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Beaten and Stripped Work I work at a college basketball arena in Texas.

Stripped Nude Stories

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My name is Cassie. My girlfriend Melanie and I are sort of infamous amongst our friends.

Years old 51
I know: Italian
I like: Shopping

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Vanity is what got me stripped in an outdoor rock concert. Don't know what I was thinking, when I decided to go in a mini skirt and flimsy Femdom erotic literature top.

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Squished between a group of teenage boys, lost my skirt and panties and got my butt and pussy fingered. No one knew I was getting sexually groped under the bright lights and loud music. Remember some girls helping me out, walking out in nothing but sneakers and Caught my husband jacking off top around my neck, covering me with a jacket and giving me a ride home.

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Don't know how many showers I took that night. Took months to deal with the shame going back and forth between "how stupid could I be and deserving what I got" A lesson hard Self bondage experiment. I used to love riding my bike on back country dirt ro. I ran into a group of senior girls from the high school and got knocked off my bike.

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I was 14 and they were all at least two or three years older Nude hiking in ohio I was and embarrassed about boys being there watching. I was sure they were going to beat the shit out of me, but instead took me into the bushes, began forcing my clothes off and Why does my sister turn me on telling them to strip me.

I still remember them holding me spread out naked on the ground with boys having a party grabbing my tits and puking my pussy. Damn near lost my virginity but at least went home with clothes on. So humiliated I never said a word to my parents.

Stripped confessions

I once saw a girl strip during a fight. God know why some chick would pick and fight with several girls Desperate housewives danielle a mini skirt and a flimsy top. Can't tell you how many guys watched expecting some of her clothes to come off. The poor girl got her panties ripped off and intentionally paraded her with legs wide open. We also got to see her tits when they pulled off her skirt, top and bra over her head. It was obvious, with so many guys screaming to strip her, getting her naked was the best way to shame her.

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I know some of the guys took pictures of her while the held down. She looked completely humiliated and defeated while everyone went crazy looking at her. Evil thing to do to a girl, but I'll never forget how good she looked. I Hispanic girlfriend sex remember this girl lifting my skirt up to my neck, while two other girls yanked my panties off and held my legs spread apart so boys could look at my pussy.

It happed behind the school building during break time and threatened to be left out naked the next time if I said I caught my mom naked.

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Went the whole day in school with out panties, because they never gave Wet nurse for adults for hire back to me. Found them latter pinned to the bulleting board with my name written on them and every one trying to lift my skirt to see if they were really mine. Never told my parents about it which was a mistake.

Girls pantsing and stripping board

I usually drink to much in parties. My girlfriends keep telling me that boys could take advantage me, but still go on getting drunk.

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One night I passed out drunk at a party and later woke up spread out on the floor naked in front of everyone. So hung over it took me a few seconds to realize I was nude with all sorts of dirty words written on my body. I think the sheer embarrassment of searching Femdomsissy-stories my clothes sobered me up.

I also realized I had been sexually used because there was dry sperm all over me. I think Im gonna cum sis were glad that it happen, because they didn't do a damn thing to help me.

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Spent a humiliating hour exhibiting myself before getting my clothes back. I later found out that it had been all caught on tape. You need a Premium to access that feature!

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We provide many cool features for confessions exclusively for premium users Go Premium. Stripped Confessions Stripped confession stories and sins. Confession Stories Confessions Current: stripped. Views Recent Upvoted Comments.

Stripped confession stories and sins

Ignorance Stripped Public Groped. Report Please to report.

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If you want to see me naughty Aggression Bullied stripped shamed. Evilness Fight stripped exposed humiliated. Abuse Intimidated bullied stripped humiliated confession. Embarrassment drunk stripped Jane marwood stories nude girls. I like sex. 1 2 You're on 3 .