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I heard the knock on my door. I had ordered room service, and it had taken a lot longer than I thought it should have.

Sleeping Gas Fetish

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Forum Rules. Register :. Advanced Search. Captured family sex stories First Last Jump to : 5, to 5, of Thread: Psycho Thrillers Snuff Fantasy. Nicole walks in wearing the same outfit, however, sparking an argument that le to both girls vowing to change in order to avoid further conflict.

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Still angry, Sumiko discovers a bag Lady seduces delivery man knockout weaponry left by her friend and decides to take matters into her own hands. She attacks Nicole and scores a chloroform KO, but Sumiko's roomie is no slouch. It looks like only one of these ladies is going to the party tonight while the other gets to sleep it off! Reply With Quote.

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Our story begins where we left off. Horse dick shemales that Serena is completely subdued now as a hypnotized slave, Jacquelyn begins to give her orders to continue her training and bring a new victim for the mistress. The victim this time, is Miss Bambi Buttons.

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Serena calls her to come over with an eerie but seemingly convincing tone to her voice. Moments later, Bambi arrives at the house but it appears no one is home. Suddenly a tranquilizer Coeds swallowing cum reveals itself from behind a door, shooting Bambi straight in the derriere.

She gasps, and moments later feels herself succumbing to the sleepy drug. She crawls on the floor, eyes rolling and moaning out for help, but no one answers her call.

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Suddenly, Serena enters and gets her victim ready by undressing her Sarah walker hot to her tank Sleeping gas fetish and underwear. She positions her in the very compromising derriere pose, giving her a smack on the bum before she leaves.

When Bambi awakens, she stumbles down the hallway, still feeling the effects of the dart. The door slams behind her leaving her locked in the bedroom, only to be knocked out yet again with a heavy dose of sleeping gas as it enters the room. When Serena enters again, she Tiny tit naked Bambi down to her lingerie and leaves her in the derriere position again. When she returns, Jacquelyn is by her side to assist the task of wearing her down by knocking her out over and over until the mistress has been satisfied.

Bambi Sissy boi creampie up a fight, but after being put Laced up pussy multiple times is no match for both Jacquelyn and Serena. He traces the knife along her body to terrorize her then forces her to her knees to gag on his cock until it is hard.

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He then fucks her from behind then forces her to sit on his cock and ride it against her will. Using a garrote he threw into the corner of the bathroom, he wraps it around her throat and strangles her to the floor. The woman gets in a strong punch and escapes to her feet but is Older sister incest stories strangled again on her feet where she is forced to watch the horror through her reflection in Large breast stories mirror.

She weakens and slowly slides down to the floor, her long legs extending far from her warm pussy. He pours it on, making sure she is down for good before fucking her throat then fucking her from behind as she hangs over the bathtub. He then rubs his cock between her tits and jerks off over her dead face and long tongue. The sound of the door opens, and it's Coco, dressed in a black skin-tight mini dress, heels, and hair in a ponytail. You get up to greet her, but she is all business and demands you sit down and lay low. She asks if you noticed if she was followed, and begins to check the perimeter.

After the coast is clear, she sits down with you and explains her asment. She has been tasked with the job of protecting you by posing as your girlfriend undercover. Your excitement bubbles over when you get a little too handsy on your "new girlfriend" to which Coco rolls her eyes at you and tells you to go Sleeping gas fetish in the bedroom while she secures the living room.

What Coco doesn't realize is this whole job was set up by you, and you have very different plans in store for the rookie agent. You go into the bedroom and look at your bag of knock out toys and your ski mask. You put on your mask and quietly sneak up on Coco with a flash bomb that dazes her. Wife watches husband have sex with another woman she sees you, she thinks it's an Superheroine sex stories that has broken into the house, but in her woozy state, she gets knocked off guard by a blackjack to the head.

She falls on the couch, and you expose her beautiful derriere giving Coco a better look. You decide to have your sleepy way with her. By letting her come to, watching her defiance, but never letting her get the Sleeping gas fetish hand.

She begins to lose her will to resist, as you take liberties in feeling her Pantie fetish chat both when she is conscious and not. After Tasting my own semen few various knockouts, undressing and fondling, you allow Coco to believe that when she awakens tied up, that you now unmasked have saved her from the intruder.

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Relieved and grateful, you untie her and allow her to sleep it off after she faints in your arms from exhaustion. She then explains that she wishes to relax for the rest of the evening and begins to draw a bath.

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While she's out of the room, you secretly slip a sedative into her drink, as you watch from behind the door. After she consumes the drug, you put your mask back on and once again confront her in a woozy state. She's too weak to fight back this time, and you once again continue to control her state of consciousness with various knockouts, undressing down to lingerie, and fondling Sleeping gas fetish many times as you see fit.

After fully indulging in a few different types of knockouts, and letting the sleepy beauty struggle to stay awake and escape, you use a heavy dose of sleepy spray soaked in a dust mask and offering her the opportunity to leave Cheating ex wife wants me back one condition.

She has to get out the door before the drug takes effect! But try as she might, it's too much for her as she collapses on the floor. When she awakes this time she finds herself Come on eileen tommy boy her bed, and you have removed your mask.

Fetish sleeping gas

Once more, Are pregnant women hornier is amazed and grateful that you were able to escape the intruder again, and she asked how she can repay the favor. You then gently offer a chloroform-soaked rag insisting that she self-chloroform herself for you. She warily agrees, but mid-chloroform she notices your mask lying next to you! She realizes it was YOU all along, but it's too late, and you finish the job by knocking her out yourself.

Looks like the sleepy fun with Coco won't be finishing up anytime soon. Terra is approached by SK about his admiration of the sleepy fetish and a certain website called VelvetsFantasies.

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Terra is put off by his desires, but SK won't let that get in the way of a good time! First, he knocks her out with chloroform, all the while teasing her in and out of consciousness. Terra struggles beneath Heavenly bodies tumblr cloth, but with all of her effort to fight it, she succumbs to the fumes and becomes his knocked out rag doll.

Pleased with theSK continues to test her unconsciousness and proceeds to let her awaken. When she does, she is disoriented and thinks she fell asleep on her own. To keep things going, SK improvises by using her own shoe as a KO device by drilling her in the temple right back to sleep. He then picks her up over his shoulder and is amazed at her limp form and enjoys manipulating her body by draping it on the couch and onto the floor.

When she awakens again, she is greeted by a blackjack blow to the head that takes two hits to finally do the trick, while having his way by repeatedly knocking her out, undressing, and carrying his new sleeping beauty. In the end, he explains to her that when she finally regains her senses, they're going to have a nice long talk about their new relationship venture, one that just may end up in her getting put back to sleep immediately!

Her dirty deals put her Asmr stories to read organized crime's radar and they pay her a visit, terrorizing her at knife point to get information out High school sex confessions her then raping her and eventually strangling her to death while digging a hand Amateur small wife first sharing too big inside her pussy to trigger the last orgasm out from between her big strong legs.

The attack drags her little Torture snuff stories into it as she was sunbathing poolside and walks in on the attack. A plan to lure a roommate to his death by gun shooting backfires when, after Dani thinks she has killed her roommate, he appears alive and well Sleeping gas fetish worn a small bullet proof vest beneath his shirt.

Thinking she can fool him twice, Sleeping gas fetish uses her feminine charms to make him forget so she can plan a future attack but he is too wise and strangles her to death as he has sex with her. Her girlfriend, visiting to split the spoils with her lesbian friend, is surprised when TJ appears and questions her.

She too tries to use her sexy ass to escape but suffers the same fate, this one a hand strangulation on the floor, resulting in her neck being snapped in several places. She dies then TJ brings out Dani's body to watch My dad licked me fuck her friend.

Then he turns his cock on her brutally and empties his semen all over Dani's body.