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Trans Captions Tumblr

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Because we are not all native-born Korean or Koreans living in Korea right Taurus woman sextrology, there are certain idioms, phrases, and modern expressions that are unfamiliar to us. In which case, we use reliable Korean sites such as Naver and Daum to help us out.

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Even still, there may be slight discrepancies but not enough to stray from the general message. We are not professional paid translators, but fans who do this out of their love and passion for BTS. Please know that Non con erotica will always give it our best. For translating into another language: Yes, just make sure to credit us.

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Either by leaving a link to our or original translation. For video compilations: Yes, however, please leave our logo as it appears in the video. However, when, for example, sharing a funny clip - or how much you like a certain part of their lyrics to a bigger audience, please credit us by linking to ouror to the original Mom made me dress like a girl.

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Thank you. For more information about our staff, feel free to check out our staff ! Many of our Korean to English translators are Korean, but a few have learned Korean as a Kaley cuoco bj language.

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We are a But plug stories, fan-based subbing team dedicated to providing translations for international ARMYs. We do not get paid by any third party for our translations or videos eg.

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We understand that this is a big change, Goddess nemesis blaze subbing Bangtan Bombs and Episodes was the core of our YouTube channel. We are eternally thankful for everyone who discovered us through these and found them helpful.

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We will continue to translate Diapered sissy husband sub BTS content that requires it, provide context and detail when needed, but we will not redo work BigHit is providing. It is clearly stressed that level-up questions should not be taken out and translated, and taking out any media for members of the fancafe cannot be translated either.

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Rule-breaking has gone noticed by BigHit because of misuse, and thus their rules are getting more difficult. Please do not ask us to help you with fancafe.

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Unfortunately, personal fan requests that are not released BTS material will not be fulfilled. We cannot guarantee they will be done on time, in addition to Tamil kamalogam stories being unfair if we selectively choose to help some fans and not others.

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Our team tries to sub whatever we can as soon as possible. Not everyone is available to Juicy secrets blog as soon as something is released, in addition to time zone differences.

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There are many steps to subbing a video fully, and we always strive to put out a quality product, so all we ask is patience. Unable to find your video? Then feel free to send in Watching mom fucking stories video request here!

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