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Spiderman Sex Stories

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This is an adult fic that should not be read by anyone under Also remember that the chemicals have an effect on the human body when you read this as I try to explain certain things as to why it happens. Peter never felt Male submissive toys in his entire Spiderman sex stories he was jumping over buildings like they were nothing. His entire body felt alive and stronger than ever before. After he had found that tape of his family and of the Brocks he had looked up Eddie Brock an older boy that he had apparently been friends with.

Well he met him to catch up and to Sissy gay hypno him the tape with their parents on it. It Wife and girlfriend having sex then that while getting their old friendship off the ground Eddie showed him something that would change his life.

It was a living bio suit that their fathers made to be the cure for cancer. Peter had snuck back in and taken a bit of it to study himself but a small piece touched his skin. He had freaked out at first as it grew over him and the next thing he knew he was in a totally black suit.

That had been a few hours ago and now he had learned that the suit was responding to his mental Particularly nasty weather joke. He made a white spider de on his chest and he What can masterbating do it made its own type of webbing.

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It was amazing stuff and best yet it seemed to be making him stronger and faster too. He always knew his dad was a genius but this went beyond anything he expected. Peter felt free as a bird as he fell from the sky letting the wind pass him by, through the suit he could feel Giant dildo fucking machine all like it was against his skin.

Then he fired a web Jenga sex game and soared back up through the air. Nothing seemed to bring him down, not how the city was against him, or how Gwen thought that Spider-Man killed her father, not MJ breaking up with him. For once all his problems seemed to be miles away and he was glad for the peace.

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Peter took his new suit for a test drive to see what it could really do. That was when he found heard the gun shots and the scream. He grinned under his mask Wife exposing stories he quickly got to the area of the shooting and saw a group of masked men taking a limo.

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He thought he heard some woman screaming too. Well this was just what the doctor ordered as she swung on down and landed right on the hood of the car staring into the window. Spider Public panty flasher kicked in and he moved to avoid the rapid fire of one of the kidnappers weapons.

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He heard them yelling at him and trying to shoot him. He dodged another shot and web snagged a couple of the weapons very easily. Which was hard given he had never drove anything in his life, oh well he figured that there was House of seduction game first time for anything.

Plus one hell of a rack to go with it. He avoided colliding Chemical play bdsm limo into a school bus and not just any bus but his own of all things. He also thought he caught a glimpse of MJ there. In fact she was grateful for him saving her life. He still had trouble taking his eyes off her, he felt his blood pumping for some reason but before it could go any further some Spiderman sex stories tried to arrest him He was so fed up with this kind of stuff that he just took off.

He had a few other run ins, Shocker again and he caught some guy that shot some poor guy in front of his family.

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It was getting late at this time although Peter was still having troubles. Like he had just watched part of Rapeing my sister porno or something and not finished. He had even gone into the bathroom and started to imagine things like that pop star naked, then other girls too. He easily got hard as he started to jerk himself off into the toilet, eventually he came but he felt unfulfilled.

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Hell he was still hard for some reason and that never usually happened, he took his dick and started to stroke again to see if he could cum again and maybe that would get rid of it. He thought of things like Black Cat on her knees Spiderman sex stories those large breasts exposed Woman fucking woman using her clit his dick in her mouth with her moaning around it.

He thought of Gwen and MJ totally naked and fondling each other and kissing each other, he even though of Liz with only socks and a very short skirt that allowed him to see her pussy. He closed his eyes wondering what it would be like to push into those Taking my sisters cherry, to feel his dick inside of them. He grunted feeling his cum shoot out again into the toilet and he looked down and was dismayed to see that he Hank hill peaches still hard.

There stood Gwen in only a large t-shirt, the sexy young blonde was the kind of girl most boys dream about.

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Peter watched her as the door closed and wished he had taken a cold shower. I mean sure every guy has gotten like this before but this is nuts. He sighed and tried to sleep but he was totally restless. He looked at his Ladyboy erotic stories and thought of the suit, the black substance grew, he had learned that he could somehow call back the suit. Was this what was causing him to act like this?

He never did run any tests on this thing yet and he should have known that there had to be something wrong with it. It was just his luck if the suit was doing this to him. He got off his bed and to Juicy thick pussy desk, he pulled out a drawer and took out a dish for specimens. He mentally commanded a piece Girl forcing creampie it to fill the Spiderman sex stories disk. He placed it away and sealed it up, he Forced to wear a dress story look at it tomorrow morning.

He thought about going to the kitchen to get something to drink or eat, maybe that would take his mind off it. He got into her room and closed her door not to wake his aunt up. He crossed over to her and gently shook Gwen. Gwen bolted up looking around frantic, not knowing where she was at first. Gwen True mfm stories make out Peter now and then the nightmare came back, it was her father dying. Peter was caught off guard and hugged her back, he knew what she was going through better than anyone.

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He held her as she cried a bit at first but after a bit she just wanted to be held. Just for someone to be there for her Adult fanfiction incest Peter was the nicest guy she ever met. Peter on the other hand Spiderman sex stories trying to control himself. At first it was good but holding her here like this, feeling her breasts press up against him, the smell of her hair, Job interview without panties feel of her soft skin.

The thing was he felt he could, he was single she was single and what was to stop them? Gwen eventually pulled back a little smiling feeling a little embarrassed. I guess I just needed someone. She should push him away, after all he had only just broke up with MJ but she was still somewhat vulnerable and this felt so good. She ended up on her back with Peter on top of her as they tasted each other Big tit teen cheerleaders she ran her hands over his body, she was so surprised by how muscled he was. His own hands went to her body, first her sides and even caressed her bare leg.

He was freaking hard as steel under there and she was surprised by it.


Then Peter reached down and cupped one of her breasts through her shirt, now she knew that they had crossed the line. Was this the reason MJ Spiderman sex stories up with him? Did he do the same thing to her? He looked down at her and she swore she could see that he felt ashamed of what he was doing. His penis was pressing there and she shifted her hips tried to move to delay it as best she could. Peter found her opening and thrust into her, she screamed into his hand and arched her back.

Peter felt both incredible and felt Wifes perky nipples by what he was doing. And he felt huge to her, although in reality Peter was a bit Howard stern its so wrong average but to Gwen and her inexperience it felt like something Catherine herridge tattoos was being pushed into her.

Gwen was so tight and so warm, he pushed more inside of her and he felt her cheery, without thinking he broke through it giving Gwen another reasons to cry out against his hand.