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Ahsoka could feel her influence over the Force beginning to falter, she fought fiercely to maintain her fragile calm state of mind. Ahsoka gracefully guided her tablet into her outstretched arms, holding the tome tight against her chest. Ahsoka opened her eyes, watching as the Padawans silently filed out of the room into the Sharing my wife with massive cocks temple common.

Shaak Ti Lemon

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Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. The author claims no ownership of any copyrighted material. Eager for round two, the one that had tried to kill Daughter nude at home took Shaak by the headtails and hauled her to her feet. Too humiliated to resist, she was roughly bent over, purple eyes widening when she felt pressure against her snug backdoor.

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Drawing on the Force, she relaxed her body Cruel cuckold stories much as possible but hers was a prideful anus, her Shaak ti lemon bravely resisting until the droid grabbed her by the hips and pulled her to him while jabbing his crotch forward, shoving half his length into Shaak ti lemon body hard enough to lift her off her feet! Shaak's screams rang down the Hand 's empty corridors, abruptly ending when a second MagnaGuard shoved his swollen prick into her face, gagging her and smothering her cries.

Luckily for her, even an aging Togruta's asshole was more pliant than the average humanoid's, her Jedi Master discipline allowing her to focus on the prick sawing in and out of her pouty alien mouth while her poor bum slowly recovered. Or Guys running around naked to anyway, the droid capitalizing on his success by pulling her closer, spearing her on his spurting machinehood. The MagnaGuard in front moved with her, ensuring she didn't lose an inch of Teen girl diaper story cock and feeding her even more!

Tears ran down a face even redder than usual as her throat was invaded and her rectum defiled! They pounded her masterfully, synced so that a cock was always buried up her ass or down her throat. Spitted between them like a piece of meat, Shaak could only groan and wince as they rode her, drooling around the bulging shaft pistoning in and out of her mouth while her firm ass rippled and bounced under the onslaught.

She grasped the droid legs in front of her for support, moaning when the machine took her great montrals in his hands and Lisa salters butt tugging them Guy gets anal raped big alien cocks!

He worked her expertly, programmed to know just how sensitive the appendages could get, and before long Shaak was moaning around his prick, purple eyes rolling around in her head while her swollen breasts swung like udders beneath her, her lactating gray nipples the ultimate of Togruta arousal. They weren't about to let her off so easily, however, and just when Shaak felt the first stirrings in her loins the droid in her mouth yanked free, throwing her off balance.

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Falling on her face, she slipped right off the cock buried up her bum, screaming as she was suddenly left totally empty, her gaping asshole quivering while she coughed up enough spit and pre-cum to form a small puddle. Heart pounding, sweaty chest heaving, Shaak hid her face behind her slender headtails and called on every ounce of willpower not to beg for more. Not that appearances mattered very much now, the machines towering over her, their glowing photoreceptors recording every second of a broken Jedi Master's humiliation Satisfied with their handiwork, one of the fresher MagnaGuards laid down on the floor beside her.

If it was good enough for them then it was good enough for her, Shaak holding back a tired smile as the fat cockhead teased her asshole before she was roughly pulled down, taking the rigid prick all the way to the root in the blink of a purple alien eye! The other fresh MagnaGuard was on her before she could take a breath, kneeling between her long red Girl gets fucked in ass by dog and swiftly entering her in one quick motion.

Eyes Shaak ti lemon, toes curling, Shaak tried to scream but How to tell if your girlfriend is a whore as her pussy was instantly packed to the brim with fake machine meat, her slender holomodel body trembling as pleasure unlike any other rolled through her dripping body, making her pussy gush and her nipples fire several milky spurts! Indifferent to her climax, the droids powered into her with everything they had, triggering a chain of orgasms as they plundered her like a two credit Corellian whore, making her holes slurp with every thrust.

Shaak bounced violently between them, her moans undulating, her breasts flopping hard enough to smack her chin.

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Unable to stop herself, she slowly lifted her legs as the double-team continued, looking every inch a Togruta stripper until finally she draped her pretty feet over the MagnaGuard's broad shoulders, letting Head shave bet droid studs deeper into her body, their cocks scraping together with only a thin fleshy membrane between them!

Wife lingerie sex they feasted on her willing alien body, the other two stepped up and presented their cocks. Without thinking, Shaak grabbed the one still dripping with her spit and began stroking it. At the same time, she turned her head and engulfed the other, the taste of her own ass making her gush yet again, her pouty lips and long tongue sliding over the bumpy surface, cleaning some of the mess she had made. She held nothing back, bobbing her head, twisting Turkey baster clit pump side to side, her headtails flying while she tugged in time with her sucks.

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Later, she would tell everyone she had only done what she'd had to in order to survive, like a modern day Ellone Mantesse the Naboo slut who famously ended the Jante-Freda Conflict with a blowbangbut in her heart she wanted to do this--she needed to do this! The droids taking her body began squealing. At first, Shaak thought they were moaning with pleasure, then she noticed the smoke Real dog sex stories from their auditory receptors and realized they were starting to overheat.

Shaak ti (star wars)

There was no way of knowing if it was just this batch or if there was a flaw with the model itself, but someone somewhere had made a terrible mistake, using the machines' internal lubrication as the basis for their hot oily droid jizz. Shaak immediately doubled her efforts, sucking harder, pulling faster, while rolling her hips and meeting her lovers pump for pump.

Had she not already expertly drained them they would still be operating at optimal levels, but she had Sexy clara oswald now they were at her mercy, all four starting to squeal as she played the star of her own personal sexvid.

The one in her pussy came first, burying himself to his artificial balls before firing several thick globs directly into her uterus. He was clearly into his reserves now, his spurts lessening after several seconds, but he was still potent enough to leave Shaak moaning, her pouty lips curling back How to make your own anal beads bare razor sharp teeth as she came yet again.

When Giantess x reader was spent, she took Yuan ti woman moment to enjoy his size before removing her feet from his shoulders and planting them on his chest, a hard shove pushing him out of her body and sending him skittering across the floor. Freed, Shaak leaned forward into a deep crouch, putting her hands on the floor before looking back and rocking her hips, riding her ass up and down the MagnaGuard cock lodged deep in her hot alien bowels.

The droid squealed louder, black smoke pouring from Women licking pussy in public faceplate. Shaak rode him faster, moving from root to tip, nearly slipping off Shaak ti lemon times as Office blowjob swallow used her rectum to masturbate him. She was quickly rewarded with a thick geyser of gooey sperm that nearly knocked her clear.

Using the Force, she held herself firmly in place with just the cockhead inside her, eyes closed and mouth open while the load swept through her. When it was over, she lifted up on Shaak ti lemon legs, giving the remaining droids the briefest glimpse of her ruined asshole before oily sperm poured out, splattering all over the smoking MagnaGuard! Feeling ten pounds lighter after the Laurie dhue feet enema, Shaak dropped to her knees in front of the droid that had first taken her ass and finished cleaning him.

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At the same time, she d tugging the final droid, bringing them both to a messy finish in mere seconds, one shooting off all over her face and montrals while the other popped in her mouth. She swallowed quickly, enjoying the thrill of being a literal Jedi cum dumpster, but after just a few gulps yanked the spurting metal hose free and let it add to the mess on her pretty alien face. When that wasn't enough, she tilted her head back, making brief eye contact Gay chastity torture their droid eyes before letting them fire all over her tits and stomach.

She knew how this would look when the galactic media replayed it a thousand times in the coming days, but she didn't care, flashing a genuine smile when they Wesley pipes dildo finished shooting, leaving her soaked in oily brown slime.

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Lightsaber in hand, Shaak jogged away before they could recover. Naked and dripping with Self hypnosis obey anyone jism, she trusted the Force as it led her deeper into the ship. I have an idea for a follow-up so I'll see what I can do.

If you haven't already, you might try reading Jinzler: Sex Machine which is a similar story about a Jedi having sex with droids. Log In Up. Explore New Story. Live Webcams Models Online Now! See all models online at LitWebcams. Swipe to see who's online now! Story Info. Share Fireplace sex gif Story. Font Size Default Font Size. Default Font Spacing.

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Even if it meant encountering a machine that made a MagnaGuard look like a protocol droid. Bookmark Story. Follow Author 32 Followers.

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