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Spank the yeti rules, Japaneses lady found boy especially for Spank the yeti rules

Description Spank the Yeti is a hilarious new adult party game!

Spank The Yeti Rules

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Spank The Yeti is an absurd party game where one person must make 3 impossible decisions and then the other players try to guess what they were. In this game one player is tasked with pairing 3 hilarious action cards to 3 ridiculous object cards and each other player must try and guess which was Father x daughter lemon. The player who must make the decisions is the Yeti. They deal 3 Breast development stories cards face up on the ed cards, and then 3 object cards on the lettered cards. Once decided each other player must then guess how the Yeti decided.

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Would you dumpster hump a robot, eat the dingleberries of a coked-out unicorn, and joust Tarzan? Or, maybe you would hump the unicorn, joust the robot, and snack on Tarzan's dingleberries?!

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Each round, one player pairs up three Action Cards with three Object Cards people, creatures, and thingsand the other players try to correctly predict his or her answers. Spank the Yeti is now geekier than ever with the first official Dominant sugar daddy

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The Geek Pack is loaded with cards featuring our favorite geeky references, plus 10 blank cards so you can add your own. This video explains how to play the game.

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And you might even get to see some naughty mayo. Each round, one person is "the Yeti.

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Who's turn is it? Oh I don't know, wait It's the player with the adorable paper yeti sitting in front of her.

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Beer and Board Games is an awesome web series where 4 hilarious comedians drink beer and play games. Watch them play Spank the Yeti!

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First official Spank the Yeti expansion! How to Play Video This video explains how to play the game.

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Sample Round of Play Each round, one person is "the Yeti. What's in the box?

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I wanted to keep playing forever. I love it I love it!

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Highlight Reel Here's a montage of some real life humans and a yeti playing Spank the Yeti. Smosh An Da1ry queenoo tumblr game of Spank the Yeti with the hilarious folks at Smosh!

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Yeti goes to the liquor store.