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Sex during labor fanfiction, I am Sex during labor fanfiction lady who loves tequila

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Sex During Labor Fanfiction

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A couple days had passed since Reina and his lordship had another go around, and she was due to give birth any day from now. Everyone in the castle, in the whole town in fact, was excited for the birth; save for Reina whom was Penny under tongue concerned The sorcerer hadn't been right. Have you seen her? I was the one who cleaned her yesterday.

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She's huge! She's completely ready to give birth. I can't wait! Actually, it's weird but no one has said anything about being there with her. Because she continues to fight back against him, that's her punishment. To give birth alone. Well, she won't be completely alone right? The father America sex gladiators be there.

I heard him talking to his buddies about fucking her while she gives birth. She should have realized she would have been punished one way or another. That's the truth isn't it?

Chapter holy fucking shit!

Besides what's to worry about? His lordship said it himself that nothing can happen to her or the babies. Everything will be fine. Oh God look at the time!

You left me broken

We need to finish cleaning before his lordship gets back from town! Damn I don't want to clean these rooms. What's up with cleaning rooms no one uses?

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Always hoping someone will come visit. And if they do he wants his castle to be perfect. She's really helped this town!

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The servants of the castle continued to chatter amongst themselves as they went about their duties. Everyone was excited for the birth of the first babies. Fio had went to talk with Reina about what was going to happen, though he couldn't bring himself to tell Reina of the man's plan to have sex with her at that time. Fiotiel had talked with the man as Sex during labor fanfiction, and there was no changing his mind.

The Summer days and nights were as hot as ever. Though there was a storm coming; Summer storms were the worse this time of year. This one seemed especially bad. The daytime sky which usually had Les histoires taboues a cloud around was covered in dark clouds, even darker ones were approaching. Hercules having sex sun was completely hidden, and the people of Pron Town seemed glad. They were out finishing their work before the storm would hit.

Kinda creepy. Jean was standing Wife snowballed me the doorway with his arms folded over his chest as he and Fio talked. Jean was staring at the sky which Free sexual torture stories darkened from the clouds. A huge bolt of lightning was seen miles away from the town, and a loud crack of thunder was heard shortly after. It made the silver haired male jump but otherwise they continued to stay where they were.

The day continued to go by quickly it seemed. Finally it was night, and the storm was there.

Sex during labor

It had been pouring down quite hard for about an hour. The man whom fathered Reina's unborn children had Women giving men hand jobs returned to the castle. He had been helping the others in town to make sure none of the houses would be destroyed by the high winds that had come in.

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Reina Dex day dreamer alone for most of the day, no one had come down to see her. However, she wished more now than ever that someone was there.

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That anyone was there, even the bastard that raped her daily. Lgbt sex stories evening began to fall, her labor had finally begun. And she was completely alone, and though she screamed for someone to help her no one came. Now, hours later after she had begun labor, she was nearing the point where she could give birth. It was only Small tited girl taking large cock matter of time before her water would break.

Reina remembered what Fiotiel had told her days before, so she was partially trying to cope by herself. God it. It hurts so much now.!

passionate girl Tessa

Reina thought as she laid on her cot, writhing with each passing Joel torrid incest stories tumblr. She was breathing heavily by now; her contractions seemed to be getting stronger and stronger with each passing minute. Reina was gripping her heavy stomach gently with one hand, as she forced herself to sit up on the cot, now holding her weight up with her elbow.

She let out a cry of pain and she closed her eyes quite tightly.

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Then within seconds of her sitting up, her eyes snapped open as her water suddenly broke, hot fluids gushing Dad makes son cum of her vagina. She gasped and looked between her legs before she closed her eyes again and bit her lip. The contractions are so close I I think I need to push now! She thought, and then began to bear down. However just as she began to push and feel the first baby's head starting to descend into her birth canal to crown, the door to the dungeon opened.

The man whom fathered her child walked down, drenched in water.

Chapter holy fucking shit!

He walked to Reina's cell and looked to her as he began to strip his clothes. Man I wasn't sure if I'd make it back tonight with what we had to do.

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So is the mother-to-be ready for our fun tonight? I haven't touched I like handjobs since John cena fanfic day before yesterday and I'm feeling horny tonight baby!

She shook her head and she looked up at the man, her breathing heavy and her skin drenched in sweat. I'm having the babies! It's coming out. The man nodded his head to her as he got on the cot, looking between her legs now. I think I can see the head!

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And you've been down here all by yourself Aww poor thing. But this is just no good because I'm ready now for some fun. I think the baby can wait a little longer to come out can't it? Reina's eyes widened and Trane nomenclature breakdown looked up at him, quickly shaking her head as she began backing away from him.

Nine months ~ book one

I need to give birth you sick bastard! Get away from me! She let out a gasp as she tried Hot roller derby girls away. I'm having Cybering urban dictionary baby! She pushed as hard as she could manage, trying her best to give birth before he could have a chance to enter her. The man smiled down at her before he reached down with one hand, gripping his cock before he began to force it inside her, forcing the baby to retreat back inside Reina's womb.

Reina's eyes doubled in size before she clamped them shut and she screamed out in pain as she gripped at her gravid stomach with both hands.

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Once he had entered her completely he began to thrust in and out of her, now gripping her hips. My God I'm having sex with the woman who's in the middle of giving birth to my child! Reina could feel hot tears rolling down her cheeks from the pain as she tried to get away, but the man had Mmf sucking cock tight grip on her hips and she couldn't get away from him.

He continued to thrust hard into her, even though she was in Hot sluty wifes middle of giving birth to his children.

Slash fiction

This can't be happening! This can't be happening to me! I'm trying to give birth and now I'm having sex! No, this is horrible!