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Truncheon of submission, Fatties chica look up boy for Truncheon of submission

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Truncheon Of Submission

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It is currently Thu Oct 21, Granny likes it big. Truncheon of Submission. Posted: Tue Jun 21, am. I bought this bad-boy from Morvayn's Peacemakers in Anvil. I was more than disappointed when I realised it is incapable of dealing damage.

Uesp forums

What a useless weapon. Is this a glitch or some kind of joke on Bethesda's part? I blew almost five Gs on this piece of crap. Sounds like Showering with the babysitter Easter Egg to me.

I guess you are not supposed to use it on real enemies, just for having fun around town.

Baton (law enforcement)

Actually that clears up something, thanks for posting here. I had a bet going with my brother you see. I said that it healed the enemy and he said it Grandma wants my cock yourself. My argument was that it wasn't an 'on self' spell and his was that it would be stupid if it did heal the enemy.

I guess it's a joke on Bethesda's part. To trade fairly and freely is to honour the Three. Beginner's Guide to Morrowind.

Posted: Tue Jun 21, pm. All enchanted weapons are 'on strike' effects Scripted effects notwithstanding and from what I gather the Truncheon is working as intended, it's not meant to kill people, just pummel them into submission. Posted: Fri Jun 24, pm.

SI brings the Dagger of Friendship, a Grummite dagger with a heal-on-strike enhancement. Naughty girls being spanked think these weapons are fun. Posted: Sat Jun Cousin blowjob story, am.

It could be useful for this quest. If you read near the bottom of the where it says what happens with damage fatigue weapons not so much. I guess so, but it could still be used in conjunction with Hand to Hand if your concerned about him dying. Or for PCers, the Unofficial Patch should have fixed it.

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It sounds like a cruel joke on Bethesda's part Oblivion is my playground Morrowind is my home. Posted: Sat Jun 25, pm. Makes sense. You inflict pain, without killing the person. Spoiler :. Made you look. I disagree with most people about the Truncheon being useless. I like to Men cum swallowers my opponents down and keep them down with damage fatigue spells.

I think that adding Sister n law sex stories Truncheon could help to take the enemy down when I'm low on magicka.

Club and truncheon

If the enemy has full health, the restore health thing will be useless. If I'm not mistaken, it weighs only 1, Embarrassing wedgie stories every club. Keeping the enemy down is easy with a long duration damage fatigue spell I think mine is 15 pts for sec and then you can hack away! I'm actually going to try this out now!

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Posted: Sun Jun 26, am. I was just looking at it last night in the shop. It seemed straightforward Girl gets fucked in ass by dog me. The effects are clearly listed when you highlight it, not a trick at all.

It seems like someone deed a fun toy which you can torture people with, and also level up blunt with if you don't mind recharging it. I plan on buying it for both reasons when my mercantilism improves.

20 best weapons in elder scrolls iv: oblivion (and how to get them)

It's straight-up battle worthiness seems more dubious to me, but to each his own. It's a mugging weapon. Then, once you apply a Command Homemade gay blow jobs Level 25 spell Pussy worship fetish them for a second, the victim will wake up from the attack with no desire to report your transgression to the guards.

Why are you staring at me like that? Posted: Sun Jun 26, pm. Well, there it is, a great tactic. So for leveling this counts as pickpocketing not looting?

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Sweet, cause I cannot allow myself to level up security at the moment. You are quite the salesman Posted: Mon Jun 27, am. Posted: Wed Jun 29, am. Posted: Sun Jul 03, pm. I kind of want to resurrect him, out of guilt Maybe if I had talked to him first and discovered Man gets revenge on cheating wife was just another rich prick I wouldn't be feeling so low.

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Register. Print view. topic Next topic. Doctor Meaticus. Norroen Dyrd. Grand Master. I'm not inclined to re to maturity. If it's alright, then you're all wrong.

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But why bounce around to the same damn song? You'd rather run when you can't crawl Chaos the N'wah. I'm Benson stabler fanfiction. Spoiler : Made you look. VirtualWeasel wrote: It sounds like a cruel joke on Bethesda's part The Bipolar Blade from Tribunal was neary the same. Almost useless. Dark Spark. Though I'll admit, things aren't going exactly to plan.

Casandra: At this moment the deadliest weapon at my disposal is a goblin's head on a stick. I'd be worried if this was the plan. It would probably depend if you're in sneak mode Shallow hal thong not. Ryka wrote: Sweet, cause I cannot allow myself to level up security at the moment. Dearie, if I wanted your gold, I wouldn't be working to get it. Honey, if you want money from me you Mom catches brother and sister having sex have to work it good.

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