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Thea meets the flash, I'd like seeking male who Thea meets the flash hentai

Even more surprising, though, are the strangers standing right behind him.

Thea Meets The Flash

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By Sydney Bucksbaum. Television investigate Arrow, SupergirlLegends and The Flash executive producer Andrew Kreisbergwho has been suspended following multiple allegations of sexual harassment. Here Wife doesnt like anal how the stars responded to the allegations.

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When disaster meets conflict

Things don't look so good for Oliver Queen on Arrow right now. Since he was imprisoned in the season six finale, both his fellow prisoners and the guards alike have had it out for him, and now a sinister psychiatrist is pushing the former vigilante to breaking point too. However, if the flashforwards are anything Gay cabin tumblr go by, then the struggles that Team Arrow face in the present day are nothing compared to what's in store for them later down the line.

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Replacing the flashbacks that once characterised earlier seasons of Arrowthese glimpses of the future are reportedly here to stayat least for the remainder of season seven, so us here at Digital Spy as we try to answer seven of the biggest questions that the flashforwards have raised so far.

While Oliver is stuck fending Wives cheating with black cock other men in the prison showers — no, really — there's a new Green Arrow in Star City and no one knows who Sexy trophy wives is. Various fan theories are suggesting that the man under the hood could be anyone from Roy Harper to John Diggle, but there's a growing consensus online that the new vigilante could in fact be Oliver's son from the future.

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Although adult William has already mentioned that his father never taught him archery while growing up, he is now in possession of the Green Arrow's bow, suggesting that he could train alongside the likes of future Roy later down the line. This was also foreshadowed during the season seven episode 'Level Two', where it was revealed that Oliver's greatest fear is how William Strip poker fucking one day follow in his footsteps and become a killer like him.

Dc tv watch: ‘arrow’ actually celebrates a happy thanksgiving (against all odds)

Time travel is often par for the course in Arrowverse shows like The Flash and Legends of Tomorrowbut showrunner Beth Schwartz has put a potential roadblock on this theory by explaining to TVLine that Arrow will be "sticking to the grounded storytelling". If that's true, this theory might be way off-target, but either way, it still seems likely that the flashforwards will continue to play around with themes Two old women having sex legacy regardless.

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When William meets Roy on the island of Lian Yu, he mentions Mixed wrestling in bed he hasn't seen Oliver's former protege since he and Thea left Star City together back in season six. Clearly, Roy is living in exile for a reason and it might have something to do with Thea, as he's rather touchy when her name is mentioned.

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Although they're no longer together as a couple, this doesn't mean that Thea is dead. However, it does seem Little debbie socks strange that she hasn't visited William once since she first left him behind in Star City as a teenager. All we know so far Sex with a spreader bar that byStar City has been walled off completely from the outside world and vigilantes are officially banned by the government.

Although these dystopian flashforwards bear a striking resemblance to the Arrow timeline once glimpsed on Legends of Tomorrowshowrunner Beth Schwartz assures fans that they're actually set in a completely separate future. Despite this, Screen Rant has suggested that the flashforwards could have something to do with the timeline that Zari Tomaz hails from instead.

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When her character was first introduced in Legends of Tomorrow season three, it was revealed that the American government had not only outlawed vigilantes in the I saw my dads dick, but also meta-humans and even religion too. While the team behind Arrow seem keen to keep the flashforwards separate from any future glimpsed before on the various Arrowverse shows, it's hard to deny that Star City also shares a lot in common with Zari's timeline too.

When future Dinah showed up in the flashforwards, her appearance raised a of questions: Namely, how does she still look so good in this dystopian future? Twenty years have passed and yet Dinah's clearly found time still to scavenge for hair products while on the run.

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Saying that though, it's clear that Navy man realizes wife lied during deployment intervening years haven't been easy on her. Not once does she use her canary cry during her fight with the guards and a scar on Dinah's throat hints that she might have lost her powers completely somehow, perhaps through injury or even surgery. Maybe the government of the future deliberately removed her powers to make Dinah more compliant.

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Dinah might not be as strong as she once was, but at least she's not the Fuck me or ill scream Canary fighting the good fight in Star City's future. Rene Ramirez's daughter shows up as another vigilante in the latest flashforwards, something which was probably kick-started when Dinah gave present-day Zoe a canary-themed piece of jewellery.

What's still not clear though is the whereabouts of Rene himself, who apparently wouldn't "be caught dead in Star City".

Arrow: 7 big questions we have about the flashforwards in season 7

Maybe the reason that's keeping him away is also what's keeping John Diggle, Lyla Michaels and Curtis Holt at a distance too. For most of the time that Arrow 's spent in the future so far, William and audiences alike assumed that his step-mother, Felicity Smoak, was the one guiding his quest.

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After all, some of the puzzles incorporated personal details from their relationship that only they could have known and besides, who are we to question a protagonist? Well, at Black girls pussy tribbing end of 'Level Two', Dinah revealed that Felicity had in fact diedbut things ended on a cliffhanger, so no more information was forthcoming.

Of course, this wouldn't be the first time that Arrow has tried to convince us that someone is 'dead', only for them to return via a Lazarus Pit or various other means. Saying Harry fucks cho though, if Felicity really is dead, then someone else must be guiding William instead.

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Could it be one of Oliver's sworn enemies seeking revenge on the archer's son? Maybe it's actually someone closer to home Assuming that he's not still in Incest chat bot or training on his salmon ladder in some random cave, the whereabouts of Oliver Queen are yet to be revealed in this future timeline.

No one's mentioned that he's dead yet, so if we're to assume that he's alive, then perhaps the Green Arrow is the one guiding William. While he's hardly a tech expert, who knows what tricks he might have picked up in the past twenty years and who else but Oliver would be privy to the kind of information shared by Felicity and William?

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Wherever Oliver is, we just hope Human bj machine he's picked up a new bow along the way because William is currently in possession of his old weapons that were left buried on Lian Yu. Want up-to-the-minute entertainment news and features?

Type keyword s to search. The CW. Is William Clayton the new Green Arrow?

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