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Vilga the cummoner, I am Vilga the cummoner somebody who loves francais

Vilga fell asleep reading books and found a ritual to help Tuck to get back his body.

Vilga The Cummoner

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The comic updates twice a week Tuesdays and Fridays -thanks to the support of its readers — on Patreon. I stream on Picarto most Tuesdays! The Fairy Guide to the Western Lands is finished! Herbalist Celia took on the challenge of researching and writing it after Pornstars with long nails Vilga urged her to do it. Tentacle Academy was restocked! I printed another copies.

What is my age 28
Color of my eyes: I’ve got lively dark eyes
I like to listen: Opera

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The cummoner summer at vilga’s hut- [by totempole]

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This gallery has been replaced; tags can no longer be added on this version. Posted on 14 Decemberby: tobeunforgiven2. Posted on 25 Mayby: Pyr00tje. So someone picked it up again. So many Cheating husband caught fucking experiments! Kids sure are lewd these days!

Posted on 28 Mayby: bobomb1. I thought the comic was on hiatus. Great to see it again. Posted on 29 Mayby: ensane. Posted on Girls sucking tittys Mayby: John Tank. OrinMidwinter I used to update the old gallery, but some time ago I stopped because I don't really have an excuse, I just didn't feel like doing it.

But I always just encouraged people to go Adult breastfeeding reddit to the source, like Penxiel says, that way the actual artist at least gets some ad revenue or extra patreon supporters.

The cummoner 4 – totempole

And most fans of the series seem to have done that. Kudos to tobeunforgiven2, though, doing a good job with the proper chapter links and such. Posted on Vilga the cummoner Juneby: Edd Yeah, good job!! I translate the comic into French. I'll be posting chapter 17 in a few days Good luck to the author. Posted on 20 July Cumming on my daughters tits, by: FarkyMac. OK, now she's just teasing him. But secretly wants to be Tuckered out. Then again he is probably wondering what he will get turned into this time. Also wondering if the feathers will end up in a tickling scene the next time Morwena has them tied up.

Posted on 07 Barriss offee hotby: Lerianis. Uh oh Old people fuckin on 10 Septemberby: innocentpanda. Bets on Lucy just playing along to get his dick wet and a low-key bondage fetish?

Posted on 21 Octoberby: innocentpanda. Posted on 22 Januaryby: Laughingmann. I like how she doesn't care about the cloak, almost like that's part of whatever other handy powers it has. Posted on 19 February Superman fucking lois, by: stabbybelkar. Posted on 25 Februaryby: SkyDould This comic exist when I ed Ehentai years ago. And it's still a thing. Nice to know.

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The power of tribbing on 09 Mayby: Pyr00tje. Posted on 26 Mayby: PoorWhiteTrash. Posted on 09 Juneby: 2shiftee. I bet that woman can suck the life out of me if she could.

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Goddamn I want a BJ from her so badly! Posted on 17 Juneby: progste. At this rate they're gonna fuck that man to death before his wounds are healed.

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Posted on 17 Juneby: Sparks I know it's an adult comic book, but isn't she, like, raping the guy right now? Posted on 17 Juneby: PoorWhiteTrash. Raping an Couples swapping pictures guy Tuck! Posted on 25 Juneby: innocentpanda.

Hentai foundry

Posted on 03 Julyby: alsosprachzar. He wasnt awake for that and has no idea it happened. The attitude about anything magic. This is the same guy that has tried to kill Vilga more than once and hates all things magic. He was basically dead, they save his life and whats the first thing he thinks on waking up?

Gee, maybe some gratitude towards whoever patched him up? Naw, sees an 70s show donnas sister bottle, calls sorcery and goes ragemode. So would be quite satisfying to see him get a smack upside the head and a stern talking to from another paladin Sroka who works with the mage that saved him.

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Posted on 22 Julyby: PoorWhiteTrash. Dude's lucky not to wake with morning wood.

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Leaping out with his l'il Paladin bouncing up and down would probably set the wrong tone. Edit: Wait, no, there it is. Popping right up at the "All three had a go" revelations. Not following holy orders there little fellow.

Posted on 25 Julyby: Maria menounos naked crotch. Rape: A-ok Using magic to save your life: unconscionable Dude has Superheroine peril stories interesting set of priorities. Posted on 31 Julyby: PoorWhiteTrash. Posted on 22 Septemberby: Keffka.

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Posted on 30 Septemberby: Croaker Posted on 08 Octoberby: John Tank. This Sliskja seems keen on sharing info.

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Are we finally going to get Vilgas Pussy of Polymorphing explained? But I expect Vilga is taking Home invasion bondage on who to summon when she gets back home and out of that belt. Posted on 26 Januaryby: gregwill.