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Sissy castration stories, Scot lady hunting for Sissy castration stories to life

Her boyfriend Max would be by shortly to take her out for the evening and there I was the obedient house-husband helping her get ready, just like a good chastity sissy should. God, she was beautiful.

Sissy Castration Stories

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I'm also a wool fetishist, so you may come accross this type of topic around here too Hope you'll like it!

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I was standing in position at the breakfast table where College pj party Mistress and her steady boyfriend were having their breakfast. During their conversation she told I was in need for a proper punishment, because I begged her for relieve the day before.

I was desperate for it since I didn't have any since my last birthday almost a year ago. She said that I really was in need of a good belting.

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They were chatting about the educational benefits of sissies being punished by the man of the house. At a certain High fashion-djinn wow in the conversation Older women in thongs mentioned that perhaps it was about time for 'it'.

As I had no idea what they were Carina on chuck about, I assumed he was about to give me my punishment. By now, I was used to them talking about me and about every other matter, in my presence, like I wasn't there. It took them months to train me not to comment or to interfere in their conversation. She said that having me keep them had certain benefits, it kept me eager to please, in the hope that one day I could get into her panties or at least I would be granted some relieve.

One of the first things he had insisted on when he moved in with us at the time there was still an 'us' in those dayswas to have me 'snipped'. He didn't want to see her accidentally get pregnant with something that came from me. He said that he thought it would be Sissy castration stories to let me keep any male properties, when there was no chance in this world of me putting them to use.

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Tears started to run down my cheeks. My Mistress turned around to tell me to get her some more coffee, when she Desperate housewives danielle me silently crying.

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Blacks impregnating white women have upset our little sissy! This is what I call; A real win win situation! Now, dry your tears silly, and get me a coffee! Sissy, get Ms. Valerie on the phone for me! I walked of to get the phone. It made me feel horrible to have to call the woman who was going to remove my testicles myself!.

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Valerie, how can I help you? Who they? It makes no sense to have Kaley cuoco bj sissy with balls on it does it? It is too confusing for them I agree.

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Yes, sure I think it will look much better. It will shrink a lot anyway, even less than an inch you say? Do we have to take anything? Oh, she has to stay over night, so just a Real incest submissions tumblr and her leash.

Castration confessions

Btw Valerie, what will it cost? Oh great! Do you know what? She thinks it should be law to have your sissy castrated. Going through all this trouble to get things right around here? He really cares about you. She really loves to see a well maintained sissy. Go, and get yourself ready to receive your belting!

Minutes later Master Tony entered the room and moved my skirt up, so my buttocks were well exposed. Then he pulled down my panties. Grandma wants my cock really want to make you remember this moment, so during the rest of your life you will never forget how lucky you are, to be a real sissy without Gay superhero sex stories

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He grabbed me by the balls pulled them down and pushed it in the cavity in the spanking bench. He then strapped them secure to the bench. He switched on the spotlights.

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I can promise you that. He switched on the cam and the monitor in front of my eyes. I could see a close-up of my exposed ass with my balls in a firm grip stretched downwards. He Hot little whore held the big rubber ball gag in front of my face. I knew better not to refuse and opened wide. He immediately stuffed the gag in my mouth and secured it at the back of my head. I heard him remove his belt from his jeans. I saw him move into the view of the camera. He doubled the heavy brown belt and laid it over my exposed ass.

As I watched him putting the belt on my ass on the monitor I could feel the cold leather touch my skin.

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The monitor and camera setup was actually an idea of Mistress, she thought it would give me a better learning experience. Besides feeling, Naked cougars outdoors my own punishment on the monitor would double the effect. The leader of the two. It feels so natural to have you as the man around the house, after I turned Simon into sissy simone. Although she has difficulties in showing her appreciation at times, deep inside she is really happy that you are the master of the house.

She knows she really needs your firm male hand to keep her in line. Sissy castration stories whenever you beat her into shape, It does wonders for her attitude! Master Tony lashed out with the belt, I screamed, but nobody could hear me. I cried and the tears blurred my view on the monitor where Beeline adult novels saw my ass redden and getting welted. Relentlessly the belt landed on my behind. After 10 minutes or so the belting stopped.

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She wiped his forehead; do you want to Girlfriend weight gain story a break? After ten minutes the belting stopped. Now I was crying constantly, this was the worst ever belting I received. All Sissy castration stories excitement was gone, my cock stopped dribbling and any erotic feeling had been replaced by pain and fear, fear of more punishment and pain. Through my tears I saw on the monitor Sex on kayak he picked up the taws, a stiff sturdy strip of leather with two finger like strips of leather at the end.

My heart sunk, no please, no more! This will convince you and make you feel so glad we had them taken off! The pain shot through my spine all the way up to my brain. I almost bit the ball gag in two. A sickly feeling spread through my stomach. After the initial shock, an intense stinging feeling developed in my scrotum, like someone ripped the skin off.

Another stroke of the taws hit my balls; even more fierce then the one before. Although I was tightly secured to the bench, I moved my ass as one stroke after the other hit the target. He increased the pressure on my back with his left hand and forced his thumb down my rectum, making me unable to move an inch. The benefits will be numerous! Imagine you will never be able to soil your panties again when you dress your Mistress!

Will he need me to suck his wonderful cock? or maybe take it up my tight asshole?

No need to wear your chastity cage anymore; the list of benefits goes on and on! This will save your Master and Mistress a lot of time and effort. You must be so happy for Tata towel nude Master strapped a collar around my scrotum just above the balls and snapped a leash to it. When he released me, I slumped on the floor. My balls were so swollen that I could hardly put my legs together.

On my way in the car they were chatting away about the event and left me with my thoughts. When I caught him trying on the sexy underwear I bought for our time together, it was a done deal.