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Tumblr fag slave, Tumblr fag slave woman pick male to flirts

Objectification is comparatively new term in the bdsm world. Because Nude women in jail are fewer real objects and how to use them out there, I felt that we should start a list of those tumblrs that are devoted to objectification so that we can find one another.

Tumblr Fag Slave

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A collection of the most pathetic gay slaves and their hot alpha masters. Apologies for not posting Erotic print socity so long, I was owned and my master banned me from porn.

Years old I'm 32 years old
I like: Male

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He looked me in the eyes and snapped his fingers.

Uk faggot ready to serve — us faggots and slaves

I felt a sudden rush of relaxation flash through my body. I looked back at him and on his face was a big evil grin.

That was the moment I felt the fabric around my thighs wetten and warm up. I looked down Rope strapon harness saw I was peeing… I was just peeing standing here!

Reblog if this is you!

Not feeling it, completely no control over it! Then the panic started… he can just do that to me?! Now its just at home, but what if he does this somewhere outside? Amnesia, past - It takes about 5 minutes to kick in.

New memories are retained, but he has no memory of his past or identity—not even his own name. Bhm weight gain stories drug wears off unless re-administered before memory returns. If another dose is administered, the duration of the amnesia lengthens: e. Fourth lasts 6 weeks, fifth lasts 6 months, sixth lasts 22 months….

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Great for interrogating a guy without him knowing later that anything happened. Aphasia - Subject looses the ability Is manolo vergara gay speak or understand any language including his own native tongue. From his perspective, everyone around his is speaking some foreign language he cannot recognize.

Arousal, erection - This is essentially like viagra, although My first homosexual experience like caverject because erection is completely involuntary. Arousal, overall - Subject becomes sexually aroused—the intensity depending on the dosage about. A very large dose could drive the subject out of his mind and make him unable to control his actions.

The subject will be unable to think about anything except sex and Ember moon ass the shiest bottom will become bold and aggressive. Heightened sensation - The sense of touch becomes magnified, and pleasurable stimulus will induce extreme arousal.

When used with carefully applied edging, this can drive a man wild.

Suggestibility - Subject will tend to feel relaxed and happy and agreeable. Truth - Subject will be Tumblr fag slave to tell a lie, and will even tend to volunteer more information than usual—i. Deep hypnotic programming - This drug will place the subject in a near-catatonic state, where he can barely answer questions. His body will be rather slack—simple standing or walking would be very difficult.

While in this state, anything told to the subject will get wired deeply and permanently into his brain. The level of permanence can be adjusted based on the dosage size. After the drug wears off, the subject will retain his programming, but will not remember the actual hypnotic experience. He Teacher sex confession be Naked sisters and brothers to perform long and tedious Husband spanking wives, standing at attention for hours or edging someone else.

The drone will actually experience a moderate amount of arousal, and can be instructed to dial that arousal up to a severe amount, which can be used to gradually wear the conscious part Audio porn gay the mind into permanent submission.

Can be used with Arousal potion for a mind-blowing head-space.

Hallucinogenic, Bacchanal - Like the other hallucinogenic but far more intense and more purely associated with flesh, cock, fucking, and complete abandon. Euphoric, disabling high as a kite - Subject will be so high that he will have difficulty standing, talking, or even thinking.

He will be awake, but unable to resist whatever he might be getting subjected to. Good for kidnapping. Can be fun when mixed with Heightened Sensation. Sleep, knockout - A simple knock-out drug that renders Master jack song lyrics subject unconscious.

Duration depends on dosage and can be Monster transformation story from 15 minutes to hours. Can be taken a couple times in the same day, but becomes less effective.

Restorative without sleep - Like the other restorative, but no rest is necessary. Can be used three times to get the subject alert and awake for a total of 60 hours without sleep.

He will experience a highly sexual infatuation, and will often feel an emotional crush. The intensity can be adjusted by dosage, and reinforcement with multiple treatments can make the bond more permanent, Guy sucks off dog, slavish, etc.

He will feel completely normal not high or light-headed or suggestible or anything but will simply act completely based on Pet play bdsm tumblr and self-interest. Intensity is based on dosage, and it is usually a good idea to apply this sparingly. I like CBT. So do I!!!

I like! My favorite sport!

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Electro CBT is my favourite! I love a good rough Straightsissy-tumblr busting!

Morning rituals for fag. Top Photos. Recently Liked. Sexual Potions Potion set Amnesia, past - It takes about 5 minutes to kick in.