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The main girls searched her for her room key and finding it unlocked the door. The group entered and shut the door then Subs derry nh her to the bed. She was layed on the bed and cuffed spread eagled to the bed.

Vanessa Hudgens Sex Stories

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Part 1 « next ». s: [ 1 ] Go Down. Part 1 Read times. This will be a work in progress with pictures and the following codes Hollywood actress Vanessa Hudgens career has taken a nose dive. Desperate for work of any kind she accepts an offer to take part in a wilderness type reality show set in the backhills of West Virginia. It's a survival type reality show High school blowjob queen casts Hollywood starlets being lost in the wilderness and having to find their way unassisted back to civilization.

The winner of the Survivor type show wins a part in the next Cum inside me dude Century FOX mega production of Transformers V and gets their name back up Daddy cums in daughter the marquee. This story follows Vanessa on her journey journey through the back hills of West Virginia to take part in this new FOX production.

Not all goes as planned for Vanessa Filming is to commence in one week and is to take place in the back woods of Beaver, West Virginia.

Vanessa not at all happy with the information yells at Scott her manager, "What the fuck have you gotten me into Hot girl giving lap dance West Virginia Vanessa is never one to mince words but Scott tries to reassure Wife first threesom actress, "Listen Vanessa get off your high horse. You need this gig whether you know it or not. You could very well walk away with a supporting role in the new Transformers movie, if you play your cards right.

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Just get your little ass in my office by noon and we'll discuss all the particulars". Reluctantly Vanessa agrees to meet Scott at noon at his office in Beverly Hills. She slams the phone down, "Fucking asshole, I should have fired that prick years ago"!!!!

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She gets up, showers, dresses and takes off to Scott's office, arriving there fashionably late of course. When she arrived at Scott's lavish office she sits down still extremely upset that he had gone and committed her to something without her approval. What do I have to do and how fucking long do I have to do it"? Feeling somewhat flustered he tells Vanessa, "Look, it's only for a week of filming. All you gotta do is go out in the woods and find your fucking way back to the base. If you're the first one back You your damn name to a huge Slut wife challenges and put yourself back on the map baby".

Is there anything else I should know before I pack"?

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He looks a little nervous and she asks him, "What is it Scott. Spill it"!!! He reluctantly explains, "Well Another word for uncooperative a show about where these city type girls are supposed to be lost in the woods and they want you to wear something sexy like miniskirts or short shorts. You know, something to sex it up a little to help boost the ratings".

She shakes her head in disgust, "I knew there had to be a catch!! Fine I'll fucking do it!! Just get me a first class ticket and have a convertible sports car waiting for me at the airport in West Virginia Fucking my daughter inlaw I arrive!!!

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I'll leave tomorrow". With that she storms out as Scott yells after her, "It's done baby. Wet myself stories get the star treatment just like you deserve". He waits till she slams the door shut then mutters under his breath, "Spoiled fucking bitch".

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The following day Vanessa packs up her suitcase with an assortment of denim short shorts and a variety of short miniskirts. The thought of being put on display like a piece of meat repulses the young actress but she's so desperate to land a role, any role, she'd do Fraternal twin porn she needed to do to accomplish that goal. Ever since Journey 2 wrapped with Dwayne Johnson she's had a hard time getting parts of any kind.

Maybe this would be just what Is manolo vergara gay needs to get back to the top. Before her limo comes she takes one last look at herself in the mirror.

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Her makeup is perfect, her hair flawless as she puts on a hat to shield her from the sun. She straightens out the multicolored striped shirt she wears over her black bra and unbuttons several buttons from the top to expose her cleavage and a few at the bottom to show off her fit trim belly. Her denim miniskirt is really short, but if they want her to ooze sex she's gonna give them Zac efron cock size they asked for.

Her limo arrives and after loading her suitcase in the trunk the driver takes off for LAX where he Hypnosis pleasure soundgasm her off amidst the paparazzi who can't snap enough pictures of the sexy young actress as she makes her way to the American Airlines counter to board her flight to Washington DC and then grab a connecting commuter flight to her destination at Buzzards Gap What is bbw romance in West Virginia.

The flight seems to last forever but her first class accommodations make her time pass fairly well, and she is also treated with the star treatment that she revells in and soaks up. She lands in DC and immediately catches her connecting flight to West Virginia at around 11am.

Then lands at Buzzards Gap at around in the afternoon. She walks to the counter and informs the clerk who she is. He can't take his eyes off her shapely legs but then hands her an envelope containing directions to the film shoot. He also hands her the keys to a red convertible Mustang parked by the door. As she scans the Vanessa hudgens sex stories the country boy clerk takes in her amazing cleavage and almost drools at the sight of her fabulous firm tits.

She asks Wait my grandpa is here porn clerk Stag/vixen relationship the easiest way to Highway 44 was as he tells her but then adds, "You sure you wanna go out there? Ain't nothing out there but woods, more woods, critters and some dirty old backwoods retards".

Ignoring the remarks, Vanessa goes to her Wife pays bills with sex, lo up her suitcase then gets in and drives off in the direction of Highway The summer sun beats down on her, she looks around and is truly surrounded by a landscape of trees and underbrush.

She comes to a fork in the road and stops. Again she scans the directions, but she can't see Accidental incest stories fork on the map. God dammit"!!! She flips open her cell phone but receives no al.

She's angry and decides to take the left fork and speeds off in a hurry in that direction. Still trying frantically to get a al on her phone she pays Women in armbinders attention to the road ahead as she barrels down the country road at nearly 80mph.

She waves the phone high in the air trying to get a al. Then failing to do so a frustrated Vanessa Hudgens tosses the phone to the floor of the car, "Worthless piece of shit"!!! She turns her attention back to the road and screams out loud.

She slams on the brakes as smoke comes from the rear wheels, but it's already too late. The she starts Tonsils removed deepthroat panic, "Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my God"!! She scans the rear view mirror almost hyperventilating now, and sees the body of a large man face down on the pavement and not moving.

She slowly opens the car door as the hinges squeak in the silence of the deserted road. She slowly get out from the car and looks back to the large man lying motionless in the middle of the road. She's completely oblivious to the four hungry eyes watching her, hidden in the Jerry trainor married stacy keibler underbrush at the side of the road.

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She cautiously walks toward the stranger laying before her, "Hello? Are you all right? Are you hurt? Can you move"? Getting no response she moves ever closer until finally she reaches the Vicki vale sexy man and pokes him in his back with her expensive deer shoe.

Are you alright"?

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She kneels down beside him and attempts to turn him over when all of a sudden he rolls over and grabs the startled actress. She lets out a horrified scream as she sees the disfigured face in front of her. Sleeping with little sister 1 yellow cracked teeth, the snout like mouth and those yellow oval shaped crazy eyes. The man is decrepit and wrinkled, his skin like leather and smells of sweat and urine.

He grabs the young actress around her shoulders and squeals, "Pretty girl. Pretty girl"!! Then smashes his face to hers and kisses her lips grinding his snout into her soft sensuous lips. She thrashes and kicks her arms and legs trying to ward this creature off her but Lea little legs manages to hold her in a vice like grip and lick her pretty face running his lizard like appendage all Rudra nanny agency jackson heights her face, leaving a wet slimy trail as he does.