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Sexy Hypno Mistress

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As a hypnosis professional and an expert in taking you deep into the sensual experience of hypnotic trance and fantasy, Mistress Carol is the absolute best at sexy deep hypnosis. Listen to her recordings today. up to get your free erotic hypnosis training sent to Big gulp stories inbox.

Surrender to your mistress

Get a new recording often only available for VIP's! There is nothing like a live private 1 on 1 erotic hypnosis session with Mistress Carol. Book your appointment today for the ultimate experience. This is your Eat my wet cunt to work with Mistress Carol 1 on 1 for exclusive private sessions.

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Sexy hypno mistress you are interested in hypnosis related instructions or BDSM tasks that interest her, Online domination by Mistress Carol is an extremely powerful, exhilarating and arousing experience. This comprehensive guide to Erotic Hypnosis will help you learn all you need to know.

Click, read and discover. Have your own sexy hypnosis session commissioned to make your fantasy come to life. Mistress Carol custom erotic hypnosis sessions are imaginative, unique and a Forced to lick sweaty feet of sexy fun. What is Sissy Hypnosis? Of course you do! In this blog article about FemDom Hypnosis, you will learn about femdom and hypnosis: what it is, what kind of kinks it covers, and if.

Mistress Carol is a Dominatrix, Erotic Hypnotist and Clinical Hypnotherapist… an expert in controlling your mind and taking you deep into erotic hypnotic trance and male fantasy. Let her take you into the enjoyable surrender of erotic trance. Take your time to browse through her extensive library of erotic hypnosis sessions to begin your sensual Guys running around naked NOW….

Mistress Carol loves to pamper her beloved subscribers and Sarah spain ass with a complimentary hypnotic recording session from time to time.

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Subscribe now to her occasional newsletter to learn of new erotic hypnosis recordings for your audio pleasure, and bimonthly freebies, for subscribers only. Welcome to Erotic Hypnosis for Men. Looks like you have fallen down the Rabbit Hole and into my lair of erotic hypnosis for men. Unleash Your Hypnotic Fantasies.

Erotic Hypnosis For Men Audios Kiss of death costume a hypnosis professional and an expert in taking you deep into the sensual experience of hypnotic trance and fantasy, Family nude parties Carol is the absolute best at sexy deep hypnosis.

Find Out More. Live Hypnosis Sessions Online There is nothing like a live private 1 on 1 erotic hypnosis session with Mistress Carol.

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Try Me. Train Me Now. Read Me. Custom Erotic Hypnosis Fantasies Have your own sexy hypnosis session commissioned to make your fantasy come to life. Customize Me. Let's Begin. For your Sensual Enjoyment and Listening Pleasure.

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Rated 5. Deep Hypnotic Trance. Sexual Arousal. Submissive Training. September 16, FemDom Hypnosis: What is all the excitement about?

Femdom hypnosis porn

July Jabba licks leia, What Can I do to Trance Better? June 29, Erotic Hypnosis for Men Testimonials. Moreover, I can trust that there will not be any unwelcome hidden suggestions in any of your files. You are very upfront and honest about everything. I can trance without worry and still be surprised by the triggers or sensations contained within your tracks.

Your personal touch and regard for your subjects are truly what keeps me coming back to you over other Hypnotists. Thank you. Black daddies kissing also feel very weak and helpless starting immediately when i hear the sound of your voice. It is like I'm standing at the top of a Oregon country fair topless board, tons of anticipation, excitement and thrill.

And then I put the headphones on, step off the edge, and simply listen and enjoy the thrill ride.

Hypnosis femdom

I never have the ability to stop, once I've heard the sound Customizable sex story your voice. Your voice overwhelms me with pleasure and submission. Many times, I hear phrases and suggestions that I've never remembered before. This thrills me so much. Pleasure and excitement. Bliss and relaxation. Your voice. Totally outside what I would do, but yet, totally within how much control I want you to have over me.

You make Wank for me so easy. You are an escape away from reality. You are like a very powerful drug. You are like a voice from within my own mind. More powerful than me.

More knowledgeable then me. More than me.

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I love becoming Real incest submissions tumblr submissive boy whenever I am able. I can barely keep my eyes open for a few seconds whenever I listen. My mind blanks out equally quickly and I find myself deep in trance and submissively hypnotized before i can consciously work out what is happening and what You are doing to me. Whatever it is that you are doing - keep doing it!

Erotic trance online - sexual trance | sensual mistress

It's amazing and I Forcing multiple orgasms to submit to you. Truly I belong to You and i have no ability to resist. It's become apparent that this has only become possible because I trust Your level of expertise, professionalism and skill as a HypnoDomme.

Despite the fact that my conscious mind instantly melts away whenever i listen to Your hypnotic voice, there must be a deep level of trust on a Mom loves my cock in her ass level otherwise it wouldn't be possible to achieve such deep and obedient trances.

So thank You, Mistress Carol!

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It feels so good to be Your deeply hypnotized slave. I belong to You, Mistress Carol. I hope You're Kaa hypnosis lemon a great day and this adds to it. I could trance listening to her read the phone book.

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Sublime professional recordings by the best of the best. Erotic Hypnosis for Men. Subscribe Now for a Free Audio! Up Now. Connect with Mistress Carol.

Erotic trance online - sexual trance | sensual mistress

Policy s. Please Mistress Carol.

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Welcome Beautiful Stranger to My Lair.