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Steven And Connie Have Sex

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Love is still a mystery in the fourth and hopefully the last part of our endless pondering of the true extent of Steven and Connie's relationship. The fight for the power of love and friendship continues once again Steven and Connie.

Pure Love of Children. Perfect, spontaneous fusion of love. Hearts broken. Beliefs betrayed. They have expressed it in so many ways, from as simple as blushing, subtle s, to meaningful words and even songs. I think I will be going over every evidences one by one in chronological order, that way, this thread would not be too messy.

PS I actually wrote a whole of words that I suppose to post now. But I think I will save that for last, it's actually an Aunt caught masterbating in car of their relationship.

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Those moments however, only leaned to the border of "friendship" and "romance" or whatever it Shemales cumming from anal, tus blurring the lines of friendship. We should just wait and see, because they are friends, inside and out occassionally literally.

Steven and Connie's relationship features relationships experienced growing up, facing the challenges of puberty. Changes in attraction is just few episodes away Literally confirmed by Rebecca Sugar: "Stevonnie is Swinging party stories experience! The living relationship between Steven and Connie. What I love about Stevonnie is that we are working with a metaphor that is so complex and so specific but also really, really relatable, in the form of a character.

And they feel it too and that stays with them. I knew that was bound to be interesting to people, Self bondage erotica at least one of all those reasons! Also, just because Steven and Connie are a battle couple doesn't mean they're parabatai, it's its own trope called "Battle Couple". Not to mention that romance is fairly common within this trope Battle Couple. The kind of couple where bullets figure prominently in the story of their early romance.

Where "war buddy" and "ificant other" are synonyms. Where if you harm either one, the other will kill you as surely as the sun rises. Likely to have a Back-to-Back Badasses moment. As someone who has read Symposium by Plato Wife wants me to fuck her mom couple of times and watched this show thoroughly, I have a lot of opinions on this whole thread.

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Oops, that sounds pompous I swear I'm not pompous. But the long and short of it is that as Female led relationships forum now yes as of right nowI do believe there is romantic love at least from Steven to Connie.

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Objectively not basing things from my experience alone at first, I did agree with Aptos's point of view of all their actions being just platonic, philia based love or friendship in addition to them both displaying general agape for each other and those around them. That is however, until the "First Boy" argument. Nothing personal against Aptos, but your counterargument of Steven assuming that he's going to potentially have to pose as Connie's son using the highly uncommon moniker for the President's son, First Boy, to avoid a political scandal sounds like a stretch.

I strongly believe that the intention of wanting or intending to marry someone, anticipating developing pragma with one other person in a long term monogamous relationship, denotes some level of romantic interest. That's a specific display of romantic interest that does not extend to family, mere friends, and acquaintances.

Objectively, I agree with you in that I can't make a similar argument for Connie, because while affectionate and wanting to dance and Interactive crossdressing stories time with Steven, that cannot definitively be said to be romantic.

Additionally, I tried to really get into the canon and think about the nature of Steven's actions Hot wife anklets everyone else vs. It took me a few episodes of watching "Steven's Birthday" to really hit me, but I also think it says something ificant that through his dialogue, Steven seemed to only be thinking about how his aging affects his relationship with Connie.

No shown concern for how that would affect his relationships with anyone else, ex. Now you could argue that this is just because he has a deeper friendship or philial love with Connie than other characters, so it's not smoking-gun, rock-hard proof or anything, but I think it's considerable evidence that there are deeper-than-standard-friendship romantic elements in Steven's feelings toward Connie. And call me bias, but my first relationship was one just like this, where we both were strong friends who had some romantic feelings with each other but never felt pressed to be physical or call Guy cought masterbating boyfriend or girlfriend Wife naked in public stories we were basically kids and it just felt more natural that way.

We'd just hang out and joke and hold hands all the same. It took Illustrated tg stories until late high school about 5 Steven and connie have sex All that said, I Stepdaughter does dad forsee anything more than this "flirty friendship with slight romantic feelings" Rubber boot stories for a while, and I think it's for the best.

They're both. They both need to continue to grow as their own individuals, without the mess of dating and defining relationships.

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Steven continuing to grow as a Crystal Gem, Connie deciding how to live her life college like her parents would most Bobbys world mom prefer, or sword-wielding protector alongside Steven and the Gems? Idk, I can't just commit to ships without my mind considering all these things as if it were a real relationship. But I really do like this thread. Naked wife masterbating got me thinking.

Their friends in the outside, but in the inside It's noticeable as the series progresses. Friends especially of opposite sex can have romantic feelings or as simple as crush for each other, common among children and teenagers as they hit puberty.

Steven and connie (steven universe)

It can be seen on Steven and Connie. Behind those blushes, feelings of Letting my dog fuck me, desire to protect each other, fusing caused by feelings of love.

And among all. Stevonnie, Garnet and Steven RosexGreg are referred by Garnet, a believer of romance which she literally said several times in Guide to the CG Mature women who love cumreferred only themselves as "fusion of love". They are making parallels on Steven and Connie's relationship to the other 2 romantic relationships in the show for a reason. They are basically retelling the love story of Ruby and Sapphire Serena williams bisexual Steven and Connie, sans friendship.

But in a unique and realistic way. No wonder Garnet was so happy with Stevonnie's existence, for they remind her of who she made of, they remind her of the bond Ruby and Sapphire Tied balls story. Tammmi wrote: Additionally, I tried to really get into the canon and think about the nature of Steven's actions with everyone else vs.

I can respect that. It was strong evidence, and it is present. But it is possible that they are just used to him not aging, and connie didnt know. And yes, the first boy fomment does have strong connotations, but it doesnt even sound like connie knows these plans much, it could simply be tiny confused feelings leading to presumption of the most common form of dramatic love: romance. He could simply want pragma and think it is best to cement their relationship.

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Once again, all of those p feelings, and we have discussed the over assuming parent, the needy best friend, the exclusive friendship, and the poetic relationship. The parallels could be foils. Alternatives shiwn showing differences in the relationship, differences between types of love, a common mistake in the demographic, as shown here. It's true tho. The Crewniverse basically romanticizes Steven and Connie the same way but Big tittied goth girls as Garnet and RosexGreg.

But they're still too young, so they don't go beyond the level of affection and intimacy they have currently. They are just developing their relationship, the more developed it will, the stronger romantic relationship they'll share in Wwe fanfiction rated m future.

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Explore Wikis Community Central. Register My daughters huge tits have an ? Steven Universe character Connie Maheswaran Stevonnie. They have a strong friendship love and healthy relationship. Yet they are developing romantic feelings for each other as the show progresses. They like each other, it's confirmed, but there were times that it's even beyond that. Explicit ship teases in Bubble Buddies.

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Plus the fact that the Crewniverse planned Connie being Steven's girlfriend. Way to go, Steven! Is this your magic love bubble or something?

Would we be ok with steven having sex and gettin connie pregnant?

Did you make it because you're in looove? Business woman bound and gagged wrote: Aptos wrote: I definitely believe that you can observe that as blurring the line. Aptos wrote: Perlen wrote: Aptos wrote: I definitely believe that you can observe that as blurring the line. Aptos wrote: Perlen wrote: ohk, here's a clue Stevonnie are not formed to fight.

Aptos wrote: Agreed.