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Writer's Note: This is the second story about the Twi'lek Cserasga. From consensual sex I have now moved to male domination and non-consentual.

Star Wars Twilek Sex

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We see posters of them in Clone barracks, they're often portrayed as exotic dancers i.

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Why are human women not seen similarly? Note: I know that they're often normal civilians, but I always wondered why it was Twi'leks in particular that were portrayed this way? While one could argue that Twi'Lek women are pretty by definition, it really has to do with the way they Pimping me out treated within galactic society.

Their home planet 5 to 7 arielles goodbye letter Ry'loth is not in the best of shape, by the time of the Galactic Civil War many Twi'Lek's especially women are sold into slavery most often for sexual purposes. Given the high frequency of female Twi'leks in these positions people of the galaxy just started to assume that all female Twi'Leks were naturally subservient sexual beings.

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Of course this isn't true; it's just an unfortunate stereotype. If Twi'leks are able to She likes small penis from slavery or avoid it all together they are able to do any of professions throughout the galaxy. Unfortunately the stigma created by galactic society will likely follow them around.

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Pity the being who mistakes one of these twi'lek women for a subservient sex object; they'll often get a vibro-blade to the chest for their mistake. It should be noted that the Twi'Lek female culture involved a good Old lady sucking young cock of dancing which makes most of them talented dancers and acrobats. Being a naturally limbre species made them more desirable. Primarily all Twi'lek females are attractive.

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Nearly every one. They are basically a race of supermodels, males excluded. There are many subsections of this, like the Twi'leks culture and slavery but it really just boils down to them being attractive to the Fucking my sisterin law of the Galaxy.

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To expand on the twi'lek culture and slavery, the Twi'leks know they're sex symbols and use it to compensate to their comparatively lackluster space technology sometimes selling themselves into slavery until they can buy or steal a ship for themselves. Though the canon of this is debatable now This is pretty much the answer, the females are generally slender with great butts and most humanoid species find them hot. A lot of females even have eyebrows which they Danny harem fanfiction lack tattooed on to make them more attractive to other humanoids.

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It also doesn't hurt that Ryloth used to have a "whatever" policy on Stories that will turn me on, and some Twi'leks saw slavery as a way to get orphans off Ryloth, and some going so far as to say slavery was good for the proliferation of their species. Jabba the Hutt is a space gangster? All Hutts are space gangsters. Boba Fett is an incredible fighter who wears Mandalorian armor? Mandalore is a planet of warriors.

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I'm sure there are exceptions to this rule somewhere, but I thought it was poignant. It's worse than that.

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Fett isn't even a warrior in the movies. The entire Mandalorian culture is because his armor looks cool.

That's the way of the EU; build an empire from a costuming choice. Also, all planets are typically mono-biomes. Tattooine: desert. Endor: Forest.

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Coruscant: City. Greedo is a bounty hunter who works for a Hutt?

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All Rodians are bounty hunters, their entire culture obsesses about bounty hunting, and they virtually all work for Hutts. In other words the answer to this question is "lazy writing". You're joking but the Star Wars Essential Guide to Characters straight-up states that Twi'lek use their head-tentacles for "sensual Women caught masturbating on hidden camera which as blunt as you're gonna get from still-needs-to-stay-PG Star Wars material.

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So the Twi'Lek are Space-Russians. Continue this thread. You better tell Scotty. Best answer.

They're sexy. Clearly someone's never had a tentacle-job. Created Jul 1, Top posts september 27th Top posts of september, Top posts Back to Top.