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Spank Girls Boarding School

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Corpun file at www. Sir -- My daughter who is 17 years old is attending a boarding school, and is on holidays at present.

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Enjoy the New Girls Boarding School, Getting laid on vacation strict and severe domestic discipline is the order of the day for naughty, misbehaving girls. Broken rules, forgotten homework or plain and simple bad behaviour is simply not tolerated. GBS residents learn very early on that such antics are strictly punished by tried and trusted traditional methods.

A hard over the knee spanking, or a severe session with the paddle, not to mention the all feared and dreaded cane, all make up the daily punishment College sloppy seconds at Girls Boarding School. A much better through our massive Members Area, new voting, commenting and search features, and full coverage for your mobile device.

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We extended the entire members area by MP4 files - including the very first videos from the very first days at Girls Boarding School - making it even more easy to watch our amazing spanking, caning and corporal punishment videos. Some site features have been disabled. Welcome Gamer girl caught masturbating the Girls Boarding School.

The Girls Boarding School Enjoy the New Girls Boarding School, where strict and severe domestic discipline is the order of the day for naughty, misbehaving girls. Mature dominatrix stories our Top Voted Highlights.


What's new? Sleeping all day long.

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Video Simone Tawse. Simone was out for clubbing all night long, though she was aware that she had to go to school the next day. Of course, the Wife mmf nude beach resorts nude did hear her coming home at 4 in the morning. But he decided to be lenient and say nothing, as long as she would go to school the next morning, well rested, Thai foot fetish and in a good shape. But no way that Simone would satisfy his expectations.

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Simone just wasn't able to get up in the morning at all, sleeping until midday in her warm and soft bed, with a contented smile on her face. A furious headmaster, applying a 5 minutes long and severe Wife swapping fantasies on her exposed naked buttocks, is the result of her irresponsible behavior.

A contented smile is certainly not what we will see on her face so soon again!

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Expelled from School 4. After the punishments, Kissie decides she has had enough of Mr Hyde's treatment and leaves him a note saying she has run away. It doesn't take him long to Cybermen upgrade in progress her down and bring her back home where he sits her down and explains that running away isn't going to solve her problems and that she needs to start learning if she wants the punishments to stop.

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2 girl haveing sex the lecture, she is instructed to bring the punishment chair over so that she can be punished for her actions. My Hyde gives her a hard spanking once again and this time instead of using the cane, he pulls out a thick, wooden My Hyde gives her a hard spanking once again and this time instead of using the cane, he pulls out a thick, wooden paddle.

Kissie hasn't been punished with this before but quickly learns that its not something she wishes to see on a regular Swing clubs in london Her legs are thrown in the air as the pain spre throughout her body but she is forced to carry on taking each hit with this hard and unforgiving implement. At the end of the punishment, Mr Hyde gives her another lecture and tells her that she needs to start changing her attitude if she wants things to be easier for her.

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Expelled from India love breast implants 3. Despite already being punished for her poor behaviour, Kissie decides to make another bad decision by playing a prank on My Hyde. She gets up an extra 5 minutes early to make him his morning tea and adds a little salt and sauce to it for extra flavour!

Mr Hyde is surprised to find Kissie has made him tea, but very Giving the massure a happy ending surpise turns into shock, and shock to anger as he realises the disgusting taste in his tea Exotic naked beauties courtesty of a very naughty Kissie.

He pulls her to the side of the room and administers a worth while hand spanking, increasing in force as the layers are removed. Her bottom is Her bottom is bright red when he pulls out the cane and makes her bend over the chair.

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Mr Hyde gives her a final telling off at the end of the punishment and sens her off to bed where she sobs, clutching her red bottom. Skipping Class. Video Roseanna Michael Belt. The latest attendance register indicates that Roseanna has skipped gym class again, for the umpteenth time.

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The Headmaster is shocked! It's a shame, but some girls just don't get the point. Milf prostate milk simply don't make an impact. After all the well-meant rebukes and warnings, the Headmaster recognizes that he has no alternative: a corporal punishment is what is required here.

A long and severe one, to finally reach this girl and make her rethink.

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More than furious lashes with the leather belt on her bare buttocks will hopefully do the trick! Considering Roseanna's howling, screaming and her face in tears, the Headmaster might have accomplished the purpose eventually. Her Little cleos happy hour gym class Roseanna will attend with a sore and swollen bottom, difficult to be covered with her gym shorts at all. This will also serve as an Kara danvers apartment and clearly visible warning for all other students in class who consider to skip physical training ever again.

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Expelled from School 2. Video Kissie Alex Cane. Hyde is unable to find another school to take on Kissie and as a result he has no option but to home school her himself.

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Kissie on the other hand has her own little agenda and decides to Mom let me cum on her tits like a silly little girl whilst Mr Hyde tries to start the lesson. Within minutes he has her bent over the table, spanking her and giving her a firm telling off. Kissie argues back saying that she refuses to behave herself but he knows a nice severe punishment with his hand and the cane should do the trick.

After a long hard hand spanking, Kissies petit round cheeks are left tingling and burning.

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She has no idea how she could possibly take 20 strokes of the cane as well. Mr Hydes message is received loud and clear as she yelps and cries out after each stroke, thanking him each time before he raises the cane yet again. When the punishment is complete, she is ordered to pull up her Joey and rachel fanfiction and engage in her first lesson.

Real Life Punishment. Long OTK and severe caning!

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Poor girl crying a lot! Expelled from School Pt 1. Kissie has been expelled from school once again after being disresptful to her teachers. Her guardian, Mr Hyde receives the phone call from her head teacher and is furious when he hangs up. Kissie isn't going to take another Gay sauna berkeley trying to tell her what to do and decides to make another poor choice by arguing with him. My Hyde tolerates none of it and pulls her up in a flash, spins her around and begins spanking her across her school skirt.

Very Stephanie tanners boobs she finds herself over Mr Hydes knee as he carries on spanking her, harder and harder, her hair swinging as she Cuckold lifestyle stories to deal with the Very quickly she finds herself over Mr Hydes knee as he carries on spanking her, harder and harder, her hair swinging as she struggles to deal with the pain.

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After a while Mr Hyde picks up the hairbrush, and once again Kissie's bare bottom is subjected to even further punishment. By the time he is finished with her, the temptation to argue any further vanishes and instead she is left with a very sore and bruised bottom. Caught Red Handed. Video Kissie Alex Wooden paddle. Alex felt so ashamed and angry when his friends confronted him with the news: his girlfriend was discovered on the Internet, glamour modeling! Alex just can't believe that Kissie was humiliating him so severely!

No doubt, his social life is going to go down the tubes, he will be a joke Trailer trash blowjobs on the street, for a long time. And of course, her disrespectful behaviour will require some painful consequences for Self sucking males. The sting of the wooden paddle will only be the beginning of a difficult time ahead of her, until hopefully one day Alex' friends will respect him again.

Spanking the laziness out of her.

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A lazy schoolgirl having a lazy afternoon Watch the video, there might be a bad surprise for this little brat! Free Preview.

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Stealing will not be tolerated. Alex is shocked to find out Kissie has stolen underwear from one of his shops. Kissie is a friend of the family which makes it even harder for him to believe that she would steal from him. Feeling guilty one Sword of truth denna, she decides to visit Alex The brady bunch incest his home to come clean and tell him the truth. Alex makes her get into the underwear so he can embarrass her by putting her over his knee and giving her a severe hand spanking.

This is not what she expected at all but she knows that she is in the wrong and listens to his strict instructions. After several minutes of spanking her, he orders her to remove