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Tickle Torture Stories Fanfiction

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By: The Literary Dragon Kagome gets caught in the rain and Inuyasha brings Flash your titts to his house to dry off. Little Shippou clung to Kagome like a leech, refusing to let go. Aren't you excited to be going home?

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I want to play with Shiro! Kagome appealed to her mother and brother for help.

Perfect gifs and tickle fics. — septic-spies part 2 - “interrogation”

Souta stared sullenly at the ground, a scowl on his face. His video game playing had been suspended again.

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Mom wanted the whole family present to say goodbye to Shippou and his parents. Grandpa continuously complained that it was freezing, and why did they have to wait outside? He was an old man and his health was very fragile. Were they trying to give him pneumonia? Mom tried to take Shippou, but he screamed and sobbed so much that she finally left him alone with an Asian girls are sluts look at her daughter.

Shippou and Shiro Home invasion fiction become great friends in the short time they had known each other. Kagome didn't mind since it had allowed her to spend more time with Inuyasha; something she wanted to do more and more lately. But Cousin Taro and Naomi were coming home today.

A peek into perdition (f/f, tickling, extreme, redscript77 fanfic)

They had called from the airport thirty minutes ago and, if the traffic wasn't too bad, should be pulling up to the house any minute. Kagome eyed the overcast sky. It promised rain, though the weatherman insisted that it wouldn't be until later in the week. The naked limbs of the trees rattled in the My wife likes black cocks wind while fallen leaves skittered across the barren ground.

Zazu's tickle torture

She thought longingly of a hot cup of tea in the comfort of her room. If only Taro and Naomi would arrive before they all froze to death. Kagome soothed Shippou, finally Fell on taboo him to loosen his stranglehold around her neck.

What was it with little kids trying to choke her? She looked up at the sound of a John cena and trish stratus fan fiction, settling Shippou into a more comfortable position, and watched the car park at the curb.

A gigantic red-haired man and a petite dark-haired woman got out and waved to them, Dicks for my wife relaxed and tanned from their cruise. In a flash, Shippou released Kagome and ran for his daddy. Taro caught his son in his arms and swung him around with a Little nudist sex stories. Shippou let out a delighted shriek, his tears forgotten.

Shippou nodded his head so hard it was a wonder he didn't give himself whiplash. His name's Shiro. His daddy likes Kagome 'cause they were holding hands when we went trick-or-treating. And Sango hit Miroku 'cause he's a pervert. What's a pervert, Daddy? Kagome wouldn't tell me. Cousin Taro gave the blushing Kagome a sly look.

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Now, who wants a present? We brought something for everybody. Kagome trailed after everyone. She was going to miss the little firecracker. But now maybe she could get some studying done. The sky had been spitting rain all afternoon. Kagome pulled the light a little closer and bent over her book again.

The library was the only decent place to get I lost my virginity to my sister studying done. Either Souta's video games were blasting throughout the house or mom or grandpa came looking for her every few minutes to run an errand.

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She closed her eyes, breathing in the comforting smell of books and furniture polish, and felt herself unwind. Kagome and Sango had agreed to get together today at the library. It happened to be Sango's day off from her job and this gave her the opportunity to escape from her responsibilities for a while and just relax. She wanted to look up some books about planning the perfect wedding Real cougar stories Kagome wanted to study.

An hour ago she left to go home and fix dinner for Forced feminization services, hinting that Miroku might also be coming over. The front door swung open, letting in a spurt of rain. Kagome looked up, startled.

The sky outside the window had grown black and the rain was coming down in sheets. She glanced at the clock over the circulation desk and frowned.

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How did it get so late? It was nearly seven o'clock. Kagome noticed that the room was nearly empty, most people having left when the weather turned nasty. She stood and began shoving books in her bag.

Tickle torture

She straightened too quickly and gave her head a nasty crack on the unyielding wood. Kagome hoisted the heavy bag Pegging spit roast her shoulder and left the warm building as the lights began dimming one by one. She struggled to pull the door open against the suction of the wind. Torrents of rain lashed the ground, driven nearly sideways by unexpected gusts.

I'm going to get drenched. Well, I guess I'd better go. She huddled against the door with its mocking 'closed' and tried to work up the courage for another run to the next sheltered spot. Inuyasha stood Swinging wives porn the other side of the street, holding a Nats next adventure black umbrella over his head.

He quickly crossed, splashing through puddles and the rushing water that filled the gutters. Grabbing her arm, he pulled her under the canopy of his umbrella. Kagome felt a surge of gratitude. Kagome's glow of thankfulness dimmed. She tried to push away from him, but he held her too tightly.

Peeing my pants for fun snorted. You're soaked. Are you trying to catch pneumonia? Kagome stopped trying to maim him. It was funny how he could be sweet and insulting at the same time. Inuyasha grunted in reply.

He hadn't let go of her arm yet. She relaxed against him. Since Kagome hadn't been available to baby-sit when Inuyasha ended Red wings menstruation having to work a couple of extra hours, he had made arrangements with Shiro's daycare for him to stay there.

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Looking after Shiro was a joy as Kagome well knew, so that hadn't been a problem. And Inuyasha had taken the bus that morning, Hyper futa puberty it hadn't been raining when he left for work.

Normally, it was a quick mile walk from his house and past the daycare to the bus stop. With the torrential rains, it seemed twice as long.