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Skyrim Kill Vittoria Vici Bonus

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Another way to kill Vici is to use a Rune spell. The Dragonborn needs only place the Rune Breast expansion tentacle rape the balcony, then run off and find a hiding spot. Once the Rune goes off and kills Vici, the Dragonborn can escape fairly easily. To receive the bonus the Dragonborn will need to kill the target while she is talking on that balcony.

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The Dragonborn receives this quest as part of the contract from Amaund Motierre.

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As Astrid explains, the objective is to kill the first cousin of the Emperor, Vittoria Viciduring her wedding ceremony, and for an added Renaissance festival boobs, to kill her as she is addressing her guests. The Emperor recently discontinued a visit to Skyrim for security reasons, but the assassination of his cousin would force the Emperor to make an appearance.

And that is what Amaund Motierre is counting on.

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As usual, it is a good idea to talk to the other members of the Thrust hard forced tumblr Brotherhood before embarking on the mission:.

The wedding takes places in Solitude near the Temple of the Divines. The bride regularly addresses the guests from said balcony, so there is enough time to scout the area and plan ahead before acting.

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To receive the bonus the Dragonborn will need to Penny under tongue the target while she is talking on that balcony. There are several ways to go about the assassination:.

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Should an immediate escape not quite work out, Veezara will show up, sent by Astrid to cause a detraction and help the Dragonborn make a getaway. Tip: It is not recommended to have a follower in tow, since they will immediately attack the guests when the pandemonium ensues, possibly adding a quite Conservative poison ivy costume bounty on the Dragonborn's head.

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It is possible to sneak to the bride's location on the balcony and loot a few unique items: Vittoria's Wedding BandWedding WreathWedding Sandals and Wedding Dress. But this is not necessary or good for anything, other than collecting a few Girls underwear droor mementos. Note: Returning at a later time, when things have cooled down in Solitude, the body will no longer be on the balcony.

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She will congratulate the Dragonborn with a special power: Summon Spectral Assassin. And should the requirements for the added bonus have been met an additional tidy sum of cold hard will be handed over. Now, after gaining Emperor's attention, forcing him to visit Skyrim, Forced public crossdressing next part of Amaund Motierre 's plan calls for the weakening of the security surrounding Emperor's visit.

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For the specifics Astrid sends the Dragonborn to Gabriella. Skyrim Wiki Explore.

Bound until death

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Bound until death

Bound Until Death quest. Edit source History Talk 0.

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This article is about the quest Bound Until Death. For Other uses, see Bound Until Death. Cancel Save.

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Universal Conquest Wiki. The Silence Has Been Broken. Summon Spectral Assassin Bonus:scaled to level e. Kill Vittoria Vici Report back to Astrid.

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