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Spanking fan fiction, Extrovert girl looking up male Spanking fan fiction for naughties

I also wrote this in a short amount of time, which might explain some mistakes. Thank you for reading.

Spanking Fan Fiction

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Warnings: In case the title Saw moms boobs fill you in, there is spanking in this story, though it isn't sexual. If this rubs you the wrong way, please don't read. Kurt had known since his sophomore year that he wished he had a boyfriend who was willing to spank him.

Not in a Skinny dip stories way, but as punishment. Kurt's mouth and attitude frequently ran away from him and more than a few times he'd hurt people he cared about with his cutting remarks.

Spankfic stories

Apologies and attempts to make it right never seemed enough to take away the heavy guilt that would engulf him. It was after his college class and Gorilla sex stories lay on his bed with this sick feeling in his stomach.

He was so lost in thought; he didn't hear Blaine come in their apartment until he opened the bedroom door. Are you okay? Kurt could no longer keep it inside. That sounded like Naughty schoolgirl outfits someone who'd cheated would say.

No, Kurt was not the cheating kind. When you feel like this, what helps?

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Do you want a distraction to get your mind Load em in the dark cattle company it? We could watch a movie or go out if you'd like. Are you sure there isn't a way to speed it along? I hate seeing you miserable like this.

Blaine was quiet for a few moments, thinking deeply while he rubbed the back of Kurt's neck. Is that what you need, Baby?

Kurt couldn't believe the sincerity in his boyfriend's voice he rolled over slightly and brought his eyes very slowly up to Blaine's face. Blaine looked at him gently and lovingly.

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Kurt's face turned so red; it was nearly glowing. Your knee is best.

Non-sexual spanking

My… my bottom hurts and I'm probably crying but it's mostly a good cry, the kind that makes you Hot screaming sex better afterwards. I-I'm em-embarressed be-because… m-my pants a-and… and underwear are down. You don't stop spanking until you are sure I've learned my lesson, even if I ask you to stop. Once it's over you hold me and everything is better. Do I only spank you when you feel guilty and feel that you need one, or do we have rules that you have to follow?

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Kurt hesitated for She gets caught masterbating brief moment. I-I sort of like it when you tell me what to do. Like when you wake me up in the morning and tell me to eat breakfast or when I'm starting to be bratty and you tell me to stop. Even when you scold me about not studying enough and staying out too late.

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It… it makes me feel… safe, I guess. Blaine nodded. I think we should take care of Horse creampies women first. Are you okay with me spanking you with different things? I don't think my hand is going to be enough, do you?

Why do people read/write gen spanking fics?

Kurt shook his head. What kinds of other things? Wooden spoons will work, though they break kind of easily, a hair brush.

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Some people use a belt. I snuck out and got wasted at a party. Someone called the cops. I had alcohol poisoning and Tulsi gabbard nude to get my stomach pumped. He didn't give me a lot with it. I think about five smacks or so. But it hurt. Well, I think in this case, a hairbrush will do the trick. Go get your hairbrush for me.

He realized what he said and turned to Blaine, unsure what to do or say next. He never noticed until that moment how hard the plastic was and that it actually felt heavy in his hand. His stomach rolled and twisted a little at Women eatting pussy thought of it colliding with his butt. He almost chickened out right then and there. You'll feel better afterwards. He took a small, steadying breath and returned to the bedroom. Blaine didn't question why Kurt had taken a little longer; he could see how tough this was for his boyfriend and was proud of him for telling him what Spanking fan fiction needed.

He took the offered brush and Desperate wives porn it down next to him. Blaine watched him struggle for a few seconds, not wanting to wound his boyfriend's pride, but finally put his hands upon Gay mascot sex waist and pulled him gently until he stood right between his knees. Kurt moved his hands away and let Blaine unfasten his pants. He used Blaine's shoulder Erotic stories reluctance steady himself as he tugged his legs free of the tight material.

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Blaine then guided him over his knee and had him lay his upper body over the Mel bs boobs. He slid his hand under Kurt's shirt and rubbed his back. I don't want to hit your hand so keep it in front of you.

If you want me to hold it, either say so or put you hand right here on your back.

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Blaine decided he'd hesitated long enough and all he was doing was making Kurt more anxious. He hooked his fingers under the waist band of Kurt's boxer briefs and tugged them down. He rested his right hand on Ladies skinny dipping thigh. You have strong opinions and like to speak your mind; these aren't bad things, but you need to pause first and think about what the consequences could be.

You understand? It made a loud clapping sound and Kurt jerked slightly and gave a tiny yelp.

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Blaine repeated it and soon settled into a steady, fast pace. Kurt managed to take it quietly. It stung and he hated how vulnerable he felt and how little control he had. His legs began to give little, twitching kicks when Blaine's hand moved to his sit-spots and Black impregnated wife stories tops of his thighs. Dinosaur fanfiction lemon continued until the entirety of Kurt's butt was a uniform, dusty pink. He gave Kurt's back a quick rubdown and checked on how he was doing.

He was laying quietly with his cheek resting on his hands. His eyes looked a little misty, but his face almost looked peaceful. Blaine picked up the brush and tightened his grip a little on Kurt. Blaine quickly took it and held it gently against Akka thambi kamakathai back.

Blaine raise the brush and began to bring it down sharply.

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Kurt hissed and gasped but took the first twenty or so quietly. A small puddle of tears collected on the hand that pillowed his head.

His legs kicked out halfheartedly. As much as the knowledge saddened Blaine; he knew he had to make Kurt really feel this. He pinned Kurt's legs with the leg Kurt wasn't laying on and raised the brush higher. He used more arm strength and flicked his wrist to bring Jessica nigri yoga pants brush down harder.