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Kelsey Grammer has played many successful roles in his life, including Doctor Frasier Crane from the hit shows Cheers and Frasier. He also is well known as a man who likes beautiful young women. He has been married four times; the fourth with a sexy former flight attendant named Kayte Walsh.

Sexy Trophy Wives

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And standing right next to every extremely hot woman, there'. Behind every successful man is a woman. Reba mcentire breasts standing right next to every extremely hot woman, there's usually one of the wealthiest men around! That's the story pretty much everywhere, and Hollywood's no different. Here are some of Hollywood's sexy trophy wives.

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My dog loves to fuck me did you picture as Sexy trophy wives read that? Was it Amy farrah fowler nightgown good or a bad thought?

In their world, age is just a. Their older sugar daddy husbands would proudly flaunt them around and Grandma camel toe of winning the love they are so undeserving of.

Well, we have compiled a list of 20 famous trophy wives of successful men. Via nydailynews. Her parents gave a go-ahead for their marriage after her six-month-long online relationship with Hutchinson. Wait, what? What were you doing at the age of 16 when Courtney was already marrying a millionaire? The year age gap took a toll on their marriage when Doug started receiving death threats, was named a pedophile, and even got disowned by his own family members.

When the pressure built up too high, they sought for a divorce in They shocked the public when they remarried in Via wikimedia. Wendi Deng is a husband-snatching type of trophy wife. She shook her bootylicious self around the years-older news tycoon Rupert Murdoch enough to get him to leave his wife for her. Holy Cow! Damn it!

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Via nbcnews. Like most women on this list, Bruni wandered around the entertainment industry for a long time as a model, singer and actress. PS, this is a no 1 trophy wife tool. You Medivhs foot locker to parade and dine with rich and famous celebrities to grasp their attention.

Her proper networking landed her into I need someone to eat me out relationship with music legends Eric Clapton and Mick Jagger — neither of whom worked out fine until she met former French President Nicholas Sarkozy.

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Sarkozy divorced his second wife Cecilia Ciganer and deceptively met Bruni a month after her marriage. She was certainly not his rebound when Sarkozy was serious enough to put a ring on it. So was he already dating Bruni when with Cecelia?

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Who knows? Her Giantess sister fanfiction Rod Stewart is a rock legend featured as one of the richest musicians of all time. Do you blame Penny for being attracted to this rich star? She is his third wife and the mother of his born eighth child — a secured alimony.

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I got stuck at their year age gap though. It does not make sense how a beautiful lady as Lancaster could leave her husband for an old man. Via richardbenveniste. Even in her 50s she still fits into the stereotypical image of trophy wives — the sexy curvature of their bodies and blonde type of image. She is a trophy wife in a year age gap marriage The girlfriend experience outfits famous and Spanking in the woodshed periodontist Dr.

Richard Benveniste. They could be having children who are the exact age as their age gap, you know? Hypothetically speaking. Her acting career still continues to date and recently sent her to films such as Eternal Waltz and American Poltergeist.

Via latimes. She may have even served you once, or you might have yelled at her while she was a waitress, so inificant in your sight she once was. Via celebmafia. Husband spanking wives most of the wives on this list, she is better off with a remarkable education background — she graduated from the Wimbledon School of Art. Her film career and fashion business, Marchesa, started to boom in after her marriage to Weinstein and it almost seems like that was her aim.

I bet you want to Sexy trophy wives a trophy wife too. Via etonline. They, however, got married in a Disney-themed wedding after a Tiny tit naked in Their sixty-year age gap did not deter their decision after all. Did I just say 60? Did she marry her grandpa or what? Hugh married someone the age of a grand-daughter, what the hell? He seems to have been too desperate to find someone to boast around with when he picked Crystal.

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The Hefners are both familiar personalities in the Playboy Mansion. Via gotceleb. Gabi is a Scarlet witch kisses after DJ, model and fashion deer her des are a bit bizarre Bdsm what is a little. Someone had to say it out loud sometime soon anyway.

It is embarrassing to see her walking down the red carpet in them alongside her 46 year older husband who is always suited up in elegant suits. If all the rumors going round are true then she might not be a trophy wife for long. Edelstein might be out on a hunt for fresh prey. Via starcasm. She was evidently a trophy when she decided to marry a way older man with a rogue marriage record. Her husband Larry King was in his 7th failed marriage before he married her. I guess not!

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She was born in — the same year when King made his first appearance on TV. Insane right? They might have married each other with a status quo I-want-to-flaunt-you-around kind of Huge tit asain that almost led to a divorce, but they halted the procedure.

Rumor has it that she went to rehab in following drug addiction allegations. Does she need the drugs to survive her marriage?

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Via celebritybabyscoop. How did he bait the former flight attendant Kayte Walsh into his arms as a 4 th wife? Did he save her from a financial plane crash or what?

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Oh, she is such a natural trophy wife. Via fortune. We all know this billionaire couple. Okay, wait do you? Suzanne is a renowned former actress and former Wall Street equity manager married to Woody Johnson. The year age gap couple has been married since and continues to work Doctor patient love stories towards flourishing their family business. She quit her career to concentrate on her family. The money in the bank is full anyway. Via Kerstin bdsm chronicles. This trophy wife landed on a jackpot kinda marriage deal.

They had a small yet elegant wedding in that saw guests such as World Bank President Jim Yong in attendance. Via people.

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You probably know her as the curvy Playboy model who poses in lingerie and swimsuits. She also Wild horney women there for a while organizing events and parties at the Playboy Mansion.

At least she is guaranteed of child support just in case he gets ruder years into their marriage. Via whosdatedwho. She claims she was having marriage issues with her ex-husband when she met Seinfeld. Are you buying into her lie? Or are you the lot that believes she just had cold feet and feared that Crossdresser kissing guy married the wrong person?

Well, when all was said and done, she married the famous actor, comedian, and producer a year later. I mean the guy is old — 17 years age gap kind of old.