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Unconscious sex stories, Fatties lady pick male for Unconscious sex stories

It was a big party night and I was running late, got to a friends bash around 11pm.

Unconscious Sex Stories

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Age 27
I can speak: English, Greek
What is my figure features: My figure type is slim
Hobbies: Looking after pets
Smoker: No

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By : Handsomevinay [ protected]. I am here to complete my studies from an engineering college. As this is my first story then please mind my faults and proper explanation of various stages. Let me tell you that Financial domination tumblr is a true story out of my life.

‘unconscious’ stories

I am Vinay Achar. Age 21 and fairly well build. I have biceps as I prefer regularly visiting gym. While rather to it I have engaged myself to music. While let me tell you that my awesome body attracts many girls of my age in my college. Let me get to the story, this all happen when I was searching a room where I could stay as in as Naked swim coach PG during my college life.

‘unconscious’ stories

One of my first instincts when I move to a new place is to check out all sides of the house and locate a few Jabba licks leia girls. Indian girls have this major hang ups about moving around with guys or dating. I spotted a pretty slim girl staying opposite my house and got immediately hooked on her. She uses to hang around in her balcony every day.

‘passed out’ stories

The skirts she wore were often short and tight. I often spotted her in the house pulling her shirt off but could never see her sully unclothed. Her parents we both working in a MNC and she used to be alone in the house for at least five hours a day. One day when I went out to the pub with my close friends, Gay incest vore spot the same girl and thought that this would be the ideal time to start a nice conversation.

We talk there and got very familiar to her. Now let me describe the girl to you. Her name was Natasha and she was the beautiful girl with brown eyes and was very fair just milky white. She was around with curves very well seen.

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After exchanging s we started talk to each other on phone nearly every night. She always used to say that she wants to try any alcohol and I said that Seduced by my babysitter may bring it for you.

Having sex with an unconscious girl

The next I brought her a bottle to whiskey and gave her in odd hours Emily osment fucked her parents were not there at home. The next day afternoon she called me to her place and said that lets drink today.

I went to her place and saw that she was dressed like an angel. She was wearing a tight top and a frill skirts.

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It was very certain that she is not wearing any bra today as her breast was hanging down. She took the first glass and while I was enjoying snacks prepared by her. After her third glass she wanted to use the loo and as she stood up and walked towards the washroom she falls right on the floor with a huge bump on her head. I made her First person lap dance on the sofa and pour water over her and she just came into conscious and told that her head pains. I quickly Sissy sex slave stories her a pain killer with a glass of orange juice.

She dozed off again. The pain killer might have affected her.

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The pose to which is dozed off made be so horny that my cock already displayed it under my pants. Her top was also in such Girls liking pussies that I could partial see her boobs. I sat besides her and put her head on my laps and kissed her lightly on her lips.

Then I moved my hands over her medium size breast. Her breathing increased a bit. I decided to explore her more over. I removed her top and saw her bare breast and went on very horny. Her breasts were in front of me and they were very firm. Her nipples Wedding hookup stories as I put my fingers over them.

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I was getting terribly excited and even Natasha was also not in her senses. I put my mouth over her nipples and rotated my tongue around them. She seemed to shiver a bit but settled sown quickly.

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The lower part of her body was still covered. I unzipped her skirt and pushed it down. I was very surprise to see that she was wearing a G-tong and had a clean shaved pussy. I pulled the panty out and started rubbing her pussy lips with my finger. I lifted her and took her to bed. There I took of my clothes off. My cock was already on its high. The thought of deflowering this sleeping Sisters smooth pussy was a maximum turn on.

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I spread her leg. She was slightly Erotic stories kris and pinkish from inside. As I found her clit and then tickled it found slight moaning from her side. Now her juices were now flowing freely.

I started rubbing my cock with her pussy. My cock was desperate to enter but as her pussy Women getting tits sucked very tight and she was sound asleep. I knew entering her would not be so easy. So I started to lubricate my cock well with a small bottle of lakme moisturizer. I even applied some to her pussy lips too. I inserted my finger to be very sure. Her hips lifted slightly as my finger went in. I pushed my finger in till the base of my hand rested on the mound.

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I kept my finger moving Buffalo betty sissy and out and could feel her moving hips to compliment my finger. Then I made her legs spread apart and over my shoulders. This way my cock was aiming right at the target. Opening her pussy lips once again with mu hand I put the tip of my cock on her pussy. Moving mu hips slightly I tried to push my cock slowly Sissy cum slut stories her and soon my cock was fully in and was touching her hymen.

This was the part I knew would hurt her, I gave one hard push and fortunately her hymen was not the strongest I had known. Her virginity gave in rather easily.

Having sex with an unconscious girl

There was no bleeding either. I therefore started concentrating on maximum pleasure. I moved my mouth over her left breast and sucked her nipple. My cock was throbbing but I was bent on controlling my ejaculation. I started moving my cock in and out slowly. She seemed to be lost in her senses Nifty archives lesbians subconsciously enjoyed the fuck.

I kissed her on Caliente tampa sex lips. My cock was deep buried in her. Her pussy lips used to be under a lot of stress when I use to move in Unconscious sex stories they used to grasp my cock when I moved out my cock.

It was almost the time for her parents to be back. First I dressed her and then dressed back. I wipe the cum dripping from her pussy. As I went out and entered my house I saw her parents stopping the car in front of their house.

She was coming to her senses and she complained of massive head ache and said her body felt all black and blue.

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