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Vagina torture stories, Swiss lady looking up Vagina torture stories for naughties

Mandy and her two friends Angela and Layla had chosen the wrong country to visit for spring break.

Vagina Torture Stories

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After giving her one good orgasm I again went down near her pussy. I licked it a few times finally taking her pussy lips in my mouth and biting them as hard as I can. She was moving as hard as she Smelly hairy pussies but I had tied her and gagged her. I licked her pussy and again bit her. When I looked at her face she has tears coming out in streams.

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You are mine! You gave your cunt to me a long time ago, my sweet. Pulling me across the bed and into him.

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Pressing my face against his. That beautiful stomach. That pussy. A soft kiss that left me scared.

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Master was always gentle before the storm. I thought about it. I still had marks from that night. He released me. I couldn't Older women love to suck cock for two days. How could I had told Master that I wanted it to end?

I could not handle being his fuckdoll. The way things had ended had left permanent damage on my heart. A tear ran down my eye. I was aroused. I had become wet.

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I wanted a cock in my mouth that instant. He had made Take me out shower scene a slut. I couldn't stand to think about Thomas and what he had made me.

The things he did. He knew I would never forget. Just then the elevator stopped. I ran to my apartment door for fear that someone might see me burst into tears in the hall.

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How humiliating. The next night I was walking down a deserted street coming back from a night out.

Stripped and bound

These "nights out" that I had usually ended with me fucking some unbeknown man who I had met. I would fuck them until my mouth and cunt could not stand the touch of a cock. These "nights out" never left me fulfilled, but more empty than when I started. It was cold so I started to pick Femdom muscle stories my pace.

I wasn't wearing much over my honey brown skin. My long hair kept my neck warm. My body was a whole different story. Emerald green halter dress that exposed my breasts and legs. A spectacular upper body.

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Nice breast with beautiful chocolate nipples, tight stomach, wide hips and nice lips. Black four inch heels completed my outfit. Master often said "I was made to fuck. I silently thanked myself for remembering to wear a thong. Walking faster my heels splashing in the water left earlier from the rain. Hot red head moms felt weird. There is definitely something going on. I'm only a few blocks from my building so I start to run.

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I drop my purse. I stop, lowering myself and exposing my ass and cunt for the empty street. I'd know that voice from anywhere. I couldn't take it. I took off again.

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Master, I mean Thomas caught up quickly. Grabbing Transsexuals in new orleans hair with one arm forcing my head back looking into my eyes. The other held my waist to support me against him. I've been watching you.

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I fear Naughty house maids calmness more than anything else. I start to scream remembering the last time we were together. Thinking someone might hear and come help. I quiet down. Turning me around I look into his face. That handsome face. Those green eyes. That smile. You kiss the tip of my nose. Holding me so tight.

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I have no choice but to accept it. You continue to deeply kiss trailing down to my neck. I hear you breathe a sigh of relief. I started to feel a little better. Circling me. His breathe on my Third annual world gangbang championship. I own that pretty little face of yours.

Not one more word out of you. It'll only make things harder on that hot cunt of yours. Making me wince in pain.

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It had been Pantie fetish chat long. You grab my face, "Answer me whore! I know what you want me to do, but won't. I step out of the panties. You cup my chin and I'm forced to look into that face. Those eyes. My lips are swollen. Oh how I've missed your touch. Leaning I spread my legs apart and let you Massage with cum your search. I gasp as I feel your finger probe at me. I bring my hands up and hold on to you for dear life. My pussy needed this needed him.

I was ready. Slipping in another finger I started to thrust. You grab my wrist and pull me to the side of the building. Pinning me against the wall.

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You rip my coat off of me making me drop my purse. Untying my halter from around my neck it falls to my waste. You start to pinch my nipples making them puff up and out. He adored my nipples. You would torture them to the point of no return. Your warm tongue working my tits and I felt myself dripping. Pushing my skirt up, my dress nothing more What is fbsm a belt now.

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You kneel before me. Not yours. I decide who gets to fuck you.