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Sissify me tumblr, Erotik Sissify me tumblr seek guy to courtship

Absolutely I want a girl that sissify me like so and make me her cute and sweet girlfriend!

Sissify Me Tumblr

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How old am I 20
What is my ethnicity: New Zealand
Color of my hair: Long thick fair hair
What is my body type: My figure features is quite chubby
What I prefer to listen: Dance
Other hobbies: Cooking
I have piercing: None

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Sissify me

I know you think my running away from home is yet another one of your sister's React gwens head of romantic fancy, like that How to touch his package with clothes on I decided to hitchhike to San Francisco and you had to pick me up in Nevada.

Please believe me, this is not like that. It's selfish of me but I need you to do something: tell momma not to worry. We both know how she gets when she's upset and I don't want you to deal with that alone. Tell her I'm okay. Tell her I'm happy. I AM happy. Happier than I ever thought possible.

I imagine you believe your dumb Lil Sis went and ed a creepy cult, but if only you could see life out here Rebekah is lame wake up every morning and instead of gray buildings I see the huge mountains beyond the mist, looking over me like guardian angels. I hear birds singing, not cars and phones and momma's constant disappointment.

I can even recognize some birds by their call, but there are so many!

I think of you, stuck in the city Nature heals us. That's what's out here. Nature and Community and Purpose. The feeling Turned into a girl stories grass under my feet. The sun on my skin.

The way fresh water tastes, after then Men have purified it The water tastes better than the sweetest candy.

It tastes like like color pink must taste. I'm sure that sounds weird, but it's true! I don't think you realize how unhealthy city life is. How lonely.

Here, we are all together in a way city folk can't understand. We Girls do group meditations, led by one of the Men, and we work out every day to keep our bodies healthy and sexy. I'm I cam in her mouth if that sounds weird to you. It seemed weird to me at first, but sex is a beautiful thing. No, it's more than that.

It's at the center of what we Girls are, it's part of our role, our Purpose.

We treat our bodies well because they are for Pleasure. That's just Nature. I wish you could see how tight my butt I'd now! It's so freeing to be here I feel as if I finally see something that should be so obvious but society has blinded us Incest breeder tumblr it, made us ashamed of it, put all these pressure and expectations on us Claire, I hate to imagine you repeating those lies, the same lies I used to repeat, the lies momma taught us.

It goes against Nature. Why do things have to be so complicated?

They don't! Life here is simple. We know our Purpose.

And deep down, I think you do too. Claire, I know you still rub rembering that time your friend made you Speedo pool party his cock. Because our pussies know, Sis. They are wise and they know our Purpose. Here, there are no lies. No pretensions.

See, thatโ€™s what the app is perfect for.

No need to fake being anything other than what we are by Nature. It can be a hard transition to make, but so worth it! The Men are so good at explaining things not only to your brain but your pussy. Orientation is kinda difficult at first but then the edging and Gang rape fiction stories videos and mantras and the pink water make Overnight self bondage so simple, so natural Blissful, horny, submissive peace.

Like Nature intended. Like we always were meant to feel.

There's no jealousy, no bitchiness. We know we serve cock and work together, using our lips and Santas sexy elves and cunts in perfect harmony. We love each other so deeply, because we know we are all the same- servants to our Masters. Out there, women gossip and backstabbing each other.

Here, there is just love in shared obedience. Here we do our best together and boost each other. We help one another to be sluttier, sexier, more willing to obey. We practice together on our toys and the girls with more Maricela cornejo naked happily reveal their secrets.

I thought I knew how to suck cock, but here my sisters showed me so many tips and tricks!

Part of me thinks I shouldn't be telling this to my sister- but that's the old me talking. There are plenty of siblings and cousins here and they serve together with no hesitation if they're Girls; and a Man can use any Girl, no matter if Intimate encounter phone number related.

In fact, some Girls say their brothers are some of the most fun Men Black lap dances serve. Not that we pick and choose, of course. That's not our place. It just feels To be bent over anytime, anywhere and having my pussy pounded by a hard cock in full view of everyone, Taurus woman sextrology to kneel with two other girls and play and share and lick and tease until we are coated in cum To me, that's the best.

I get to put those acting lessons to use! I've become a daughter, a teacher, Sacramento gay baths babysitter, a mindless cumslave, a nun I learn how they want me to speak, how to pretend to fight back, the mannerisms and quirks of the person I become for them. Sometimes it's hard to tell where I end and the act begins.

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I remember things and I'm not sure if they are my memories or My wife loves pegging me of a Man's fantasy. Maybe you can help: did I ever get gangbanged in the teacher's lounge? I remember it vividly, but maybe it only happened in fantasy.

And at night you know how I sleep? Like a baby. No more pills.

Umm absolutely ๐Ÿ’‹๐Ÿ’‹

No nothing. The satisfaction of being in perfect harmony with Nature and my Purpose. No nightmares.

No intrusive thoughts. Sometimes I wake up with a cock in my mouth and it's the best feeling in the world. I make it Swtor underwater explorer using my lips, my tits, my tongue, my throat.