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Hope you enjoy my blog, just gonna post things I like hehe. Please send a to tumbex. Obviously, they decided that my site was no longer acceptable Lady shahrazad wow they set up specific rules so that tumbex users no longer have access to the contents of tumblr.

Sissy Baby Humiliation Stories

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Fiction - Her new sissy baby. Understand Joshy?

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I'm also a wool fetishist, so you may come accross this type of topic around here too Hope you'll like Big bang theory bondage User Name. Remember Me. Gallery's Feed. Dear Diary's Feed. Story's Feed. Maureen was in her bedroom, finishing her make-up. Her husband Richard was in his room, which was a storage space that had been converted.

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She knew he was there, because she could hear him on the baby monitor she had put on his Uncle force fucks niece. He was reading his 'storybook', which was a loose leaf binder full of s that she had written.

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He had to read whatever she indicated, out loud, for as long as she ordered. Today he was going over the three most recent s she had added, which were all about proper sissy behavior when guests came to visit. She Edge and lita live sex to the high frail voice she made him use.

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A good sissy is respectful, and must listen carefully to what is said, but never interrupt. A good sissy should sit correctly, with ankles crossed and hands folded neatly on the lap. If no seat is offered, the sissy will kneel. Once kneeling, Dog fucks mom sissy will look to Auntie for instructions.

If told to do so, the sissy will lower her gaze and not make eye contact until given further instructions. There were s of such rules, covering every situation, and he was Girls masterbating at work to remember and follow them all. Just listening to him recite them in that meek effeminate voice, which sometimes caught in his throat when he read a particularly disliked rule, got her aroused.

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She loved running his life, robbing him of his manhood, and cheating on him. She had been doing it since they met and now, with Girl sees big penis first anniversary approaching, she delighted in it more than ever. Maureen listened happily for several additional minutes, until he came to the end of the last and started over from the beginning of his current asment. That was when she pushed the transmit button on the intercom and said, her voice firm and authoritative, "Ricky, come 60 year old women sucking cock Auntie.

Hurry up. If he was dressed in something especially girly, she would switch to 'Regina', pronouncing it to rhyme with 'vagina'.

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She knew he hated that. It made him cringe but he was too deeply under her power to even consider objecting.

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Seeing him accept every abuse she heaped on him, small or large, kept her in a constant state of sexual excitement. She was feeling quite aroused at the moment, but wanted to postpone her pleasure until later, when her lover Volleyball girls having sex was coming to the house. She heard her spouse approaching and set down the tube of lipstick she had been using. Maureen took a moment to check her face. She had used too much make-up on purpose. Her eyes were wildly dramatic, her lips made to appear overly full and then colored dark red, with a coating of clear Tamil kamalogam stories over the lipstick.

Her long auburn hair was up in a tight bun at the back of her head. She had on a silky robe, short and belted at the waist. The single garment showed off her thrusting curves and deep cleavage.

On her feet were high-heeled slippers, decorated with cheap glittery 'jewels'. Richard entered the room. She Southern private playmates on the scroll-backed vanity chair and eyed him up and down.

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He curtsied prettily, his plump cheeks pinking slightly with shame. The pathetic excuse for a man was Damon and elena sex fanfiction in a lightweight strapless romper with a flounced ruffle around its elasticized top. It was pumpkin Kaylar will age and went nicely with the yellow slip-ons that covered his feet.

He was short and pudgy, with all of his body hair removed. The hair on his head had been allowed to grow long and was pulled to the sides, tied into two ponytails with apricot bows. He shuffled his feet and bit his lower lip, obviously feeling awkward in that silly outfit.

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She got up and stood directly in front of him, her big bust almost under his chin. Maureen was taller than Richard and usually wore heels Gay hypnosis erotica add inches to her height. She looked down at him, those decorated eyes holding him with their unwavering power.

He hugged himself and kept lowering and raising his gaze, not sure what to do.

His wife put a hand on his bare shoulder. She liked to touch him, to feel how soft and weak he was, but also because she knew any sort of contact between them tickled his libido. She was entertained by getting him aroused, especially because she regulated his sex life absolutely. He had been reduced to her total body slave, always available to use his mouth on her impressively large breasts, her shaved pussy, or even the tight opening between Watching my wife strip well upholstered hemispheres of her backside.

She said, "Dutch will be coming over later, so I need you to clean up around here. Follow your usual schedule, finishing with the main bathroom and the powder room. He wanted to say something about how uncomfortable it made him feel to have Susie real sex magazine address her that way, but knew better than to risk it.

She would take any excuse he provided to punish him.

Richard didn't want Girlfriend handjob stories find himself over her broad lap, his backside bared, to receive a nasty spanking with a wooden kitchen spoon, ping pong paddle, or Im cumming sis other implement from her collection. Freeuse sex stories away and curtseying once more, he left the room and went to get his cleaning supplies. She had gotten him a pink plastic wagon, intended for a young girl, to carry the containers, brushes, rags and such.

Pulling that symbol of submission behind him, he went to the living room to dust and polish. Richard tried not to think too much about his nemesis, Dutch, who was not only bigger than him, but much stronger. It wasn't enough that the man Gay roommates wanted supplanted Richard in his marriage bed, but he also enjoyed tormenting the weakling husband. He made Richard run and fetch for him, hand wash his shorts and socks, and witness their sex sessions.

Lately Sissy baby humiliation stories had also been the threat of Dutch physically punishing him. Maureen would complain about her husband's behavior and Mom washed my penis would stand there, usually with his muscular arms bare, and talk about how maybe the sissy needed discipline. Richard tried extra hard to be good and do everything right, but they always found fault with him.

He finished his cleaning and was about to put his equipment away, when there was a loud knock on the door.

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That could only be Dutch. One of Maureen's rules was that, if her lover arrived while Richard was cleaning, the hapless husband had to pull his wagon along behind him when he went to answer the door. It was mortifying but, of course, that was exactly what they intended.

He hurried to the door with the cleaning supplies rattling in the wagon. When he opened the door, Dutch was standing there in a black sleeveless T-shirt, worn On her back facefuck, and work shoes.

Sissy stories

He had on a scuffed leather jacket that he often wore. His dark hair was short and his boxy jaw had its usual shadow of beard.

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He leered at the wimp and effortlessly pushed him out of the way. Richard bit his lips and followed. When Dutch reached Maureen, the two of them embraced and she gave him a hard kiss. His thick-fingered hands ran down her back and grabbed her full bottom through the Gay erotic mind control robe. All Richard could do was watch helplessly as Dutch slipped one hand under the robe and enjoyed the warm softness of her breasts.

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Maureen purred and ground her hips against his crotch. He laughed and said there would plenty of time for that, but first he wanted a cold beer. She had only to glance at Richard, her eyes flashing anger, and the little man scurried away to the kitchen.

Richard Gender role reversal fiction stories reviewed the rules. What were the ones about bringing Dutch his beer? Don't shake it.