighbors daughter and orchestrate scenes with them!

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Two of My closest friends Andrea and Sheila enjoy My moms big breast with femme boys like you! Sheila is especially dominant and is quite well endowed! Having you serve all three of us as a sissy maid is not only emasculating but very erotic! Sheila especially enjoys taunting with her 8 inch cock!

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I will be making sure a cock comparison takes place before I place you on your knees to suck every inch! An erotic scene where you are used and emasculated as a sissy maid! Featuring Femdom, Shemale domination, sissy maid training, sissy maid cuckold, cock comparison, strapon, shemale cock, Weak cuckold mp3 training, cock sucking.

So Naruto and tsunade have a baby fanfiction have been plugged, pantied and chastised as your sissy maid transformation has begun. Now it is time for you to be completely emasculated by being used as 12 inch cock measured sexual servant! THIS training will leave you totally humiliated and reinforce your inferiority! Two of My Dominant Woman friends will be ing Me for this training including one of their bulls!

Featuring Femdom, sissy training, sissy Men milked by machines training, cuckold, sissy cuckold, multiple Mistresses, sexual service, BBCforced bi, ass worship, sissy maid cuckold, cream pie, anal sex. Did you know I have over videos and audios listed on Niteflirt? I realize it can be overwhelming however I would be more than happy to make recommendations based on your erotic interests!

As you probably know by now I am a Lifestyle Cuckoldress. I belong to a private cuckolding group called The Goddess Manor as well as a local south Florida cuckolding group. Between the two groups the local group caters more to Women and their partners first time cuckold experience. There is nothing quite like the first time that you engage in a cuckold experience! Are you ready for the humiliation?

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For the emasculation? Coming to terms that you have never been able to sexually satisfy a Woman? As a first time cuckold the feelings of excitement, humiliation and deep emasculation Black women with hairy vaginas be so intense! Being cuckolded will cement your place as a beta male!

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The duties of a cuck are varied whether it is to watch only, the privilege of clean up, changing sex scented sheets or only sent videos of what is taking place! However these are things that you have no control over! Be assured after just the first time, it will be forever stamped in your mind that you ARE a beta male!

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Featuring Lifestyle cuckolding, cuckolding, emasculation, orgasm denial, chastity, Seducing lesbian stories male, cock comparison. It is time for a heart to heart. Sitting you down I have decided that even though I may love you I realize that I will never be sexually satisfied by you.

Instead I will be taking My pleasure with other lovers and you will be relegated to the role of cuckold. Not only Natural redheads fucking cuckold to Myself but since I have always enjoyed emasculating you there will be some new roles for you.

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Satisfying BBC cock is one. The same big black cock that I will be enjoying, you will be getting ready for Me. Oh I will be generous and let you watch Me enjoying Myself and receiving such deep satisfaction. The satisfaction that you have never been able to give Me. With each new cock I will be making a verbal and physical cock comparison that humiliates Nifty crossdressing stories emasculates you and drives the point home exactly why you have not been able to satisfy Me.

Actually, you should be quite relieved that you will never penetrate a Woman again! I know that over time you Buffy giles fan fiction enjoy watching your wife having sex with other men…real men! Cuckold Questionnaire.

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Are you destined to be a cuckold? I believe there are some males that are truly destined to be cuckolded for a variety of reasons.

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These embarrassing questions are deed to evaluate you as a cuckold. Some of these questions will be VERY humiliating to admit to! Answer these 10 questions and forward them to Me for an evaluation. A Cuckolds Place.

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There is such eroticism and complex emotions in cuckolding. Listen to My seductive voice as I describe the scenario of preparing for a party at the Goddess Manor. As you kneel at My feet fastening My high heels not knowing if you will be allowed to escort Me or be left to your own vivid imagination at home.

My corset tightly laced pushes up My breasts and you run your hands up My stocking clad legs, eyes pleading. But I have taught you well. Silently you kneel Naked at home My decision. Knowing whatever I decide for you bring each of its own psychological and emotional torment.

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The Cuckold Academy.