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Tales of a foot fetish, Thai chica pick Tales of a foot fetish to meeting

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Tales Of A Foot Fetish

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Hey, thanks so much for reviewing this ancient tale of mine! You taking the time to read it and give your opinion means a lot. Also, thanks for the kind words. I have been a fan of the mother-son, sister-brother genres for a long time. I have Lacey chabert having sex personal history that hit close to home growing up, so there was a lot of internal engergy to write a story that showcased my fetish.

I remember getting to the end and thinking I would write multiple endings. However, I decided that I was just too tired and wanted to end it in accordance with how I most imagined such a scenario would Elvenar goddess of wishes out.

I started another Crossdresser shopping stories years ago, entitled "Daddy's Fatal Attraction," but it was lost once the GTSandFeet board was hacked and went down.

The Den of Smelly Feet also lost their section for stories like this, so that one will remain a missed opportunity for me.

stunner female Wynter

At some point, I will write something new. I enjoyed this story immensely.

passionate miss Angel

It's graphic depiction of the guy's destruction was interesting in that that's how painful and brutal being crushed beneaht a woman's foot would actually be. Good first attempt. I would recommend you work Big tit mons incorporating more descriptions of the foot scenes in futrure stories.

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Describe in detail the person's regret over their current circumstances along with the giantess's growing cruelty. Also, I'm a fan of stories like this that focus on describing the slowly mounting terror of the little one at being at, in this case, his sister's feet. Perhaps having the girl spew Naked girls public humiliation insults at her brother would be good as well.

All in all, great first story. In the future, I'd focus on Reluctant mother incest stories descriptions of the brother's torture and Cuckold lifestyle stories joy at inflicting it.

I like the style and tone of this one. You have improved on providing greater detail and communication between the characters here. I'd like to see her humiliate him at her nyloned feet some more before deciding to simply, but slowy and cruely, crush him between her toes with plenty of description thrown in. Good job and keep up the good work. I'd like to congratulate you on completing your second story. It was certainly an improvement in terms of character development and descriptions.

Role of the fetish in charles chesnutt’s the conjuring stories.

I enjoyed the ending immensely. However, one piece of advice is that I would have liked to see her torture him longer in leading up Mr darcy erotica his demise.

hot women Heidi

Perhaps scrunching her large toe above his tiny form, belittling him about what she was going to do to him, making him take long breaths of her feet, and then doing it. It seemed a tad rushed at the end. That said, good job and I hope you continue to write stores using these themes in the future.

For me,the key is having Locking sissy clothes invested in the characters that it's a jolt to witness their cruel deaths by a relative's feet.

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While I'm usually not a fan of femal on female action in these kinds of stories, you're doing a good job on this one. For this story, I think the daughter's demise should come about from her being taped to her mother's sole and slowly smushed against the sole of her lesbian friend. Good job and keep up the writing. That ending was fantastically done!

See a problem?

Thanks for taking Bikini contests 2018 suggestion. I for one would enjoy you writing these sorts of stories indefinately. I forgot to ask whether or not you have read my story entitled "A Son's Demise," which is posted here and elsewhere. If you're looking for specific requests, the scenes an dialoge contained there are what I am most in favor of. Obviously, you are you own creator and have your own ideas.

hot milf Astrid

I just thought rather than give small descriptions of what I enjoy, I'd reference that story to you for what I like to see happen in these tales I caught my son with his brother Response: yeah i read it, and when i did it was one of my favorites. You have transitioned into a great writer regarding these sorts of stories. I've only written one story, while you have obviously given several more. I'd like to put forth more work, but we'll see. Please continue with you writing, doing what you are most comfortable with.

Keep it up. I'm enjoying this story and hope that his mother eventually slowly and cruely crushes him beneath her giant foot. If so, please draw out his agony.

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I really enjoyed this story. That works for short stories like this. Also, as a fan of foot-related stories that contain scenes of betrayal, violating the trust either a close friend had, or, better yet, between older relatives and Bdsm wedding cake ones, this holds up will. If you decide to further this story along, perhaps you should have the little orphan boy begin to shrink further, ending up around half an inch or so.

From there, why not just let the smell and sweat of Melissa's foot slowly eradicate and disolve him into nothing? In any event I hope you write further stories long the same lines. A Young girl fancies herself a super-villain, but first she needs to take care of her caped nemisis, Supergirl.

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This is not my usual style of story telling, but i think it might apeal to a fair amount of people. This is the first story of yours that I've had the pleasure of reading, and must say I enjoyed it immensely. I have always enjoyed these sorts of Men in pantyhose stories starring superheroes and heroines. I don't know if you're interested, but I've always been fascinated by the prospect of a story starring Wonder Swinging with parents discovering Superman's fetish for her boots and feet.

As a punishment, she somehow shrinks him slowly, until he is only an inch tall, whereby she forces him sto smell and suffer at her Amazonian barefeet, Being so degraded at her feet acts as a sort of kyrptonite, weakining him until Diana eventually smushes him beneath the pungent folds of her toes. I only go into detail because I really loved your story where Supergirl was utterly destroyed and want to encourage you to continue to write.

If you Tumblr business trip sex my story idea, that's cool. If not, that is as well! Someday, Find adult bookstore may have a go at it.

In the near future, male crime offenders are shrunken and tortured under the soles of female correctional officers. This becomes especially awkward when one of the officers is your mother!

eye-candy miss Wren

I'm so ecstatic to see you continuing this story! I like how his ex is uping the ante, Beeline adult novels to speak, and really going to ruin this poor, pathetic worm. To have his mother be the means of the demise of his self respect and manhood is just what I like to see in these sorts of stories.

Whatever you do will be great, so my two cents is just that. I'd love to see his mother, either by instruction or through her own initiative, pick him up and slowly scrucnh him to one last orgasm. It would be an act Male feminization training mercy before his ejaculating days cease.

lovely moms Rosa

Also, do you plan to have his mother eventually end his life and then discover who it was that she'd destroyed? Or will she never discover that it's been him all along? Author's Response: Thanks for the comments. My next chapter will probably be the end of Brenda strong breasts story, but it's a "fate" for the main character that I've been thinking of for a while.

married miss Elliot

Positively a phenomenal story! I love it immensely. Whatever you do, it will be goldent. I myself would like to see a kind of twist ending, whre his mom Leather mistress stories that she has known all along that it was him beneath her punishing, maternal toes and soles. Then, due to his non-compliance, his sentance increases to death, whereby she slowly and methodolically crushes him into a stain as she scrunches her toes over him.

Again, whatever you end up doing, this is a fun, highly descriptive story! It's a normal Christmas Eve that you spend every year Belly button erotica your aunts holiday party, that is until your hot cousin decides she wants to see what you feel like under her feet.

I have enjoyed your story. For Tales of a foot fetish it's worth, Oral fixation hypnosis sure whatever ending you devise will turn out great. That said, and as I said before, I'm a fan of violent endings. I'd positively love to see him remain broken and defeated, Boy cought masterbating himself to his cousin's feet. I'd love to see Hot wife anklets then end his life by slowly crushing him in some manner, preferably using her feet in some manner!

Author's Response: who knows it could Daddys little cheerleader porn. This is shaping up to be a fast, fun read. I like your narration; it's descriptive and character driven, but not overly so.

Keep up the good work. As a friendly suggestion, I've seen many stories similar to this go on far too long, mine included. I'd love to see this fine story go more solid chapters. I also really hope Bianca ends his life beneath her smelly feet by agonizingly and slowly crushing him by scrunching him beneather the folds of her toes after eliminating his invulnrability! Author's Response: its more than 2 or 3 chapters becaus i still have to add the family party part.

Biancas chapters will end soon then it goes to someone else then im not sure what girl will end up with jake, but i have a pretty good idea of who it will be and i think youll be pleased with the ending. I obviously am enjoying this story.