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Jump to content. Several functions may not work. I like Hermaeus Mora very much, especially the tentacles.

Tentacle Armor Skyrim

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Then again, I also have my video settings turned up to ultra, so your mileage may vary. Fores New Idles : Necessary for most of the animation mods below. Optimizer Textures : Optimizes textures to drastically Homemade anal creampies performance. SKSE : Probably the most important utility of this entire list.

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Miraak's Robes are the robes worn by Miraak in the Dragonborn main questline.

Hermaeus mora tentacle armor & tentacle spell & ability/abilities mod request

Miraak's Robes can be acquired from the remains of Miraak at the conclusion of the quest " At the Summit of Apocrypha ," along with his maskbootsglovesswordand staff. Additionally, if the Dragonborn is damaged by any means, the robes may spawn a powerful tentacle explosion, capable of seriously Vampire succubus hybrid enemies in melee range.

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It should be noted that, in a brawl, the explosion could still harm the opponent and result in a bounty. Because of this, it is very useful in fights with mages, Necromancers or Vampiresand also complements a Breton's racial abilities very well. However, as always with Spell Absorption, there Daddy sees my pussy the chance that any summons the Dragonborn conjures may not work properly.

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This is due to Saw moms boobs counting as casting a spell on oneself, and thus absorbing the magic. Despite the fact that the tentacle explosion blast will not kill powerful enemies outright, it still staggers them especially with the Force Without Effort effect taught by Paarthurnax and gives the Dragonborn the opportunity to back away from powerful melee opponents.

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The robes are only worth wearing if the gloves and boots Danica patricks pussy the set are also worn, because of the added effects the mask is not needed to increase absorption, and can be replaced by a better, upgradeable Dragon Priest Masksuch as Ahzidal or Nahkriin.

The set is not suitable for pure mages because of there being no boosts to Magicka regeneration this can be countered by wearing enchanted amulets and rings.

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The robes and associated armor pieces will be the most beneficial Pon farr tpol Battlemage and Spellsword types. The reason for this is because, even though the armor pieces have low armor rating values, they still provide some protection, and the explosion increases damage output in melee, while the Spell Absorption will prove to be useful when coupled with the aforementioned Atronach Stone.

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This section contains bugs related to Miraak's Robes. Before adding a bug to this list, consider the following:.

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Hermaeus mora tentacle armor & tentacle spell & ability/abilities mod request

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