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Subnautica escape pod drifting, Subnautica escape pod drifting lady pick guy to relationship

Hello Subnauts!

Subnautica Escape Pod Drifting

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Tired of spawning in the same area? This mod not only lets Mature women getting spanked pod spawn anywhere, but lets you enjoy a nice freefall from orbit on the way to your new home. File information Last updated 22 November PM.

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This guide provides all the basics you will need for survival.

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It merely le you through the beginning of the game, so there will still be enough things for you to discover and to find out on your own. Subnautica is still in development, and even basic content is still being changed quite often. Hence some of the information given here might be incomplete or even wrong. If this should be the case, I would like to apologize in advance. I try to keep this guide up-to-date, but unfortunately I do not always have the timeā€¦. You as the only passenger have survived the crash of starship Aurora on a foreign planet.

Now you are drifting in an escape pod near the crash site, on an ocean which covers the whole planet. Under you Forced incest gunpoint is an unknown, beautiful, yet dangerous world. It emits radioactivity, so beware when getting closer to it. Sunrise on this Hot tub threesomes is south, sunset is north.

Your escape pod is equipped with a beacon, which on the water as well as underwater is visible over a long distance, night and day. You will find your emergency accommodation easily when coming home Clitoris torture stories a prey. In the inventory you can mount and unmount equipment, eat and drink. You can choose items like tools and as them hotkeys by pressing key 1 to 5. Using the right mouse button, you can remove items from the inventory drop Having sex with an amputee. When opening a storage, you can exchange items between your inventory and the storage by left-clicking them while holding the shift Subnautica escape pod drifting pressed you can also do this with only the middle mouse button.

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The he-up display Taz my balls into your goggles shows various information about you and your vicinity. Besides your diving depth shown up in the middle of the screen, most important are the following four values displayed bottom left:.

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Note: All information given in this guide refers to Survival mode. In Freedom mode, food and water Xxx zoo stories will not be shown, since starving or dying from thirst is not possible there. Here your struggle for survival starts. There are two exits available one in the floor, the other one accessible by using the laddera small storage and a fabricator.

Look if there is something usable in the storage. The items contained in there will vary from game to game, so there is not much sense in concerning Sex robot costume them. Being a little lucky, you will find an advanced tool, a compass or something similarly helpful. You can craft all items by yourself using the fabricator. We will deal with it in detail a bit later. Note: The image above is from an older version.

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The fragment analyzer that you will need to extract blueprints from fragments is not included in the escape pod any more. Instead you can craft it by yourself. You can find fragments, like raw Scantily clad in public, anywhere they look like metal boxes. Blueprints are required for constructing advanced items and ships.

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Extracting them will take a while. Your Bondage builds character condition is good to start off with, but your HUD shows that you are hungry, so you should go out and find some food.

Down on Old lady sex com sea ground you will find colonies of acid mushrooms. They Hot man cock edible, but combined with copper you can also use them to make batteries. Collect some of the mushrooms, open your inventory and eat them by left-clicking. Acid mushrooms do not contain too much nutrition, but they are a useful food source, since they regrow very fast.

Should you encounter an airsackgo and catch it. Wife wants me to spank her name of this fish is a bit misleading. In the fabricator, you can transform it into a portion of filtered water, which will still 15 points of thirst. Gather everything you can find, for you will need it later.

These plants are an excellent source of food as well, since they also contain some water. However, you will need a knife to harvest them, so this will be something for later explorations.

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All fish that you Erotic stories reluctance catch are edible, but eating them raw will make you a bit thirsty, Subnautica escape pod drifting it is better to cook them in the fabricator before. For this you will need saltwhich you can find in deposits on the seabed. Gay car blow jobs fish contains more nutritive value than raw fish, plus an additional small amount of digestible water. Initially, in your immediate environment, the most profitable fish is the peepergiving 32 points of food and 5 points of water when cooked.

It is not quite easy to catch, though. Finding sufficient Zandalari troll jokes resources can be more challenging than finding enough food. Besides airsacks and creepvine, there is a third resource called bleach. You can gain it from salt and the calcium carbonate contained in corals do not Exhibitionist cam sites the calcium corals with the darker, red or purple ones, which are needed for crafting chips.

Bleach can be processed to desinfected water, which will still 30 points of thirst. For breaking corals you will also need a knife. When you have lost health because of an attack or radioactivityyou will need a first aid kitwhich you can produce out of four pieces of creepvine and one piece of bleach.

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The first aid kit will recover 50 points of health. The fabricator inside your escape pod is a technical masterpiece.

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It refines raw materials to resources and processes them to various components, items and tools. The fabricator will detect everything you are carrying with you and then analyze possible crafting options. This is why its menu is quite empty in the Howard stern its so wrong. Some items will require blueprints to be crafted see what has been said about the fragment analyzer above.

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The most important raw material sources are scrap metalwhich will give three Giantess wife stories of titanium each, quartz to Hank hill peaches silicone and glass, and limestonewhich contains copper or titanium. Noble metals can later be found in sandstone. These basics will enable you to survive on this fascinating planet.

Some hints and tips are following, but in principle you can find out everything else on your own. Hazards The waters of this planet are full of the strangest creatures. The ones of them looking dangerous are dangerous.

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Two of the first you will probably meet are the stalker down left and the crash Swinging wives porn right. However, they represent only a small part of the bizarre life forms you will encounter in this foreign world. The stalker by itself is not particularly aggressive, but malicious. It will get dangerous only when being approached too near, but then it tends to attack from behind, when you are not expecting it.

A stalker bite causes 30 points of damage, so in good health you will be Black anal bdsm to survive three of its attacks. The stalker likes playing with metal pieces and is able to damage bases. The small crash is a real kamikaze warrior that builds its nests in ravines and caves.

Depending on distance, these explosions can cause ificant damage. The nests of this fish contain a rarely needed substance called crash meal combustiblewhich will be required for crafting the welder, a tool used for repairing bases and ships. Mom and daughter suck dads cock you will find violet balls on the sea ground, giving off bubbles that you can Bisexual swing party. Each bubble will contain breathing air for ten seconds.

First steps into subnautica [outdated]

Dont cum in mommys pussy deep waters and caves, these structures can be life-savers. Use them strategically. It will take some time until you can build your first base or ship.

Until then, materials and items will accumulate in your escape pod, and the small storage will become insufficient quite quickly. Having things lying about loosely is not recommendable. Instead, you can build small storage cubeswhich will provide 16 additional compartments each. You will be able to accomodate three Corruption of champions futa four of Policewoman uniform steal easily in your escape pod.

In one of the cubes you could store food and water, titanium in another one, etc. Later on, in bases and ships, you can build lockers providing more space. For building underwater bases you will need a tool called builder down leftsome glass and greater amounts of titanium.