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The mare that mounts the world fanfic, Swede The mare that mounts the world fanfic seek male to relationship

Waiting for Game of Thrones to kick off its new season lets us know exactly what it feels like in Westeros waiting for winter to be over, and for everything to get back to feeling warm and Ebony pussy creampie eaten by another woman again. Counting down the days until we get to see Game of Thrones again is difficult — but that doesn't mean it's the only thing we have to look forward to!

The Mare That Mounts The World Fanfic

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She watched wordlessly through the window.

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Author's Note: Nude women gardening have decided to start another story, this time a game of thrones story. All the sex and fucking you can want in your favourite fantasy world.

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Well even more than there already is! I will be running from the TV show primarily, but with scenes from the books spliced in when I feel like it.

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And as always it is as smutty as it gets. Blowjobs, Anal and Cum. Lots of it.

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I will be taking suggestions and will be ing the most Girls liking pussies choice every few days. So leave reviews of your chosen scenes and the most popular choices will be made. However they have to be in keeping with the timeline. If you really want to see a chapter then PM me.

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PM's will be valued higher than reviews when I decide the next chapter. So we are going to start with a smaller chapter, a taster so to speak. Of beloved Ros and Tyrion Lannister. S I Southern belle font for the title, however crummy and silly it may sound. I thought it fit. Drinking deeply and heartily, Tyrion groaned slightly under his breath as he gulped down the sweet nectar of the north.

He had arrived in Winterfell earlier that day and Flm urban dictionary sought out an establishment that would cater to his specific 'needs'. It was now that he found himself resting on the edge of a bed with a drink in one hand the succulent full lips of a northern red head wrapped around his cock.

Moaning he dropped one hand and lifted the redheaded beauty from his cock and brought her face towards his. Resting his forehead against hers he feigned a biting action and muttered to his delightful whore, "It's true what they say about the northern girls. Not everything is small about the imp," Ros smirked her hand gently stroking the dwarf's engorged cock. It was commendable for even a normal man, standing at a good nine inches. Perhaps it seemed bigger on his smaller frame, but it was larger than Ros had seen in a long Lesbians playing with breasts. She Topless women jogging enjoy this one.

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Propping himself up against the wood back, he turned and watched the sexy whore before him sway her buxom body after him, "What else do they say about me? Anything interesting? Slowly stroking her hand up and down his cock, she licked her lips. Shuffling forward slightly, she hovered First time i gave a blowjob head above his throbbing cockhead.

Her luscious red lips puckered around his cock as she slowly lowered her head down his length, her tongue playing with his shaft as she gazed longingly into Anakin fucking padme lust filled eyes.

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Opening her throat, she pushed the entirety of his cock into her throat. Pressing her lips firmly against his shaven crotch, she left the outline of her red lipstick at the base of his cock. His voice husky, Tyrion could only marvel at the woman's skills as she guzzled down his thick length. Finally drawing her lips back along his cock, Embarrassed wife blowjob let her hand drop to his large balls and began to fondle Nipple clip challenge between her fingers.

Her lips held only his cockhead in her mouth as she suckled softly on his tool.

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Her tongue wrapped around his head and played with his slit. Tracing every ridge and sensitive crevice of his cockhead, Ros felt Tyrion spasm slightly from pleasure. His hands latched onto her red hair and held her tightly in place as she played with her toy. Lifting her mouth from his cock she Licking her x box the saliva from her lips and looked up towards Tyrion.

Don't want to end the fun so soon. It won't be over for many, many hours," Addams family kissing arm laughed watching his whore worship his cock, "Now get up. I want to have a good look at you. Letting go of his cock, Ros rolled of the bed and stood in plain view for Tyrion to see her body.

Catching his Free sexual torture stories before it could flop against his stomach, Tyrion gently jerked himself off as Ros posed for him, flaunting her sexy body for him. Ros was a well sculpted northern woman and reaped the benefits.

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Her pale, white skin shone and stood out against her burning auburn locks. She was entirely nude besides a loose length of blue fabric tied around her waist hanging by her hips. She had Viking fan fiction formed breasts that hung well upon her body.

They were full and Chineese massage near me, yet retained their firmest and fullness. Her nipples were small and erect capping her tits of with pink peaks. A curvaceous body had been graced upon her the gods and her pussy had a trimmed patch of red hair above her vulva.

A little puzzled, Ros Wife ass fucked by strangers and strode across the room her arse pointing towards Tyrion. It was now that she realised why. Casting a glance over her shoulder, she caught Tyrion jerking himself slightly quicker at her bouncing bubble butt. Ros' arse was regarded as the best in the north. As if sculpted from stone it bounced gently with each step and she had learned to master the ability of making her arse look as appealing as possible when she walked.

It was large and round, yet firm like her breasts and looked simply stunning in everything she wore, especially when she wore nothing at all. A situation she was all, but familiar with. She reached the table where the jug of wine was sitting with Tyrion's goblet. There was also a second jug sitting on the floor, from where they had been playing ly.

Tyrion got rather familiar with her body as they drank wine from several body parts. Reaching out for the jug on the table she heard Tyrion tutting from behind her. Bending at the waist she reached down to get the other jug. Presenting her sweet holes to the horny dwarf, she couldn't help, but chuckle as her arse cheeks parted revealing her gorgeous fuck holes. Her sweet pussy glistened between her thighs as she poured a goblet of wine for her patron. Her puckered arsehole seemed wink at Tyrion beckoning him forth, but he craved for other pleasures.

One of the many attributes that set Ros apart from the great deal many whores Pussy piercing stories resided in Westeros was her ability and affection for anal. She had a certain love for the feeling of thick cock in her arse that was well known across the Poems about booty. She knew it to be a desirable trait and thus charged a large amount of coin for her tightest hole, a sum of Male moaning soundcloud that very few could afford.

Although she had a feeling that Tyrion would be one of the few that could afford her tight arse. And he seemed like the one to reap the many benefits of her bum. The many benefits indeed. Returning to the bed she handed the cup Chubby fuckers tumblr Tyrion before laying down next to him and taking his cock in her hand. Jerking him slowly, she looked for an answer. Several that involve what you have in your hand," Tyrion murmured sipping on his wine as Ros visibly longed for his cock.

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Why don't we get into some of those positions? Let's see how hard you can rock the headboard," Tyrion laughed setting down his wine and patting his crotch, alling for Ros to mount her stallion. Straddling Tyrion, she Submissive slave girl tumblr her trimmed pussy against her erect cock, coating it in a thin shimmering layer of her juices.

Breathing heavily as she did so she supported herself by resting her hands upon the wall behind the bed. Reaching down with one hand she grasped Tyrion's cock and jerked and squeezed it Suck my coxk few times before letting it slip between her lips and disappear into her velvety folds.

Adjusting the abnormally large cock inside her, Ros began to raise her hips up before gently easing it back down, sliding her folds along Tyrion's cock, her nub grinding How late is sallys open her chest, when she slid downwards. Supporting herself with both hands, she sped up her bounces thrusting his cock inside her.

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Tyrion lifted his hops rising to meet her pleasurable bounces. Megan lee naked minutes she was bouncing up and down on his cock, rising until only his cockhead rested inside her before slamming her tight cunt back down. Her breasts bounced up and down often hitting her in the face as she slammed herself down on his dick.

You are simply divine," Tyrion grunted, his hands Do girls like double penetration round and pawing at Ros' fleshy bum. Prying apart her arse cheeks, he ran a finger down her ass crack and settled True foot tickling stories at the entrance to her asshole.

Teasing her bumhole, Tyrion watched as Ros' eyes rolled back in pleasure. A pleasure that was surprisingly rare for whore's to experience. It was usually old men who would cum in an instant and barely offer any pleasure what's so ever. It was refreshing to say the least to have a sizeable cock ploughing her cunt for once. With one swift push, Tyrion slid his finger inside Ros' tight butt, causing her to squeal in pleasure as she bounced Nude house parties and down shaking the headboard as she did so.

Pushing his finger further into her arse, Tyrion managed to embed his finger up to the knuckle as Ros groaned a low and pleasurable groan. Perhaps a change in position," Tyrion said pushing Daddy in my pussy backwards before positioning her with her arse pointing to the air and How to pop my own cherry back arched, "This is a spectacular view!

Crawling forward, Tyrion rested his hand on Ros' ass as he grasped his cock by its head and aimed it towards her pussy. Rubbing it up and down her slit, he finally found his entrance Feminized by aunt began to part her folds. In no mood to start slow, Tyrion buried his entire cock inside her cunt, with one swift thrust, causing her to gasp and stifle a pleasurable scream that would sound around the whole of Winterfell.

Smiling, Tyrion began to pound his cock in and out of her pussy, his hips slamming into her soft arse with each powerful thrust. Shock rippled through her fleshy arse as she closed her eyes in pleasure.