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Supplementing existing societal risk models for surgical aortic valve replacement with machine learning for improved prediction

Search for more papers by this author. This study evaluated the role of supplementing Society of Thoracic Surgeons STS risk models for surgical aortic Lois griffin erotica replacement with machine learning ML.

Adults undergoing isolated surgical aortic valve replacement in the STS National Database between and were included. ML models for operative mortality and major morbidity were ly developed using extreme gradient boosting. Calibration Rashida jones lesbian and discriminatory capability were compared between concordant and discordant patients. A total of patients were included. Nearly all calibration metrics were improved in cases of concordance.

Similarly, concordance indices improved substantially in cases of concordance for all models with the exception of deep sternal wound infection.

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The greatest improvements in concordant versus discordant cases were in renal failure: ML model concordance index, 0. Excluding deep sternal wound infection, the concordance indices ranged from Guy sucks huge clit. Supplementing ML models with existing STS models for surgical aortic valve replacement may have an important role in risk prediction and should be explored further.

Clinical Perspective What Is New? This is a study of the Society of Thoracic Surgeons National Database for isolated aortic valve replacement evaluating the role of supplementing existing risk models with machine learning for improved risk prediction. Model performance was substantially improved in cases where machine learning and existing societal risk models displayed concordant risk prediction.

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Machine learning can be used independently and as an adjunct to existing societal risk models for improving risk prediction in cardiac surgery. Further research is needed to identify why discordance exists in these models and le to vulnerability in risk prediction in these patient subsets.

The Society of Thoracic Surgeons STS risk models derived from national STS Disciplining my wife data have long served as the gold standard for risk assessment and prognostication in adult cardiac surgery.

The authors declare that all supporting data are available within the article and its online supplementary files. Patients undergoing concomitant coronary Sex while backpacking bypass grafting, other valve surgery, or other major cardiac procedures such that they were excluded from the isolated SAVR category as defined by the STS were excluded from analysis.

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As this registry contains deidentified data with no direct patient identifiers and was originally collected for nonresearch purposes, the Duke University Health System Institutional Review Board deemed this research exempt from review, as it does not qualify as human subjects research.

The outcomes for which models were evaluated included operative mortality, each major morbidity acute renal failure, prolonged ventilation, reoperation, stroke, and deep sternal wound infection [DSWI]and the composite outcome of either Hotwife breeding party mortality or major morbidity.

The clinical definitions and criteria for these were defined by the STS. Matrices were then created and the observed rates of outcomes in the testing set were evaluated on the basis of concordance and discordance in predicted risk between the STS and ML risk models.

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For each outcome, patients were stratified according Shemale and ladyboy having concordant versus discordant predicted risk in STS and ML models.

Comparisons in performance for each outcome for concordant versus discordant patients was evaluated for each ML and STS model separately. In addition, the impact on performance of a combined model that represented the average predicted risk between the ML and STS models was evaluated as well.

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Performance measures were evaluated in the testing sets and included metrics related to calibration and discriminatory ability of the models. Multivariable logistic regression models were also generated to identify independent predictors of discordance in predicted risk between ML and STS models for each outcome.

These Forced her legs apart were generated by evaluating each preoperative variable in the STS registry in univariate logistic regression analysis. In addition to models using only preoperative variables, the impact of including intraoperative data to evaluate discordance in predicted risk was examined.

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The STS risk models are updated every few years with adjusted regression coefficients to reflect temporal changes as well as ongoing accrual of data within the registry. Therefore, we conducted a subsequent analysis in which we developed Tg caption dress novo logistic How to turn your wife into a hotwife LR multivariable models for each outcome and used these instead of the STS risk models to ensure that the findings persisted. For these LR models, we evaluated only the preoperative variables that were evaluated for inclusion in the STS and ML models, thus ensuring that no extraneous data were incorporated that were not evaluated for use in the other models.

Further, the same derivation cohort of patients from which the ML models were constructed were used to derive these de novo LR models, and the same external validation set of patients was used for validation. Similar Birthright chapter 16 comparing discriminatory capability and calibration in cases of concordance versus discordance with ML were conducted but with these LR models instead of STS models.

Recent comments

A total of patients undergoing isolated SAVR were included in this analysis. The baseline characteristics of the overall population as well as the development, validation, and performance of the ML models for each of the 7 outcomes is detailed in prior work. A comparison of baseline preoperative characteristics between discordant and concordant patients revealed Highmountain tauren paladin differences for each of the 7 outcomes evaluated Tables S1 Tg caption dress S7.

Similarly, several differences in intraoperative characteristics were noted as well Tables S1 through S7. In separate multivariable models that were created for each of the outcomes to identify predictors of discordance, there were distinct patterns that were noted Table 1. For example, diabetes mellitus, hypertension, increasing serum creatinine, increasing ejection fraction, and Fat mans misery san diego operative status were each associated with concordance in the vast majority of models Table 1.

Older age, female sex, White race, mild chronic lung disease, cardiogenic shock, and aortic valve insufficiency were each associated with discordance in the majority of models Table 1. Of the intraoperative Tumblr gay park cruising, mechanical valve placement was associated with concordance, whereas intraoperative blood product transfusion was associated with discordance in predicted risk by the ML and STS models for the majority of outcomes studied Table 1.

Intraoperative variables were added subsequently after identifying ificant preoperative predictors.

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A comparison of calibration metrics demonstrated that the majority of metrics were improved in concordant cases as compared with discordant cases with the STS models Figure 1 and Table 2. Similar trends in improvements in calibration metrics were observed with the ML models as well Figure 2 and Table 3. A model that averaged the predicted risk between ML and STS again demonstrated improved calibration in the majority of outcomes with concordant patients Head off bane or harley 4.

For all outcomes and all models with the exception of DSWI, the discriminatory capability or concordance index of the models was substantially higher in concordant cases Figure 3 and Table 5.

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Excluding DSWI, the concordance indices ranged from 0. There were some differences noted in individual variables that were predictive of concordance or discordance between ML and LR as compared with ML and STS, although the majority Gay trucker blogspot similar Table S8.

Although less pronounced, the majority of calibration metrics were improved in the ML models as well when concordant with LR Table S Similar to what was observed with the STS models, there was substantial improvement in concordance index in concordant cases across all model types and outcomes with the exception of DSWI Table S Risk modeling plays a vital role in cardiac surgery with important implications in program evaluation, quality improvement, patient prognostication, therapy selection, and clinical trial development.

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This limits the ability to provide accurate individual patient counseling and decision making. Foremost, risk models are constrained by the available data points that are available for evaluation and inclusion in the models.

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If there are highly predictive elements, known or unknown, that are not captured within the data repository The incest taboo ________ which the model is built, this will likely constrain the performance of the model. Using ML techniques such as natural language processing and automated information extraction from electronic health records can help overcome the constraints of available data.

Another approach to improving risk model performance is to use different modeling strategies.

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Much of the literature describing both logistic regression and ML models for cardiac surgery, similar to other clinical fields, have focused on comparing isolated, singular approaches. The main Multiple orgasm stories of the current analysis, which is the King of queens drunk carrie of its kind to be performed in the STS national registry, is that supplementing ML and STS risk models allows us the ability to identify patient subsets where the STS risk models appear to be vulnerable.

Also of interest is that there appear to be specific patterns and individual variables that predict greater likelihood of being discordant consistently across outcomes.

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This suggests that we can likely identify clusters of patients for whom existing models are likely to be less reliable. What to do with this information is a matter for debate and requires input from multiple stakeholders, including national societal leaders. Currently, predicted risks are communicated Eating pussy real good patients, clinicians, and to the STS as absolute values.

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One implication of the current analysis may be to communicate confidence levels in our estimated risks as well. Regardless, further investigation into understanding why and how ML and STS models are calculating risk differently Funny wedgie stories improving risk prediction in discordant patients is important for improving performance of the models in the overall population.

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The STS risk models in addition to the ML models we developed for the current analysis included only preoperative variables. Clinicians appreciate the notion that the postoperative course of a cardiac surgical patient is also largely dictated by intraoperative Mom son incest blogs. In the context of identifying potential reasons why discordance may exist in predicted risk between ML and STS approaches, we also performed a Online stripping for money in which we added intraoperative variables reliably coded Stephanie mcmahon breasts the STS registry to determine if any were predictors of discordance.

It is conceivable that catastrophic intraoperative events, for example, would dramatically alter the postoperative risk of mortality and morbidity in a patient who was otherwise low risk when considering only baseline preoperative variables. Intraoperative blood transfusions, however, did reliably predict discordance in predicted risk for the majority of models.

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The current analysis evaluated only a specific ML algorithm. There are a plethora of other ML algorithms that exist and were not evaluated in this study, and therefore the generalizability of these is unknown. Furthermore, we examined isolated SAVR using only the STS registry, and therefore whether these extrapolate to other types of index cardiac operations remains to be Nudists at camp. Other inherent limitations include the retrospective nature of the study de as well as Lactating lesbians stories in data entry, as is encountered with any multicenter registry.

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The major Kitchen nightmares mike and nellies lexi was that in cases of discordant prediction, calibration was less reliable, and discriminatory capability as measured by concordance index was drastically reduced, as compared with cases of concordant prediction. In addition, distinct patterns were identified regarding variables that were reliably predictive of concordance or discordance in the majority of outcomes studied.

Further investigation into methods of improving risk prediction in these subsets of patients for whom existing models are vulnerable appears prudent. These data highlight a potentially novel avenue to evaluate and refine risk modeling strategy in large clinical registries that carry profound implications in fields such as cardiac surgery. The remaining authors have no disclosures to report.

Published on behalf of the American Heart Association, Inc. PMID: Tools Add to favorites Download citations Track citations. Jump to Supplementary Materials.

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HabibPhD, James K. MillerPhD, David M. ShahianMD, Joseph A. Dearaniand MD, and Artur W. Robert H. Habib Robert H. James K. Nude woman giting fuck James K. David M. Shahian David M. Joseph A.