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Shavari following me, Shavari following me girl seek guy especially for naughties

Sure, travelling is fun. Shavari made sure we gain good reputation in Raven Rock, she even made friends with some high ranking political figures there. So yes, we do like to travel, but next time, we hope to go to more pretty and warmer place.

Shavari Following Me

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I decided to check what she had cuz' I wanted some gold but instead I found a strange note that spooked Can i watch you jack off out! Weird huh? Search "Shavari" for more details. I was under the impression that Shavari appears in Riften during the quest. At least to me, she only ever appeared after I got out of the Ratway with Esbern, and usually Esbern kills her after she attacks me.

Age I'm 47 years old
Eyes colour: Dark dark eyes
My hair: Black hair
I understand: English
What I prefer to listen: Opera

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There is a female Khajiit, forgot her name, will have to look, that follows me around Riften no matter what I do but when I try to talk to her or anything she says the same thing "Pfft get away". But everywhere I go in Riften Husband watches wife with other men she is just following me and watching.

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What the hell? That's Shavari.

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She's a Thalmor spy. She's going to try to kill you, good luck. The first time I saw her I knew something wasn't right, so I never turned my back to her. As soon as I saw her in the tunnels she got an arrow to the throat and the full force of an unrelenting shout.

I had to giggle a Sub drop long distance when I saw OPs post.

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OP will find out soon enough. I love it when new players come in. She is a tsundre Khajiit.

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She'll warm up to you. I have no idea who this npc is. I guess I'll have to see. No matter how many times I go back it's the same deal.

Nope, she's vanilla. Found the internet!

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Continue this thread. I see. Thanks for the warning.

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