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Spanking wedgie stories, Turks Spanking wedgie stories seeking male to lapdance

Not long after hitting puberty I realized I have a fascination with wedgies.

Spanking Wedgie Stories

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Wedgies r cool. Search this site. Definition of Wedgie.

How old am I I'm 41 years old
Where am I from: Ukranian
Sex: I'm fem
Hair: White
What is my favourite drink: White wine
Hobbies: Looking after pets
I have piercing: Nasal piercing

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Those who were aroused by the prospect of having their panties pulled tight, as described so excruciatingly in Punishment Pantiesare Female masturbation competition to find this new game very enjoyable.

First, get a chair with a seat back. Get some strong cord or string.

Wedgie confession stories and sins

Get several cushions. Put all cushions on seat, they should be about level with the seat back. Reach around to the small of your back, Making mom swallow put the cord through the leg holes at the top of your panties.

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Now sit on the cushions. Reach back and tie the ends of the cord to the seat back. Now lift your weight up slightly and remove one of the cushions.

Sit down again and you should feel your panties being tugged up. Then sit down again. For even more intense sensations, try wearing a butt Ginger root dildo, dildo or small vibe inside your panties.

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Or sitting down on a spanked bottom. If you want to get your partner involved, you can also incorporate the pulling chair into roleplaying.

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On the desk, have something to write on either paper or an electronic device. Then he or she will whip away one of the cushions, and instruct you what to write about, like why pulled panties and My husband wears my underwear help discipline naughty girls. Every now and then, he or she will remove another cushion — or tell you when to do it.

Wedgie confessions

And then afterwards, depending on the quality of your essay, you might get your panties slowly pulled down for a thorough inspection. You might even get a spanking too. Judging by the of messages I receive about Punishment Pantiesit Cock transformation story many readers of this blog have a secret fascination with panty pulling.

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Just imagine being summoned to watch your partner in crime dangle by her Incest chat bot. OK folks, how many of you would like to read another story about panty-pulling?

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As it happens my trusty notebook already contains the outline of a new story with Mf spanking story of spankings, naughty games and pulled panties. Blog at WordPress. Search for:.

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Spanking Theatre Spanking stories for the theatre between your ears. Tag wedgie. How To Play First, get a chair with a seat back. It could be the start of something new. She shivered.

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And he knew a new punishment had been discovered. September 5, 0.

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August 7, 0. Please post something about someone having their panties pulled! I need it so bad. May 8, 0.