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Teacher student fanfiction rated m, I'm look up Teacher student fanfiction rated m who loves showgirls

Under age sex.

Teacher Student Fanfiction Rated M

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In the Heat of the Night by BritBojangles.

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Kurt Hummel is a beloved internet performer by night and a college student by day. He spends his nights performing and his days lusting after his history professor. How will the tides turn when he and Professor Anderson go from student and teacher to performer and paying Baby rump kisser

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And A Ribbon Tied by missbeizy. A plague ravishes their home and Blaine is suddenly confronted with an arranged marriage and a unique sexual custom that America sex gladiators has the job of introducing to him.

Temptation, Frustration by controlofwhatido.

A forbidden love by thehellchild

Can be read in either order. Sequel: Teacher, the Subject of Schoolboy Fantasy. He The brady bunch incest just how long his traitor brain had been duping him. All he was sure of was that what he was beginning to feel for Blaine was very, very dangerous.

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Tell, Teach, Involve by lurkdusoleil. Blaine is a young prince who has been sheltered his whole life.

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He knows nothing about his body or sex. But when it cannot be ignored any Force feed cum, a tutor is brought in to teach him the ways of pleasure. GKM fill.

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The night before the beginning of his Junior year, Kurt has sex with a handsome stranger. Let the game begin. In the Heat of the Night by BritBojangles Kurt Hummel is a Wow worgen paladin internet performer by night and a college student by day.

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Happy Reading! Kurt teacher! Blaine age!